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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 290


Liang Jun choked on his own saliva and asked, “Why do I feel like you are talking about something else I’m talking about writing, okay Writing! I’ll show you how this gentleman writes later.

I’ll have you know that I become a completely different person when I get into my groove.

Come, have some of this.

It’s very delicious.” He picked and placed down some of the food on Chu Xiang’s bowl before continuing, “Why don’t you tell me about the things happening over on the female side of the industry Is that Matchless Sovereign still looking for trouble You’re going to let her go just like that”

With Liang Jun added into the fray, Chu Xiang’s once peaceful room would never have even a moment of silence.

In her eyes, he seemed like a small bird that’d chirp non-stop.

What’s strange was that she’d never find him annoying as he knew just when to crack a joke.

In fact, he’d gotten Chu Xiang to burst out laughing several times already through their conversation.

Seeing his peculiar, outgoing personality, it’s no wonder he was able to write such a good novel.

After finishing lunch, Liang Jun went back to his apartment to grab his laptop before proceeding to write on the dining table in the living room.

According to him, it would only be meaningful to have a writing battle with friends if they wrote together in real life.

Otherwise, how would it be any different than writing with other strangers online

Even though Chu Xiang wasn’t sitting facing him, but rather in her study room, the door to the study room was still left open on purpose for them to chat with each other any time they wanted.

This was no different from them sitting next to one another.

Liang Jun first helped Chu Xiang install the writing software and registered her as a member before getting her familiar with how the program operated.

Since most writing software had similar functions, it didn’t take long for Chu Xiang to get used to it.

With that, Liang Jun opened up a room and set the word count to three thousand words in consideration for Chu Xiang as that was the usual requirement for each chapter on Jinjiang.

He then set the room limit to a max of five participants.

As Liang Jun had many friends added on the app, it took only thirty or so seconds before the room was filled up.

Some of his friends even teased him: [Only 3,000 words today Are you on a decline]

[Gentlemanly Thief: You better watch what you say since there’s a young lady in the room.

Just write as usual.

I’ll be starting soon.]

[Snow Flying Fox: A young lady!]

[Snow Flying Fox: God damn! Empress Chu! Jinjiang’s Empress Chu Are you for real @Gentlemanly Thief When did you meet her]

[Gentlemanly Thief: Shut up and get ready to write.

I’m muting the room now.]

After muting the room to prevent anyone from saying anything, Liang Jun shouted towards the study room, “I’m sorry about that.

The male authors on this side are often like that.

They can’t stop talking nonsense when they gather together.

They’re just a bunch of rough hooligans.

Don’t pay them any mind.”

Chu Xiang replied, “It’s fine, let’s just continue writing.

I just finished the outline for my chapter.

I’m feeling rather inspired today.”

“Alright then, I won’t bother you any longer.” Liang Jun said just as he engrossed himself into writing, not saying a single word from that point onwards.

With the room suddenly turning dead silent, Chu Xiang felt somewhat strange.

Furthermore, tapping down on the keyboard, she found the linear keys to be very soft and easy to click.

With each character appearing on the text document, she felt as if she was pressing down on clouds in the sky, which was certainly quite effortless for her fingers.

She then took a glance at the rankings of the five participants on the right side of the screen that updated according to the number of words written.

Anyone who stopped just for a few seconds would quickly be left behind by the others and thrown to the bottom of the ranking.

It could be seen that everyone was working hard while writing.

None of them showed any intentions of messing around.

At that moment, Chu Xiang finally understood the benefits of writing battles.

This feeling of competition would consistently keep urging the participants not to stop and keep up with the others.

Thus, she stopped paying attention to her ranking and wholeheartedly devoted herself to writing her story.

After all, she was technically writing an autobiography.

Everything she wrote down, she had experienced for herself in person.

With some processing of the information, she was able to write out the story smoothly.

Moreover, the detailed outline she prepared beforehand gave a good idea of when to include certain details or when to briefly summarize.

With that, she would not need to waste time pondering such things over and could instead focus on writing down everything being processed in her mind.

If there ever existed a technology allowing one’s thoughts to be pasted down on a piece of document, she reckoned she could instantly create a whole novel.

Having all her thoughts organized, she naturally wrote at an extremely fast pace.

When Liang Jun inadvertently glanced at the ranking of the writing battle, he was completely stunned to see that Chu Xiang was maintaining a good lead in first place.

Dear lord… do female authors these days write at such a fast pace Even he, well-known throughout the circle to write as if he had eight pairs of limbs like an octopus, could not possibly compare to her speed.

How terrifying! With a sudden strong desire to come out victorious, he instantly turned his gear up a notch and tried his best to close the gap between him and Chu Xiang.

Just when he was about to catch up, however, a notification rang to indicate the end of the writing battle.

In other words, Chu Xiang had won the battle!


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