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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 284


Having received the approval of a well-known author, Chu Xiang felt much more relieved.

After editing some parts of the synopsis, Chu Xiang proceeded to create the outline for the next ten chapters.

By the time she finished doing so, it was already 10 o’clock at night.

With the goal of keeping her body healthy in mind, she decided against pulling another all-nighter.

After taking a quick shower and doing her skincare routine, she quickly went to bed.

Throughout the entire day, the fans of Matchless Sovereign continue bashing Chu Xiang on various forums.

They kept insulting her for not only refusing to apologize but even daring to serialize a new novel, going as far as to claim how she would continue plagiarizing even in her new series.

With that in mind, they even picked out sections from her novel and started comparing them with the works of other authors to further prove their point.

While some of the clueless users tagged along with the chaos, there were certainly other authors who had already become fed up with Matchless Sovereign’s fans.

However, none of them would realize that the woman of the hour had already entered the land of dreams, not one bit affected by the entourage of Matchless Sovereign.

Most of the time, one’s strength and influence can bring about stability, for they would have the confidence and ability to solve any problems going their way.

If one were simply an ordinary person, on the other hand, they would have long since been put to tears by the Matchless Sovereign’s fans.

Naturally, the person most satisfied by this outcome was none other than Matchless Sovereign herself, for she needed to ride the clout until the deal with the copyright holder was ascertained.

Just when she was worried about how she should further lengthen that effect, Chu Xiang conveniently gifted it to her.

As more people continued talking about this matter, the more her popularity skyrocketed.

As long as she managed to sell off her rights to her novel, she would not need to care about the demands of anyone, let alone an insignificant author.

However, Matchless Sovereign never expected that, in the early morning on the following day,  Jinjiang would announce its final verdict on the plagiarism case.

The few small similarities between “Rising Immortal” and “Immortal Demon” does not constitute plagiarism.

All the evidence backing p the accusations were deemed as tropes normally found in novels related to cultivation.

Furthermore, the two novels do not have any similarities in the plotline, description, or writing.

Thus, there is not enough evidence leaning towards “Rising Immortal” plagiarizing from “Immortal Demon.”

At that moment, Chu Xiang’s editor contacted her: [Congratulations, the final verdict has been announced in favor of you.]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: Thank you so much for helping me urge them.

In that case, I will start updating the novel again today.

By the way, have you received my request to change my pen name yet I would like you to help me with that.]

[Editor Tingyu: I have indeed.

I’ll help with that in a jiffy.

That’s right,  I just noticed the delivery express you used.

Are you living in the capital]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: Yep, I’m currently living in the capital.]

[Editor Tingyu: That’s great! The company is also located in the capital.

If we’re doing any activities in the future, you’ll definitely be able to participate.

I wish you the best of luck!]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: I will definitely join then.


Her editor worked extremely quickly.

By the time Chu Xiang opened her Jinjiang account, she saw that her pen name had already been changed to “Empress Chu.” This was the name she ultimately decided upon — something simple yet meaningful.

After changing the username of her social media to “Empress Chu,” she forwarded the post of Jinjiang’s final verdict onto her timeline and added, “My fellow supporters and friends, thank you so much for trusting me throughout this entire case.

Baseless accusations will never be the basis of conviction.

I hope my fellow peers will treat this as a lesson and refrain from dishonest practices.”

Chu Xiang’s post on her social media can be considered passive in comparison to the initial post of Matchless Sovereign accusing her of plagiarism.

Even so, one could clearly tell that Chu Xiang was an extremely resolute and tough individual.

After all, she did not hesitate one bit in making a mockery out of anything or anyone that warranted it.

In fact, the last few words on her post were obviously targeting the other well-known authors who sided with Matchless Sovereign.

This time, the fans of Matchless Sovereign could no longer flood over the entire comment section like before.

After all, the verdict announced by Jinjiang was final and cannot be refuted.

Many authors and readers who had become tired of Matchless Sovereign using her fans to bully the up-and-coming authors took the chance to send a slap to their faces with the final verdict, pushing them down from their high pedestal.

Furthermore, there were even some who demanded Matchless Sovereign herself to come out and apologize.

During this moment of confusion, Chu Xiang published her ten-thousand-word manuscript, separated into three chapters.

At the same time, she also made another post on her social media.

[Empress Chu: From today onwards, I will be going by the pen name, “Empress Chu,” hoping to start anew.

My new novel, “Demon Empress,” has just been serialized, and I hope to start from scratch with it.

I hope everyone can give it a chance as I can guarantee that it’s completely different from my previous story.]

[She changed her pen name to “Empress Chu” and started a new series called “Demon Empress.” Why do I feel like we’re in the presence of an actual empress]

[Woah! “Demon Empress” was such a good read.

Why are there only three chapters I want to read more of it!]

[Just how many people owe Empress Chu an apology I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, so I’ll just go ahead and ignite the spark to give her some support.]


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