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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 295


The comments section of Chu Xiang’s new and old novels were, to be summed in one word, chaotic.

Although there were many people who supported Chu Xiang and helped her get back at Matchless Sovereign’s fans, the fans still felt that Matchless Sovereign had been greatly wronged and vowed to get justice for her.

They even scolded Jinjiang itself.

How would they spare a small no-name author

Some people in the comments sections simply could not bear to watch anymore.

There were some comments that were outright vile and an eyesore, making Liang Jun’s brows furrow when he read them.

He had never read Chu Xiang’s novels before, but when he saw how well she was doing every day, he thought that things were getting better.

He certainly did not expect things to be so serious.

It seemed like someone was deliberately stirring up trouble and guiding the fans’ actions.

In fact, maybe it was Matchless Sovereign’s alternate account that was pulling the strings.

In any case, since it was the Internet, no one knew who was on the other side.

Liang Jun really did like ‘Demon Empress’.

After reading a few chapters of ‘Immoral Demon’, he already knew that ‘Demon Empress’ was superior.

Even if the writing style was still immature, the plot was more than good enough to make up for that flaw.

What should one do when their friend was being bullied Of course, it was to bully back the bullies!

Liang Jun exercised his fingers and wrists, opened three alternate accounts on his tablet, computer, and mobile phone, and went to the comments section to start a debate.

Of course, he did not forget to hide his IP address as well.

He was known as a chatterbox who typed as if he had eight limbs, so his typing speed was really no joke, and his vocabulary was even more phenomenal.

He could taunt others without a single cuss word and snubbed Matchless Sovereign’s fans until they fell into chaos.

They only knew how to laser-point at Chu Xiang plagiarizing Matchless Sovereign, and that she did not know how to repent for her actions.

Now that the official verdict was released, they could not say anything more and could only try to convince bystanders to believe that the verdict was wrong, and that Chu Xiang had indeed plagiarized.

However, Liang Jun was different.

All of his comments were reasonable and justified.

He also used the synopses of the two novels to prove with evidence that they were completely different, and there was no plagiarism to speak of at all.

He really was too bored and had nothing better to do.

The plagiarism tool would soon be ready, but he still went on to personally tear apart the Matchless Sovereign’s fans.

He was already used to dissing and being dissed by his readers, so he was really gifted in this aspect.

Eventually, a portion of the fans were even tricked into saying stuff like ‘even if Chu Xiang didn’t plagiarize, she’s too disrespectful to her seniors’.

A superfan who saw that comment immediately responded by saying that Chu Xiang definitely plagiarized.

However, since the words were already spoken, it would take a long time to ask the moderators to delete it.

Liang Jun seized this point and attacked fiercely.

“So Matchless Sovereign thinks of herself as a senior now I guess that means all newcomers have to be extremely deferential to her and let her accuse them as she wishes.

Clarifying that they didn’t plagiarize means they’re being disrespectful to her Is she trying to be the ancestor of the online novel community”

There were young fans and old fans, and also clear-headed fans and confused fans.

It was already too late to regret having fallen into Liang Jun’s trap.

Thus, the unified and unanimous front of the fans was broken.

Many authors and readers who were on bad terms with Matchless Sovereign’s fans swiftly grabbed the opportunity and shared their comments to various forums, showing bystanders just how bold and unrepentant the fans were.

By this time, Matchless Sovereign could not just sit still anymore, so she posted a long update she prepared on her Weibo in the early hours of the morning.

The entire essay was basically just her showing off how pitiful she was.

First, she said that she accepted the verdict, and then she apologized to Chu Xiang without much sincerity.

After that, she expressed that she may not have the confidence to do anything to defend her rights again in the future, and said that she was in a slump recently so she was not in the mood to write.

She also said that she was ashamed for letting down her many readers who were waiting for her to update her novel.

In short, there was no shortage of her acting pitiful and trying to appeal to emotion.

She even implied that Jinjiang was protecting Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang really did plagiarize her work, but she got away with it and did not have to take any responsibility.

Instead, it was the victim who had to come out and apologize.

Matchless Sovereign also apologized to the few who stood up for her, saying that it was her fault for involving them in this.

This made Matchless Sovereign’s fans feel heartbroken.

Several other big gods who were implicated because of this also banded together with Matchless Sovereign’s fans and rose up again, trying to seek justice against Chu Xiang.

Bystanders did not understand how novels were tested for plagiarism, and they also did not really know how to read the plagiarism checker.

They only felt that it seemed similar yet also unsimilar, so most of them could only rely on the words of the two opposing sides to judge for themselves.

Matchless Sovereign’s post was quite touching.

She was a big-name author, so she could naturally write a meaningful passage.

After reading it, many people would subconsciously wonder why would Matchless Sovereign, who was basically a god, want to falsely accuse a small no-name author Besides, there were other big gods standing with Matchless Sovereign.

Did that mean that they were all working together to bully that no-name What kind of special snowflake was that no-name author Was she worthy to be bullied by them In the end, the conclusion was that Chu Xiang plagiarized Matchless Sovereign, but she managed to escape the repercussions.

Liang Jun felt a little guilty when he saw this.

Did Matchless Sovereign post that update on her Weibo because he was snubbing her fans If things already ended up like this before dawn, who knew how bad the situation would become by morning

He paced around the house several times and made a decision.

He urged the people to finish the plagiarism checker and then posted all of the results on his main account.


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