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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 285


Having been proved innocent, Chu Xiang’s new novel continued to receive more and more bookmarks — the majority of which was from the authors complacent with the outcome of the situation.

They had long since gotten tired of Matchless Sovereign’s disgusting actions of using her fans to bully another smaller author like Chu Xiang.

Since Chu Xiang did not really speak up for herself, they did not find it appropriate to chime in either.

With the official final verdict announced, one can undoubtedly say that Chu Xiang did not plagiarize anything.

As such, many of the upright authors began outwardly supporting and promoting Chu Xiang’s new work.

Furthermore, they even bookmarked her account and did the best they could to show their support.

On the other hand, Matchless Sovereign had erupted in rage.

She even went as far as to accuse Jinjiang of covering up for Chu Xiang on the web forums, berating them for not being able to detect such obvious plagiarism.

Seeing her posts, Matchless Sovereign’s fans genuinely felt as if she had been wronged and determined that Chu Xiang cannot be forgiven.

Thus, they quickly flocked over to the comment section of “Demon Empress” to leave behind insulting remarks.

After all, negative comments would naturally have a great impact on one’s decision to give a certain novel a chance.

Moreover, a single negative comment would often need several other positive comments to make up for it.

Their main objective was to flood Chu Xiang’s new work with negative comments to the point that it would neither be mentioned in the top rankings nor given the chance by new readers.

However, such underhanded methods can easily be overcome by the opposite end of the spectrum.

Noticing the situation, all the authors and readers in support of Chu Xiang began leaving behind good reviews to show their support for Chu Xiang.

With the number of lengthy good reviews increasing in the comment section, it slowly overwhelmed and buried all the negative comments left behind by the antis.

Besides, the obviously vulgar comments and insults could easily be reported and removed by the admins of the website.

As the number of comments on the page of Chu Xiang’s new novel exploded, the back and forth battle between her antis and supporters slowly gained traction on the other major forums.

Furthermore, the title, “Demon Empress,” began catching the attention of the public.

While most of the onlookers were simply killing time reading about the drama, the users who particularly enjoyed cultivation novels immediately bookmarked Chu Xiang’s novel after reading the first few chapters and showed their support for Chu Xiang.

The first three chapters of “Demon Empress” were undeniably well-written.

The cliffhanger at the end of chapter three, in particular, made the readers beg for the release of chapter four as soon as possible.

Chu Xiang’s previous work, “Rising Immortal,” had inevitably been dropped after being overwhelmed with negative comments by the antis.

If the same thing happens to her new work, then wouldn’t they miss out on a potential masterpiece

While the vulgar and negative comments continued to be reported and deleted, the number of positive, lengthy comments kept increasing.

Enraged, the fans of Matchless Sovereign kept resorting to even worse methods, which certainly tarnished their image even further.

Even the onlookers who weren’t familiar with the novel industry started thinking that they were getting more and more unreasonable.

Having escalated up till this point, the situation would have already been resolved, had Matchless Sovereign only been an author with a normal-scale fanbase.

But since she had a large fanbase, Chu Xiang fully understood that she could not let down her guard just yet.

With that in mind, she proceeded to start writing the next chapters while waiting for that time to come.

Due to certain constraints, her new novel would require a daily update of three thousand words, which would not pose much of a problem to her.

Occasionally, she would even delete her entire draft and start from the beginning in an attempt to ensure the quality of her writing and maintain the pacing of that particular chapter.

Focusing her mind on writing the new chapters, she quickly pushed all the issues occurring on the web to the back of her mind until she finished writing at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Only after being alarmed by her hunger did Chu Xiang finally come back into reality.

At that moment, she had already written a total of seven thousand words.

After proofreading the manuscript, she saved the document and set the update schedule to every day at noon.

As someone who gets easily hooked on new affairs, Chu Xiang considered staying home all day to continue writing more for her novel.

However, she still needed to take care of a few things and could not afford to neglect them.

Firstly, she would need to sign up for the test to get her driver’s license.

Next, she also needed to buy a new phone and tablet and find medicinal ingredients that suited her body.

After doing all that, she changed into her sports clothes before heading to Zhuo Yu’s gym.

At that time, Zhuo Yu and Liang Jun were working out in the gym.

Having noticed Chu Xiang first, Liang Jun tapped Zhuo Yu on his shoulder and whispered, “Your new neighbor is here! With how much traction she just received, I thought she would take the opportunity to write more for her new novel.

To think she’d come to work out instead.”


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