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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 287


However, since the majority of those netizens rarely leave the circle, the outsiders would also rarely come into contact with them.

In fact, there even existed a barrier between the male and female sides of the industry.

Having spoken for nearly half the day, Liang Jun gulped down half a glass of water for himself and asked, “Chu Xiang, do you have any close friends If so, did they speak up for you regarding the matter you were dealing with recently Let me tell you something.

You can very well use this time to verify your relationship with your friends.

If you find out that it was only a plastic relationship, you’re better off ending it quickly instead of trying to keep it.”

Chu Xiang shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I know anyone else other than two particular authors.

In fact, those two authors are precisely you two.

I reckon it’s better to get to know people outside the circle.”

Choking on his mouthful of water, Liang Jun coughed a couple of times and asked with his eyes wide open, “You actually don’t know anyone Don’t think that I just have Zhuo Yu as my only friend.

As a matter of fact, I’m acquainted with nearly a hundred other authors in the industry.

What have you been doing Didn’t you join your editor’s group or something”

Chu Xiang thought for a moment and recalled, “I have, but people rarely talk in that group.

Besides, I can’t just go around saying who I am and saying that I want to get to know them, right”

“In that case, you should try private messaging them.

If they’re interested in getting to know you, then wouldn’t they respond back to you”

Chu Xiang laughed, “I never really intended to get to know anyone.

After all, during my first two days as an author, a war seemingly broke out in the comment section below the page of my novel.

From then on, I reckoned that I should just speak less and focus on work instead.

This time, I was used as a stepping stone for no reason whatsoever and came to terms with the reality of the Internet.

Who knows whether the person behind the screen is a human or some sort of ghost As such, I might as well just keep doing what I was doing.”

Hearing such words coming from her mouth, Liang Jun could not help but sympathize with her.

She had fallen in love with writing and ultimately decided to become an author.

But before she was even able to realize the fruits of her efforts, she was already traumatized by the aggression and competitive spirits between the different authors.

And from then onwards, she became unwilling to get to know other people in the field and instead chose to shrink back into her shell.

At that moment, Liang Jun beat his chest and exclaimed, “You don’t have to worry anymore.

After all, you’ve met and gotten to know the two of us.

And rather than being separated by screens, we even just so happen to be your neighbors! Therefore, if you have anything troubling you in the future, you can always come to us.

With such a great opportunity presented to us, we must definitely cherish this moment.

Come, cheers!”

Swiftly snatching away the can of beer in his hand, Zhuo Yu replaced it with a bottle of mineral water and said, “Don’t pay any mind to him.

He’s probably quite drunk now.

Even though he has a weak tolerance for alcohol, he still loves drinking so much.

Furthermore, he hasn’t even updated his novel for today.

I bet his fans are gonna blow up at him in the comments later.”

Amused, Chu Xiang asked, “Then why didn’t you stop him”

“Who cares He was the one who decided to drink anyway.

Moreover, a grown adult like him ought to assume responsibility for himself.

Besides, his fans are actually quite similar in nature to him.

The way they scold him is actually quite amusing.

Why don’t you go and watch the show tomorrow I reckon he’ll definitely argue with his readers again.”

“So you just want to watch them argue, huh” Chu Xiang laughed as she could tell that they were genuinely close friends.

“Wouldn’t he try to get back at you when he sobers up Is he aware of any of your weaknesses”

“Well… he’s definitely thought to do so, but he’s never once succeeded.

Anyways, let’s head back home.” Zhuo Yu let out a face of regret as soon as he tried to prop Liang Jun up.

“I shouldn’t have let him drink so much.

He’s way too heavy now.

How are we gonna get back”

Chu Xiang burst into laughter once again and stepped forward to support Liang Jun from the other side.

“Let’s go.

Just treat this as some sort of workout.”

Looking from side to side in a puzzled manner, Liang Jun’s gaze landed on Chu Xiang as he exclaimed with a big tongue, “Sister Chu Shwang, you… cwan west asswured! With us here, hwe dwefinitely hwon’t let anyone bwooly you!”

Chu Xiang chuckled, “If you say it like that, I’m gonna take your word for it then~”

In the midst of the dusk, Chu Xiang suddenly heard Zhuo Yu laughing softly on the side.

“Of course, you can take his word for it.

After all, Liang Jun rarely says these types of things.”

As their shadows elongated under the shining street light, the corners of Chu Xiang's lips curved up into a slight smile, enjoying this unfamiliar sense of warmth.


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