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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 280


Only after reading until two in the morning did she finally turn on her PC and proceed to work on her manuscript.

By the time she had written a total of ten thousand words, the first ray of sunlight had already begun peeking up from the horizon.

Standing up to stretch her body, Chu Xiang realized that multiple parts of her body, such as her neck, waist, and back were all aching.

Even with all her new equipment, writing throughout the entire night had nevertheless taken quite a toll on her body.

Even after making a cup of wolfberry tea for herself, her body still felt rather weak.

As such, she could not help but somewhat regret her decision to pull an all-nighter.

With the current state of her body, she was not surprised to see that she needed to rest for a whole day to recover from pulling an all-nighter.

Perhaps, she had been a bit too careless.

Chu Xiang sent a message to Zhuo Yu, [I won’t be going to the gym today.

I’m on the verge of passing out after pulling an all-nighter to write my manuscript.

I reckon that I need to rest for an entire day.]

[Zhuo Yu: You were writing throughout the entire night Then, please do get some rest as your body can’t handle all-nighters at the moment.

Would you like me to proofread your work I’m afraid that I might have misguided you in some way.]

[Chu Xiang: The god himself is willing to help That’s exactly what I had been hoping to hear!]

After sending her ten-thousand-word manuscript over to Zhuo Yu, Chu Xiang discussed a few things with him before taking a shower and going to bed.

Before sleeping, she had even used some of her spiritual energy to nourish her body and slowly eliminate the fatigue built up within, allowing her to sleep soundly.

Reading through Chu Xiang’s manuscript carefully, Zhuo Yu could clearly notice the disparity between her new manuscript and her previous work, “Rising Immortal” — especially having only read it recently.

Although her writing style was still rather unpolished and rough around the edges, the plot of her story had received a much-needed improvement.

If her sudden improvement really was related to the tips he had given her, wouldn’t that make Chu Xiang a genius when it comes to comprehension abilities!

Since ten thousand words weren’t considered a large number, Zhuo Yu quickly finished reading through the manuscript.

But after doing so, he suddenly felt the urge to want to read more.

Thus, he instantly realized that this particular work will definitely end up as a big hit once published.

As long as the quality of the story remains consistent as her ten-thousand-word manuscript, this piece of work definitely has the potential to  surpass “Immortal Demon.”

Recalling Chu Xiang’s words about wanting to write a story that surpasses “Immortal Demon,” Zhuo Yu now understood that she was being serious.

Having ascertained that fact, he read through her manuscript even more carefully once again.

Since she was still considered new in the writing industry, he could make out a few problems in her story and marked them accordingly in the manuscript — even including some of his own suggestions.

Having done so, Zhuo Yu suddenly felt the urge to write himself.

As such, he turned on his writing software and wrote a total of twenty thousand words.

Pleasantly surprised, his excited readers left behind many comments, asking what happened for him to write so much today.

After all, the usual six thousand daily words had actually skyrocketed up to a total of twenty thousand words! How could his readers not be exhilarated It would be great if he was motivated to write so much every day.

Reading the comments of his readers, Zhuo Yu could not help but burst into laughter.

Surely, writing an average of twenty thousand words per day was far too demanding even for someone like him.

In fact, no one could possibly achieve such a feat.

This was simply how writing worked.

On some days, one would have the motivation to write out thirty or even forty thousand words.

But on others, they would not be able to write even a hundred.

In other words, one’s mood is extremely important when it comes to creative writing.

In fact, even he had experienced falling into a slump after receiving bad feedback from his readers.

Thus, he was beyond surprised to see how Chu Xiang was able to write so well and come up with such a good manuscript for her new work, especially after the recent events.

Speaking of which, Chu Xiang must possess rock-solid mental strength.

But in that case, the previous case of her sudden heart attack must not have been caused by the backlash from the Internet.

Perhaps he might have misunderstood.

Just as Zhuo Yu was about to shut his laptop down, the bell to his front door suddenly rang.

In the next moment, Liang Jun could be heard shouting from the other end of the door.

“Zhuo Yu, open the door! I brought over a lot of food.

Hurry up, my arms are gonna give out soon!”

Hearing that, Zhuo Yu quickly walked over to open his door.

Upon doing so, Liang Jun trudged in with several bags in his hand before placing them all down on the floor.

“Phew! That was a close one! I’m hella tired right now, so could you bring me some water The parking lot was completely full for whatever reason, so I parked rather far away and carried everything all the way over from there.

How exhausting!”

Crossing his arms and leaning against the door, Zhuo looked at him and asked, “What did you bring over Why did you even bring your stationery with you Surely, you couldn’t be…”


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