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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 276


First thing in the morning on the next day, Chu Xiang promptly called her property agent to give her a tour of the apartment rooms.

All three of the housing options were around a hundred or so square meters, each having a total of three separate rooms.

Looking at the options, Chu Xiang ultimately decided to use three rooms as her bedroom, study room, and a small-scaled gym.

Though she may already have signed up for an annual membership at the gym, it would nevertheless be more convenient if she could eventually be able to work out at home instead.

Taking a look at the rooms, each one could be seen to already be well-decorated.

In fact, the decors were all specifically chosen to match each of the rooms perfectly.

Therefore, Chu Xiang only needed to choose which styled rooms she preferred out of the three options.

Having visited and scanned through each of the three options, Chu Xiang ultimately chose the one that emitted the greatest sense of warmth — the one that seemed the coziest to her.

Without any further hesitation, she immediately made a call to the landlord to sign the contract and make the payment for the apartment.

After that, she hired a moving agency to move all her necessary luggage and belongings over to her new apartment.

Just when Chu Xiang opened the front door of her new apartment to move her luggage in, the door to the opposite apartment room suddenly opened up.

Lifting her gaze, she was going to greet the person who had just come out.

“Zhuo Yu” Chu Xiang exclaimed in shock.

“You live here”

Too astonished, Zhuo Yu took a glance at the state of her apartment room and asked, “You just moved in What a coincidence.

Would you like some help”

Chu Xiang chuckled, “No need, but thank you anyway.

There aren’t many heavy things to move around, so I should be fine on my own.

Were you just about to head to the gym”

“Yep.” Zhuo Yu replied as he thought back to what Liang Jun told him yesterday.

Not only did she get doxxed on the web forums, but she was also under fire by the fans of Matchless Sovereign.

Thus, it did not take long for him to figure out why she had moved places at such a time.

While they had only met a few times, he had nevertheless become acquainted with Chu Xiang.

As such, Zhuo Yu said out of courtesy, “Not only have you just moved in here today, but we even ended up as neighbors out of pure coincidence.

How about this then Let’s go out for dinner together tonight.

I’ll introduce you to a nearby restaurant with good food.”

“Sure, why not Thank you so much.” Chu Xiang smiled.

“I feel like I’ve thanked you many times over the past several days.

What a coincidence indeed.

How’s your grandmother doing by the way The nurse you introduced to me back at the hospital was extremely professional and had helped with a great deal of tasks.

Thank you once again.”

Leaning against his front door, Zhuo Yu could not hold back his laughter and said, “No need to thank me.

Those were but mere small matters.

My grandmother has already made a full recovery.

In fact, she can even go dance at the public square now.

Since you’ve just moved into an unfamiliar neighborhood, don’t hesitate to ask me anything if you need any help at all.

If I’m not home, you can always find me in the gym.”

“Alright, I’ll get everything here sorted before going to find you at the gym around 6 pm.”

With that, Zhuo Yu gave her a quick nod before taking the elevator down.

Not only was their apartment the only two rooms on their floor, but they were even the only two people living on that floor.

Surely, this cannot simply be seen as a mere coincidence.

However, having such an affable neighbor also was not that bad as she would now also have a friend to talk to occasionally.”

Since the original host was socially inept and essentially a shut-in, she did not have any friends.

Furthermore, her relationship with her parents was not the best either.

Even so, she found this to a rather convenient as she would not need to give any explanations as to why she had suddenly made so many drastic changes in her life.

Only after sorting her luggage out the entire afternoon did she finally finish packing everything.

Moreover, she had even replaced some of the furniture to fit with the warm colors of her room.

Just as Chu Xiang placed her laptop down on her study table, she suddenly remembered that her laptop was practically on the verge of dying as it would take more than ten seconds to open even one tab on her web browser.

Aside from that, some of her keys when typing would occasionally not register properly.

Thus, it was the perfect time for her to get a new one.

Other than her laptop, it was also about time for her to change her old phone and buy new clothes.

Seeing how it was only five o’clock, she quickly changed clothes and headed down to the nearest hairdresser.

“Could I have a short haircut, one that doesn’t so past the ear Something neat and tidy will do.”

“Alright, but I’d recommend getting a perm in addition to a short haircut as I believe that a curly hairstyle might suit you better.

In fact, we have some hairstyle brochures over here, so why don’t you refer to them and see which style you prefer”

Looking at her own plump face, Chu Xiang declined, “I’ll consider that later.

A short haircut is enough for the time being as I’m in a rush.

Thank you.”


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