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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 272


Although it may appear that Matchless Sovereign occupied the high ground on the surface, in reality, on the other hand, her image was already beginning to deteriorate.

Many of the users had also decided to remain neutral — only choosing sides after the final verdict has been made.

Moreover, they were undoubtedly disgusted by the unruly actions of Matchless Sovereign and her fans.

Seeing the following turn of events, Chu Xiang gladly paid the people she hired extra for a job well done.

She then sent a message to her editor in hopes for Jinjiang to hasten the investigation regarding the plagiarism accusation.

At this point, only the final verdict of the platform was of utmost importance.

After all, the onlookers would only make their decision after seeing an official result from a trusted source.

[Editor Tingyu: I’ve personally gone through it myself and have already handed it over to the editor-in-chief and the manager.

The situation this time has become quite serious, so we’ll have to act more cautiously.

Besides, it’s already been spread outside our circle.

We’ll only end up as a laughing stock if we don’t clear things up at once.]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: Alright, I’ll be waiting for good news.]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: By the way, I’d like to change my pen name.

May I know the procedures for doing so I intend to start a new novel, and it’ll also be related to immortals and cultivation.

This time, I’ve polished all the edges and created a new outline.

The story is even more brilliant than “Rising immortal”.

Speaking of “Rising Immortal”, let’s keep it to 2000 words daily and focus on the other novel.

Please report this to the higher-ups in advance.]

[Editor Tingyu: You want to start a new novel In that case, make sure to prepare yourself.

You’ll very likely receive a ton of negativity towards your new work.

Even if Jinjiang judges that you did not plagiarize, the consequences of this situation cannot be taken lightly either.

In fact, its effect will likely last for quite a while.]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: It’s fine, I’m already prepared to face backlash.

Besides, we’ll just have to see what happens after the fact.

When the number of readers for my new work increases, the backlash I receive will eventually come back to bite Matchless Sovereign from behind.]

Tingyu did not respond back immediately after reading Chu Xiang’s message.

Only after reading through the outline of the new novel twice did she understand that Chu Xiang’s new novel will definitely end up being a hit.

When that time comes, even the fans of other well-known authors would not be able to do anything against Chu Xiang.

Having read “Rising Immortal”, she did not expect Chu Xiang to possess the ability to do so.

Even so, she encouraged her nonetheless.

[Editor Tingyu: I wish you the best of luck on your new work! However, you better not fall behind on your old work.

I’ll send the form to change your pen name now.

All you have to do is fill in the form and send it back to me.]

After making sure to thank her editor properly, Chu Xiang quickly filled in the form and sent it back.

She then made a call to her lawyer and urged him to collect evidence quicker.

After all, the Internet does not stand beyond the law.

Therefore, it can be considered illegal to slander or insult some on the web to a certain extent.

It’s just that most people would not look into the situation too deeply as it isn’t something worth it to file a lawsuit for either.

After all, lawsuits can very well take up to two whole years before anything gets solved, and even then, the punishment would be to make an apology in public and compensate for the victim’s financial losses at best.

Moreover, such lawsuits were often strenuous and unrewarding.

Thus, rarely would anyone actually file lawsuits for such matters.

Chu Xiang, on the other hand, was taking this situation extremely seriously.

No matter how crazy or foolish one may be, it’s only natural for one to pay the price for their actions.

After talking things out with her lawyer, Chu Xiang confirmed that they could indeed gather enough evidence to win this case.

As for the lawyer’s fees, it would not pose much of a problem.

As the evening approached, Chu Xiang posted nine other lawyer’s letters onto her Weibo — this time, suing a total of nine individuals.

This expressed that it was only a mere portion and that she was willing to use the law to its extent to defend her legal rights.

With that, she did not bother going back online to look at any of the responses as such things were simply useless and would only bring one’s mood down.

Even if she does receive hate in response, it would not matter to her.

After all, she would eventually attain her ultimate goal if she manages produce results.

Moreover, she would never get affected mentally by anything from the Internet.

Instead, she focused more of her time and energy on nourishing and training her body.

As a wise man once said, “One’s health is their most important asset.” And indeed, that saying is filled with nothing but the truth.

After nourishing her body with spiritual energy for another night, she finally decided to go and check out Zhuo Yu’s gym.


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