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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 288


Not only did Liang Jun work out on a daily basis, but he even stood 185cm tall and weighed around 75 kg.

Thus, it took both Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yu quite a bit of effort to carry him all the way back home.

After finally laying him down on his bed, Chu Xiang suddenly felt great soreness around her waist, so much so that she had trouble standing straight up.

Exhausted, she gasped for breath while wiping her sweat away.

Zhuo Yu apologized on his friend’s behalf, “I apologize for making you go through all that.

Originally, we only wanted to get to know you more, but we never expected to cause you so much trouble.”

Waving her right hand, Chu Xiang placed her left hand on her waist and laughed, “Please, don’t worry about it.

Make sure to take good care of him, alright I’ll be going back to my place.

If you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

“Alright, you too.

After all, we’ll be neighbors from now on.

Heck, you can even just shout for us if you ever need anything.”

“Okay!” Chu Xiang exclaimed with a thumbs-up before going back to her room.

Boiling up a decoction and drinking it, she then took a comfortable bath before her bedtime.

However, seeing how she still had some time left, she decided to scroll through the forums for authors to find helpful tips for writing.

Although the explanations were neither as useful nor precise as the ones Zhuo Yu told her, they were nonetheless certain points that enlightened her in some ways.

While reading through the forum, Chu Xiang opened up a separate document to note down all the tips that she deemed to be useful.

As time slowly ticked away unbeknownst to her, her alarm set to ten o’clock rang from the side.

Standing up for a quick stretch, Chu Xiang was once again reminded just how strenuous the writing industry truly was.

Every time she immerses herself in anything writing-related, she would always lose track of time.

From her perspective, time flashed past during those moments in a blink of an eye.

It’s no wonder authors commonly find themselves having to deal with neck problems, back problems, or even wrist injuries.

Most of which are occupational diseases deriving from the authors’ negligence of their physical health.

Compared to the other authors, the greatest advantage Chu Xiang had over them was her ability to absorb and circulate spiritual energy throughout her body.

By doing so, she would not feel as exhausted as she would otherwise have been.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Chu Xiang then forced herself to keep to her daily sleep schedule and quickly went to bed.

The next day, Chu Xiang recalled Zhuo Yu mentioning how Liang Jun would end up getting into an argument with his readers.

Out of curiosity, she thus searched up Liang Jun’s serialized series on a whim.

Sure enough, the comment section in his novel’s web page erupted with the wrath of Liang Jun’s readers, asking just what he was doing and why he suddenly stopped updating.

Even worse, he had even stopped at the chapter where the climax was supposed to occur.

How inhuman of him!

From the looks of things, Liang Jun did not wake up until ten o’clock or so.

However, upon waking up and reading his comments, he lashed back with pretty hilarious responses.

Although the tone of both sides made it seem as if they were fighting, it would be more appropriate to say that they were just joking around with each other.

Accidentally leaking the fact that he had fallen drunk the night before, Liang Jun was teased at by his readers and told not to pretend to be the god of drinking.

It was just as Zhuo Yu had told her.

Liang Jun’s readers were indeed just as amusing as him.

Surely, his writing style couldn’t also be similar to his personality, right

Reading through his current work, Chu Xiang was surprised to see that he possessed a very unique, polished writing style.

Furthermore, he was even working on a sci-fi story at that time.

All the creations and technology mentioned in his story such as mechas, spaceships, and so on, were all things that she had never heard of before.

Even if she thought that she may have seen them before in other sci-fi movies, since both the film time and content included in those movies were limited, none of the things could ever be explained in as much detail as what was described in a sci-fi novel such as Liang Jun’s.

Scrolling down the chapters, Chu Xiang had gradually become immersed in the world Liang Jun had created.

It was only when someone knocked on the door that she finally snapped back into reality.

Looking at the chapter number, she realized that she had already read through more than sixty chapters.

Not only was Liang Jun’s writing style extremely impressive, but he was also one of those freaks that would end each chapter on a cliffhanger.

It’s no wonder so many of his readers got pissed at him for missing a day.

With her tablet in her hand, Chu Xiang walked over to open her front door, only to be faced with Liang Jun holding onto many things outside.

Upon seeing her, Liang Jun smiled, “You haven’t had lunch yet, right I got these from Zuixiang Restaurant.

Please accept them as an apology for yesterday night.

I’m so sorry! I drank far too much.

I even troubled you to help carry me all the way back.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Chu Xiang could clearly see him holding onto a dozen or so boxes and asked, “All of those are for me I certainly can’t finish all of them by myself.”


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