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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 294


“There are also online tutorials that teach cooking” Chu Xiang had not even considered something like that, so her interest perked up at his words.

“Then I’ll learn from online sources first and then find a chef when I get the basics down.

If I’m going to learn, then I have to learn properly.

Who will eat it if my cooking skills are bad”

Liang Jun was stunned for three seconds before revealing an incredulous expression.

“Xiao Xiangxiang, you’re really great.

To think you’re this serious about cooking...

It’s no wonder you write so meticulously and can still keep up with your workouts.

Your future potential is limitless.”

Chu Xiang was amused.

“You’re exaggerating too much.

Hurry up and eat.

I rest at 10 every night and I still have something to do after dinner.”

“Oh, sure.” Liang Jun obediently ate a few mouthfuls and could not help but ask, “What are you going to do later Do you need help”

Chu Xiang did not hide it and told him directly.

“I’m planning to find a few more classic cultivation novels and run a plagiarism checker for that with Matchless Sovereign’s ‘Immortal Demon’ and my ‘Rising Immortal’.

I’ll use the same plagiarism tool she used to falsely accuse me.

She said that I copied her, right I’ll let the laymen understand what’s plagiarism and what are general tropes.

I reckon she’s going to make a move either today or tomorrow, so I’ll prepare a return gift in advance.”

“You’ll run a plagiarism checker By yourself”


Am I supposed to get someone else to do it instead”

“Well, duh You don’t have to do it.

I know people who specialize in this, so just pay them and I guarantee they’ll do a perfect job for you.”

Liang Jun had a lot of connections.

After eating, he went online for a few minutes and already found ten people.

Chu Xiang told him the titles of the five novels she chose, and he talked directly with the ten people.

Two people would be responsible for each book and finish the plagiarism tool with the fastest speed possible.

No one in the circle did not know about ‘Rising Immortal’ and ‘Immortal Demon’.

Even if Liang Jun did not say anything, they understood what they were supposed to do.

Chu Xiang got consent from the authors of all five novels.

She originally selected eight books, but only the authors of these five novels were willing to let her run the plagiarism checker on their stories.

In this circle, there was a principle of ‘if you love it, don’t question it’.

If you love her, then don’t talk about her, because talking about her will inevitably provoke criticism.

After all, there could be a thousand interpretations for a single text.

There would always be people who did not like it.

Many people were not willing to have their works taken out and mixed up in such affairs.

It was already good enough that Chu Xiang could get the consent of five authors.

They were all very kind to her and seemed to look down on Matchless Sovereign’s actions, so they let Chu Xiang use their works for a plagiarism checker as long as she did it legitimately.

Chu Xiang felt carefree and at ease.

Seeing that Liang Jun also had nothing to do, she pulled up his novel and asked him for guidance on what the intent behind some of the small details were.

Liang Jun was shocked that Chu Xiang managed to catch onto every foreshadowing he wrote and suddenly felt like he had just found his soulmate.

He told her about his writing techniques and asked her what it was like to see the content from a reader’s point of view.

After that, Liang Jun opened up Chu Xiang’s ‘Demon Empress’ and praised the plot while giving her pointers on what could be improved.

The two of them talked for more than two hours.

If the alarm clock hadn’t gone off, they would not have noticed that so much time had passed.

Liang Jun still wanted to continue.

“Are you really going to bed So early It’s really rare to see people of our generation like you who don’t stay up late and go to bed on time.

Why don’t we chat a little longer”

Chu Xiang was speechless.

“Why do you love to chat so much Our shop will be closing for the day now, so please come back tomorrow.

Hurry up and go back.

I want to sleep.”

“Tsk tsk, you’re throwing me away the moment you’re done with me.

You’re so heartless, Xiao Xiangxiang.

Zhuo Yu isn’t back yet, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do in an empty house.” Liang Jun sighed.

He did not know how to spend the time before going to bed.

Chu Xiang pushed him out and leaned on the door.

“Then, how about...

I sacrifice my health to keep the gentleman company”

Liang Jun hurriedly waved his hand.

“No no no, your health is more important.

Go to sleep and get well quickly.

I’ll go back.”

Chu Xiang closed the door, drank the decoction, and hurried to bed.

Her body had not fully recovered yet, and nothing was more important than her health.

However, she received a phone call from Liang Jun just as she closed her eyes.

“Xiao Xiangxiang, let me see your manuscript.

Your ‘Demon Empress’ is written really well.

I wanna know what happens next!”

Chu Xiang casually replied, “I’ll let you read it tomorrow.

I’m getting ready to sleep now.”

“Come on, it’ll only take a minute for you to send it to me.

Send it send it send it.

Don’t you know the pain of waiting for an update Your cliffhanger today was too suspenseful.

I’m begging you, I really can’t handle the wait.

Your book is the first serialization I’m following this year.

I’m your loyal reader, Xiao Xiangxiang.

Send it send it send it to me...”

Liang Jun’s whines were like a broken record on repeat.

Chu Xiang reluctantly got up and turned on the computer before sending him the remaining four chapters.

“Do you want the outline too You’ll know what happens later as well as the ending if you read the outline.”

“No no no.

What outline Where’s the fun in that Welp, I’m going to start reading now.

Sleep well, Xiao Xiangxiang.

Good night!”

“Bye.” Chu Xiang turned off her phone this time and entered slumberland smoothly.

Liang Jun immediately started reading the moment he received Chu Xiang’s draft and finished it in no time.

By the end, it seemed like Chu Xiang learned how to end her chapters from his example.

The cliffhanger for the last chapter was even more tantalizing.

In hindsight, he felt a little silly now.

These chapters were reserves for the next four days.

In other words, even if he followed the updates, he would not see a new chapter until four days later.

If he wanted to read in advance, would he have to ask Chu Xiang for her draft every day He also felt that Chu Xiang was too big-hearted.

She trusted him too much and even showed him her manuscript.

She was not worried that he would cheat her at all.

Liang Jun shook his head in amusement.

Since he had nothing else to do, he went online and acted as a supervisor, urging progress on the plagiarism tool while looking at Chu Xiang’s comments section.


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