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Chu Xiang refused again.

“I just got out of the hospital and had to pay for rent as well.

I don’t have any money left.

I also don’t know about summer camps, so just tell Chu Zhe to ask his classmates.”

“You don’t have money left” Fang Ping’s voice raised several decibels.

“You don’t have money yet you hired a caregiver in the hospital Why, aren’t you just the greatest at squandering money Didn’t you say that you could make a living by writing novels Why are you saying that you don’t have money now Are you lying to me Xiao Zhe is your little brother.

He’s the mainstay of your life.

You can’t do this to him.”

“The only mainstay of my life is myself.

He’s already 18 years old, and I have no obligation to take care of him.

If you like him, then you take care of him yourself.

An elder sister like me has no interest in him.

Don’t call me for anything regarding him in the future.

I won’t spend any money on him.

That’s all.” Chu Xiang hung up the call and simply turned off her phone.

No one would look for her anyway.

She put down her phone and turned around to see Liang Jun looking at her with a slightly awkward expression.

Liang Jun coughed dryly and laughed.

“Uh… You have a bad relationship with your family, huh That’s fine.

A relative afar is less useful than a close neighbor.

It’s enough to have friends.

Look at me.

I’m alone and celebrate every New Year’s by myself, but I’m still doing well, aren’t I”

Chu Xiang laughed.

“Are you worried that I’m sad No, it’s not the first time this happened so I naturally got used to it.

They’re them, and I’m me.

It doesn’t matter.

You should know what my character is like by how I refused to let Matchless Sovereign take advantage of me.

Let’s continue writing”

“Sure.” When Liang Jun thought about Matchless Sovereign, he could not help but add, “She won’t just let it go, so you have to be more careful.

My guess is that she’ll make a move these coming days.

She still has to go through the copyright formalities, after all, so she can’t have a bad reputation.

She’ll pretend to be an innocent white lotus even if she has to deliberately distort the truth.”

“Don’t worry, I have a way to deal with it.

Let’s write.”

“Sure thing.”

The two people once again focused on typing.

Their word count, which had stagnated for a long time, started to rise rapidly at the same time.

In this round, Chu Xiang was delayed for a longer time so she ended up in third place, and Liang Jun won first place without any dispute.

As soon as the page was unlocked, some intriguing words were sent out.

[Snow Flying Fox: I smell something fishy going on here.

The two of you stopped writing and then started again at the same time.

What happened Did you two have a private chat]

[Yeoman Service: They chatted privately for so long]

[Mountain Duel: Curious… Very curious.]

[Gentlemanly Thief: Shut up.

Why are you guys talking so much nonsense Do you want another round or not We’ll compete using time attack mode this time.

I’ll crush you to death!]

[Snow Flying Fox: No thanks.

I’m done with today’s update, so I’m gonna go play games now.

C’mon, let’s go.]

The three people slipped away quickly.

Liang Jun also temporarily left the writing battle lobby and leaned against the door of the study, asking, “How was it Was the writing battle more interesting than writing by yourself”

Chu Xiang rubbed her wrist and nodded.

“It’s quite interesting.

I’ve added them, so let’s have another battle if there’s a chance.”

“You added them Hey, we haven’t even added each other yet.

No can do.

Let’s add each other now.” Liang Jun carried his laptop over and not only added Chu Xiang’s account, but also her QQ ID and WeChat.

Chu Xiang turned on her phone and saw 20 missed calls as well as a deluge of WeChat messages, all of which were from the other three members in the Chu family.

It was nothing more than words reprimanding her for being heartless and so on.

She used to practice demonic cultivation and did not care about morality, so it was impossible to tie her down by using morals.

She simply blocked them.

They could dream on if they blatantly favored their son over her and still expected her to devote herself to her younger brother.

Chu Xiang edited the contents of the four newly written chapters, saved it under the manuscript for ‘Demon Empress’, and went to work out.

Poor Liang Jun still had to write 20,000 words, so he could only hug his laptop and go back to his guest room to write.

Chu Xiang adapted well in the gym.

Since she had spiritual energy to nourish her heart, the intensity of exercise she could withstand increased by a fraction.

She also lost two pounds these days, so the effect was pretty good.

Just as she was almost done with her workout, Zhuo Yu came to the gym and called out to her, saying helplessly, “Chu Xiang, are you free My grandmother is in my office and said that she wants to meet you.

As soon as she heard that you moved in across me, she said that it was fate.

You know how she is.

Will it be an inconvenience”

“No, I’ll change my clothes and go.

Grandma Zhuo is warm-hearted.

It’s a very good character.” Chu Xiang took off the towel around her neck to wipe her sweat.

After speaking a few words to Zhuo Yu, she went to the bathroom to take a shower and then went to the office fresh and clean.

Grandma Zhuo immediately smiled like a flower when she saw her.

“Chu Xiang, come here and let me have a look at you.

What a coincidence! We’re really linked by fate.

Not only are you two neighbors, you’re both novelists as well.

You’re so talented.”

Chu Xiang went to sit next to her and said with a smile, “You’re too good at flattering people, Grandma Zhuo.

I didn’t expect such a coincidence either.

Is your health feeling better”

“Yes, I’m fine now.

What about you That day you were in the hospital was quite a scare.

I heard that it was because you lived by yourself with no one to take care of you.

From now on, you and Tiger live across the street from each other, so just call him if you need anything.”

Zhuo Yu was speechless.

“Grandma, can you stop calling me Tiger It’s embarrassing.”

Grandma Zhuo glared at him.

“What’s embarrassing about that Tigers are strong and smart.

Why can’t I call you that Chu Xiang, let’s ignore him.

He just loves to save face.

Come, tell me how your health is now.”

Chu Xiang smiled.

“I’m fine now.

The last time was an accident, and I’m very health-conscious now.

I don’t stay up late and work out everyday, so any discomfort I felt is gone now.

Thank you for your concern, Grandma Zhuo.”

Grandma Zhuo nodded repeatedly.

“It’s good that you’re fine, it’s good that you’re fine.

Young people like you need to pay special attention to your health.

Staying up late takes a toll on your vitality, so you mustn’t pull any all-nighters.

That applies for you too, Tiger.


Zhuo Yu quickly said that he understood.

He agreed to whatever Grandma Zhuo said and nodded in agreement to everything.

Seeing this, Grandma Zhuo snapped, “You little brat, you’re just agreeing perfunctorily.

Will you go if I set up a blind date for you That’s fine too.

An old sister of mine introduced a young lady to me.

You go meet her and have a meal together tomorrow, ok”

Zhuo Yu facepalmed helplessly.

“Grandma, I don’t need to go on a blind date.

There’s no need to, right”

“What’s wrong with blind dates It’s just another opportunity to meet a girl.” Grandma Zhuo did not forget to rope in her backup.

“Don’t you agree, Chu Xiang He’s already 30 years old.

What’s wrong with a blind date”


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