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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 281


“Haha, that’s right! I’ll be crashing at your place for a while.

Zhuo Yu, my brother, can’t you allow me to stay here for a few days I recently painted the walls in my place.

But I’m scared that the paint fumes might harm my health, so I ended up deciding to seek shelter here instead.” Liang Jun smiled ingratiatingly like a dog seeking shelter.

Zhuo Yu glared at him for a moment before bringing a cold bottle of water over from the fridge.

“The materials you used were probably all eco-friendly, so what’s there to be afraid of”

Snatching the bottle of water away, Liang Jun gulped down half the water and said, “How could such claims be reliable Besides, I’m not very knowledgeable in that aspect, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’ll move back at a later time, so you can rest assured.”

“According to what you’ve just said, you don’t intend to stay for simply a few days, but rather for much longer, right”

“My good brother, what is there to argue about Take a look at how many snacks I’ve brought along with me The two of us will write together, play video games together, and eat snacks together.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful”

Speechless, Zhuo Yu replied, “What’s so great about two guys hanging with each other Alright then, take care of the guest room yourself.

I’ll change my clothes before heading out for lunch.”

“Okay, good ahead.” Just as Liang Jun sat down on the sofa and placed down his laptop, he suddenly noticed the other laptop on the coffee table.

Since the document to Chu Xiang’s manuscript was still opened, he took a quick glance through it and was shocked to see that the main protagonist was actually a female immortal!

Seeing that, Liang Jun let out an expression like that of the Scream and shouted, “Zhuo Yu, what are you doing Are you actually moving to a female novel site”

Only then did Zhuo Yu remember that he had yet to turn off his laptop.

With that, he peeked his head out from his bedroom and said, “You better not touch that since that’s not mine.

Rather, I’m helping someone with their manuscript.

Just turn off my laptop.”

“Oh.” Even after shutting down the laptop, Liang Jun could not help but inquire, “Whose manuscript is that To think they’re actually getting it proofread by a godly author like you.

Moreover, it’s actually a shoujo novel Is it someone that I know Not bad, eh You actually have another close friend other than me.

Tell me, when did you hook up with them”

After coming out of his bedroom, Zhuo Yu bonked Liang Jun on the back of his head.

“The hell are you on about What do you mean by hooking up I’ve only just met them recently.”

As someone with a quick-witted mind, Liang Jun quickly pieced the puzzle together and replied, “An author whom you’ve just met and someone writing a novel about a female immortal… Qingxiang Chuyun!”

Seeing how Zhuo Yu was not responding back, he opened his eyes in shock.

“Actually This is Qingxiang Chuyun’s manuscript When did the two of you get so close Rather, the two of you have already exchanged your pen names Didn’t you say that you’d wait for Jinjiang to make the final judgment regarding her plagiarism accusations”

Sitting down next to the front door, Zhuo Yu put on his shoes and replied, “I’ve already looked through the works of both parties and concluded that there wasn’t any sort of plagiarism going on.

Matchless Sovereign is only using her to promote her own work.

Qingxiang Chuyun was just unlucky.”

Puzzled, Liang Jun asked, “You’re not someone who’d be interested in such gossip, so why did you suddenly decide to read through their works”

Without intentions to cover up the truth, Zhuo Yu explained, “Qingxiang Chuyun just so happened to move into the apartment across from mine.

Seeing how we’re going to cross paths often with each other from now on, I thought it would be better for me to make things clear.

So… I did just that.”

“She moved into the opposite apartment” Liang Jun felt as if the world has suddenly turned into a fantasy.

“To think there actually are such coincidences in this world Surely, this has to be fate.

I thought the opposite apartment was empty, so I ended up shouting quite loud outside just now… That’s right, why did you decide to help her Did you find out that she was actually a good person Or did you decide to help her out of sympathy”

“Our conversation just so happened to shift towards writing, and I ended up giving her a few suggestions and tips.

Since she’s already written a whole manuscript, I decided to proofread for you just in case I accidentally misguided her or took my words wrongly.” Zhuo Yu opened the door and looked back at him.

“Are you gonna come or not Why make a big deal out of such a small matter anyways”

“That’s not it.

It’s just that you’ve never once offered to proofread and annotate for anyone before, let alone for me.

I was just asking out of curiosity.

That’s right, why don’t you invite her out for a meal together with us You might as well introduce me to her.

After all, the three of us will come across each other pretty often from now on as fellow neighbors.”

“She pulled an all-nighter to finish her manuscript, so let’s not bother her.

We’ll consider it next time.” Zhuo Yu dragged Liang Jun from Chu Xiang’s front door towards the elevator and proceeded to head out for lunch.

Liang Jun looked at him and said, “I suspect that something unbeknownst to me happened between the two of you, but I have no evidence of that.”

Zhuo Yu stared at him and said, “Save your imagination for your own writing, Mr.

Famous Author.”


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