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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 278


Having ascertained Chu Xiang’s innocence, Zhuo Yu’s attitude towards her naturally increased.

In fact, when Chu Xiang asked him whether or not there was a computer retail store nearby, he immediately offered to drive her there.

“What kind of laptop are you looking for”

Unfamiliar with such topics, Chu Xiang replied, “Anything’s fine as long as the web browsers don’t take a million years to load, and there’s no delay in the key inputs.

My previous laptop was far too slow and difficult to use.”

At that moment, Zhuo Yu had nearly started doubting whether or not she was an author.

After all, weren’t the requirements and demands of the device that she uses for work far too simple Thus, he could not help but say, “If you have a high budget, it would be better for you to get something with a better configuration and peripherals that work well together.

Aside from choosing between an electrostatic capacitive keyboard or a mechanical keyboard, I’d recommend you invest in a keyboard rest, mouse rest, ergonomic chair, and monitor stand.

Furthermore, you ought to buy a PC, in addition to a laptop.

Heck, you might as well make sure your keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth.

This way, you’ll be able to write anywhere and make your life much easier.”

Chu Xiang stared blankly at him for a second before suspecting and asking him, “Writing You know about my work”

Scratching his nose, Zhuo Yu replied gently, “I apologize for not telling you beforehand, but I’m actually an author working for Dianjia.

With chaos raging through the online forums over the past several days, I coincidentally recognized you from the leaking photos.

I’m “Zhuo’er Bufan.”

One had to know that Zhuo’er Bufan was one of the most well-known authors in Dianjia.

Hearing his words, Chu Xiang looked at him carefully and incredulously, “Are you serious I randomly moved and actually come across a godly author Is this really happening”

Amused by her reaction, Zhuo Yu laughed, “I was quite surprised when I found out too.

How can there actually be such coincidences Even I wouldn’t dare write something like this as a story.”

Chu Xiang chuckled, “That’s right.

If one did write such a story, their readers would definitely scold them for coming up with such a cliche.

But in fact, the readers don’t know that those cliches they claim to be illogical cannot compare to what we’ve experienced in reality.”


After seeing the news these days, I’ve always thought that such coincidences written in stories were illogical cliches.

But in reality, such illogical things appear to happen quite often, huh I reckon if this cliche was polished a bit more, the majority of readers would be able to accept it.” Upon bringing up and talking about such relatable topics, Zhuo Yu’s face brightened up with a genuine smile.

He then suggested, “So, do you want peripherals that pair well together If you have enough budget, want me to give you a few recommendations”

Chu Xiang nodded.

“That sounds great! The budget isn’t a problem.

Since you’re helping me so much with this, why don’t I treat you to a meal in return”

Having been an author for ten years now, Zhuo Yu would naturally know what kind of equipment professional authors need to better protect themselves physically.

After half an hour or so, he finally picked out everything that Chu Xiang would need.

In addition to helping move all the equipment back, he even offered to help her set everything up.

Sitting on her new chair and typing on her new keyboard, Chu Xiang felt extremely satisfied with her purchases.

In the past, she never knew that there were so many things that could be customized, let alone the existence of equipment that was specialized for individuals of similar occupations.

The one piece of equipment she found to be especially useful was the adjustable monitor stand as she could move it closer to her vision if she ever decided to lean back against her chair out of fatigue.

As such, she was extremely grateful to Zhuo Yu for helping her out.

Chu Xiang lifted her head and smiled, “I’m gonna have to thank you once again.

Let’s go out for a meal.

I didn’t think that my current situation would turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

To think that I would come across a godly author like you.

If you don’t mind, could I consult you regarding some matters Right now, I’m actually thinking about writing a completely new series, but I’m at somewhat of a loss when attempting to create the outline.”

“No problem, let’s talk about it.

What genre of story are you going to write about”

“It’ll also have to deal with the immortal world.

You should also be aware of my situation.

The story and concept of ‘Rising Immortal’ are far too unpolished and unfeasible.

As such, I’ve come up with an even better plot that may possibly surpass even ‘Immortal Demon.’ At this moment, I’ve already come up with all the details of the story, but I’m having some trouble laying them all out on paper due to my large quantity of ideas.

I’m not quite sure what to include and exclude out of all the ideas I’ve come up with.

Thus, I’m having trouble creating an outline that I’m satisfied with.”

“Oh, so you’re having trouble grasping the importance of each detail within your story.

I just so happen to have some experience in this area, so let’s talk about it while we eat.”

Having found a teacher to give her guidance in a few she has practically no knowledge in, Chu Xiang was finally able to somewhat understand which details she should include in her final draft.

Looking at all the recent events, it could be seen that her initial misfortune was, in fact, a blessing in disguise.


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