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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 283


Since Matchless Sovereign was using this situation to boost her popularity, Chu Xiang also took the opportunity to promote her new work.

Besides, this was only the beginning of her master plan.

Of course, she won’t be allowing Matchless Sovereign to follow through with her original plan of selling away her rights to her work.

In fact, it would be pretty easy to mess up her grand plan, especially when Matchless Sovereign was not relying on any connections but purely marketing strategies to do so.

Having organized her thoughts, Chu Xiang jotted everything down on pieces of notepaper and stuck them onto her stationery box — each paper containing the steps she would need to take to settle the matter.

But first, she needed to focus on editing her manuscript.

After taking Zhuo Yu’s feedback into consideration and editing her manuscript accordingly, Chu Xiang could tell that the plot of her story had improved drastically.

In fact, the pacing of the story had become much more natural.

The entire editing process took her around three hours.

Although she took short breaks into between to stretch twice, she nevertheless felt the fatigue getting to her again.

Only when she was going to send the edited version of the manuscript to Zhuo Yu did she notice his message.

She then replied: [I do indeed intend to make a move against her, and I certainly won’t lose the battle.

Besides, even if I do end up losing, I can just start all over from the beginning.

There’s not really any worst-case scenario.

In any case, I’m not willing to become a stepping stone for her without a fight, especially seeing how far she went to do so.

Anyways, I just finished editing my manuscript.

Would you be willing to look through it for me again]

[Zhuo Yu: It’s fine as long as you have a plan in mind.

Alright, I take a look through the manuscript and reply back later.]

After setting up the notification of her phone properly, Chu Xing drank a cup of milk before laying down on her sofa to watch a particular TV drama about an immortal hero.

Since it had retained popularity over the past three years, she intended to use it to get a feel for the current market.

Meanwhile, Liang Jun noticed Zhuo Yu looking through the manuscript and exclaimed in astonishment, “Chu Xiang already finished editing Ten-thousand words She’s not half bad when it comes to speed.”

Zhuo Yu laughed, “Haha! She’s far more than just fast, for she certainly possesses a great talent for writing.

This version of the manuscript is much more polished compared to the first draft.

She managed to understand and incorporate all my suggestions into her writing.

I reckon the female-side of the novel industry is going to be surprised with the sudden rise of another godly author.”

Liang Jun moved closer to his laptop.

“She’s that talented Let me take a look.”

Zhuo Yu instantly closed the document for the manuscript and said with a stern voice, “Chu Xiang didn’t give her permission, so I can’t let anyone else see it.

Besides, whether she writes well or not has nothing to do with you, right Have you even finished writing your quota for today”

“Can I not be curious” Liang Jun’s expression turned glum upon being reminded of his writing quota for the day.

“ Ahhhh! I promised the readers that I would bless them with fifteen thousand words today! This stupid mouth of mine! Why did I make such a foolish promise Very well then, I won’t be doing anything else aside from writing until early morning.”

Zhuo Yu shook his head and roasted him, “Who told you to slack off in the afternoon I’ve already finished writing twenty thousand words just now.”

“It’s not like you don’t know how I struggle with procrastination.

I simply won’t start working on anything until the very last minute.

Alright, I’ll be writing in my room.” Just as Liang Jun walked into the study room, he peeked back out and muttered, “But I gotta say, the two of you are rather interesting, to say the least.

Even though you live right across from each other, you still chat and talk about the manuscript through messages.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to talk to each other in person It would save quite a bit of time too.”

“We’re still not that familiar with each other yet.

Whether it doing so be my house or hers, we’re not comfortable doing that yet.

Quickly go and work on your novel.” Zhuo Yu said as he threw a pillow in Liang Jun’s face.

Only after seeing Liang Jun go back into the room did he open the manuscript and read it through once more.

Zhuo Yu certainly was not exaggerating when praising Chu Xiang just now, for the edits she made have improved her manuscript drastically.

She truly had an amazing talent for comprehension.

For the time being, the quality of her writing had little to no problems.

As for her vocabulary and the flow of her sentences, she would need to keep writing more and more if she wants to keep on improving.

That, she can only rely on herself to do.

Nowadays, web novel readers pay close attention to the plot of the story.

However, even if the author’s writing may appear lacking in certain aspects, as long as the plot catches their attention in any way, the readers will most likely subscribe to the novel.

Since this particular weakness of Chu Xiang would not end up affecting her too much, she could certainly publish this version of her manuscript as her final draft.


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