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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 274


Zhuo Yu nodded.

“In that case, let’s just wait for the final judgment.

If it turns out that she did resort to plagiarism, then let’s refrain from interacting with her.

Anyways, let’s continue with our workout.”

Since Liang Jun was the gossipy type of person, he actually wanted to go straight to Chu Xiang and ask her about the situation directly.

However, Zhuo Yu had only just met her and did not know much about the matter.

Furthermore, it would not be fair of him to go around spreading false claims.

Even so, he could not help but be filled with regret.

In spite of all that, out of disgust for the actions of the big authors and their fans, they truly hoped that Chu Xiang would end up being innocent.

After all, it did not stick right to them that those authors shamelessly used their large fanbase to bully other smaller authors.

At that moment, Chu Xiang still did not know about her encounter with two other comrades.

But after leaving the gym for a meal, she proceeded to head towards Antique Street.

Since the street was located in the capital, it bustled with countless individuals, and the prices of the items there were naturally on the more expensive end.

People who loved collecting antiques would often be seen shopping around this particular street.

Thus, it was naturally difficult to get your hands on the more valuable antiques with a competitive atmosphere.

Despite that, Chu Xiang was currently low on funds, especially after she spent money to hire supporters on the web, hire a lawyer, and sign up for an annual membership.

As such, she only had a little over ten thousand yuan to spend.

Although there were countless methods she could use to make money, it would be ideal for her to utilize a method that could make a decent amount fast.

As a woman whose body wasn’t exactly in the best of shape and as someone without any background, no other method could be more efficient than purchasing genuine antiques at a low price for profit.

Besides, having made a name for herself as the number-one merchant in all our China in her previous lifetime, she had naturally analyzed countless goods and perfected her ability to identify real antiques from fake ones.

Therefore, she intended to have a look around Antique Street in the capital before moving on to other cities.

Wearing a pair of glasses and a facemask, Chu Xiang sauntered around Antique Street in search of any good deals.

After taking a good look around the stores, she only came across either well-made replicas or genuine antiques being sold at astronomical prices.

All the businesses were indeed quite competent as any of the goods that were even suspected of being genuine antiques were all sold at a high price so as to not make any accidental deficits.

Thus, it truly was quite unfortunate for Chu Xiang.

Even after taking a stroll through the entire street, she did not come across even a single good deal that could make her a quick profit.

Feeling somewhat defeated, Chu Xiang heaved out a heavy sigh and figured that it would be more reasonable to take a look around the cities.

Just as she was about to leave the street, she suddenly noticed a particular man quarreling with a store owner from the corner of her eyes.

“I told you I’m not buying it, so stop insisting on selling it here.

That thing is worth at most five hundred yuan, yet you’re actually trying to sell it to me for eight thousand.

Did you think I was a fool! Go and ask around the other stores.

Let’s see just who is willing to buy that from you.”

“Are you sick in the head I was only asking you a few questions.

When did I ever say I wanted to sell it to you Even so, this is a genuine antique that was handed down to me by my grandfather.

What’s wrong with selling it for eight thousand yuan If I didn’t need the money urgently, I wouldn’t even consider selling it for as low as eight thousand!”

Noticing the commotion, Chu Xiang took a few steps in the direction of the two men arguing with each other non-stop.

It did not seem like either of them was about to back down anytime soon.

Out of curiosity, Chu Xiang took a glance at the item in the hands of the young man and noticed a powder box the size of a palm.

The round box was not engraved with a particularly exquisite pattern and looked rather rough as a result.

With her keen eyes, however, she manages to catch a small mark on the side of the powder box that indicated how it belonged to the imperial household during one of the dynasties.

As such, Chu Xiang waited patiently on the side.

Only after the man stomped back out into the main street did she hurriedly catch up to him and shout, “Sir, please wait a moment.

I’m rather interested in that powder box of yours.

Could I please take a closer look at it”

The man stared blankly at her for a second before sizing her up.

He then said in a displeased tone, “A young lady like you is surely just messing around, right Don’t tell me you’re also interested in antiques”

At that time, Chu Xiang was only dressed in cheap clothing that added up to two hundred yuan at most.

Since her demeanor did not fit that of the others wandering about Antique Street, it would not be strange for people there to doubt and look down on her.


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