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Chu Xiang was suddenly dragged into the dispute between the grandmother and grandson.

She could not help either of them, so she said, “Grandma Zhuo is right, you’ll just get to know a new person during a blind date.

But Grandma Zhuo, being in one’s thirties now is nothing big.

The person himself must be willing, otherwise it’ll just be offensive to waste the other party’s time, right”

Grandma Zhuo said helplessly, “Young people nowadays don’t care about their own affairs at all.

You don’t have a boyfriend either, right How old are you this year”

Chu Xiang said, “I’m 25 this year.

It’s nice to be free, so I don’t plan on finding a boyfriend for now.

I still want to enjoy my single life.”

“Wow, you’re just like Tiger.” Grandma Zhuo turned back to Zhuo Yu when she did not get the support she wanted.

“The good lady just came back from studying abroad and doesn’t actually want to do anything to you.

We elders just have a good relationship and hope that you two will get to know each other and become friends.

If you meet her and don’t like her, I won’t force you to do anything either.

It’s just that I’m already old, so I want to see you get married and have children.”

Chu Xiang had never been urged to marry yet, and it was her first time seeing such a scene, so she did not know how to respond.

More importantly, it involved another person’s private affairs, so she did not feel very good about listening in.

She spoke up with a smile before Zhuo Yu could.

“Grandma Zhuo, I haven’t finished writing my novel today, so I’ll go back and write it now.

I’ll come see you some other time.”

Grandma Zhuo nodded.

“Oh, sure, go ahead.

Work is more important.

Go on, go on.”

Grandma Zhuo watched Chu Xiang leave and casually asked Zhuo Yu, “What does Chu Xiang do”

Zhuo Yu poured her a cup of warm water and responded, “She writes.”

Grandma Zhuo was surprised.

“That’s it Oh dear, how can that be She has to find something proper to do.

The rent here isn’t cheap right Judging by that day in the hospital, it doesn’t seem like her family is well-to-do either.

How is she living by herself here”

Zhuo Yu patiently explained, “Grandma, writing novels online is a legitimate job.

Chu Xiang is a great author and earns more than many people who work 9-5s, so you don’t have to worry about her.

She wouldn’t be able to move here in the first place if she couldn’t make money.”

Grandma Zhuo shook her head.

“This line of income isn’t steady.

She’s earning with her current novel, but what if no one reads her next book Who can guarantee it She still needs a decent job with a stable income, like you and your gym.

I was thinking of introducing someone to Chu Xiang, but her situation isn’t easy to introduce.”

“Stop it, Grandma.

Didn’t you hear Chu Xiang say she doesn’t want a boyfriend It’s her private affairs, and we’re not close to that extent, so don’t get blindly involved.

You’ve met her, so you should get going soon.

You can’t sleep late.

Let’s go have dinner first.

It’ll be about time to rest by the time I send you home.” Zhuo Yu cleaned up the office and intended to send the old lady back, no longer talking about Chu Xiang.

Grandma Zhuo looked at him and asked, “So are you going to meet Yaoyao or not Grandma won’t lie to you.

Yaoyao is really a good girl.

She’s beautiful and elegant, can play the piano, can draw, and can also dance ballet.

She also has a master’s degree and opened a studio just after she came back.

She’s very capable.

You won’t lose anything by being friends, right”

Zhuo Yu raised his hand in surrender and said, “Fine, fine, I’ll go, okay You should stop thinking about stuff like this all day.

Worrying too much is bad for your health.

I’ll ask Lu Yao to dinner tomorrow and make sure to get along with her, okay”

Only then did Grandma Zhuo smile.


Let’s go have dinner.

Take Yaoyao to eat delicious food tomorrow.

Don’t be so casual.”

“I know.

Don’t worry, Grandma.” Zhuo Yu saw the smile on his grandmother’s face and no longer felt repulsed by the blind date.

If it could make the old lady happy, then what was the harm in having a meal

Zhuo Yu took his grandmother away without going upstairs.

On the other side, Chu Xiang went to the restaurant to order takeout.

When she remembered that Liang Jun was writing alone at home, she called him before ordering two takeaways to take back.

“Xiao Xiangxiang, you’re an angel! My stomach was growling in hunger.

You saved my life!” Liang Jun waited by the elevator door.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, he immediately took the lunch box that Chu Xiang was carrying.

Chu Xiang laughed.

“Have you finished writing”


I updated 30,000 words today, but the boys told me to update more.

Are they trying to exhaust me to the point of vomiting blood I’ll go back to updating 6,000 words tomorrow onwards.

I’m never writing this much again.

My brain cells are all gonna die.” Liang Jun shook his head, his scalp feeling tight even now.

He really wrote too much in one sitting.

Chu Xiang opened the door for him to come over to eat.

After all, that was Zhuo Yu’s house, so it would not be good for them to eat there when the owner was not around.

Liang Jun was starving and basically inhaled his food, but he chattered incessantly.

“Xiao Xiangxiang, do you know how to cook You seem to only be eating takeout these days.

Aren’t you supposed to look after your health”

Chu Xiang said regrettably, “I want to learn, but I still can’t cook yet.

I’ve been too busy lately, so I’ll find a good chef to learn from when I have the time.”

Liang Jun raised his head to look at her in surprise.

“Find a good chef to learn from Are you serious about learning It’s just cooking.

Just wing it by watching video tutorials online and you’ll learn by practicing.

That’s how I practiced too.”


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