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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 296


[Gentlemanly Thief: Let’s have a closer look at these plagiarism tools.

Everyone, try to spot the differences.

Just because you claim that someone copied you doesn’t mean that it’s plagiarism.

That’s not how plagiarism works~ We also don’t talk about seniority and try to be an ancestor.

You’re just making yourself look like a joke.

–From: The Peanut Gallery]

The moment he uploaded the post, his readers and fans scrambled to pop out.

[Holy **! I can’t believe he posted something.

Is he a science channel now What is this]


Gentleman, did you get hacked Why are you suddenly taking a stand This problem is from the female side of the industry, right Wake up!]

[Even a great god is standing in the peanut gallery Is he crying out against injustice for Empress Chu or because he can’t stand to see Matchless Sovereign bully others This slap is pretty vicious.

If Empress Chu really plagiarized Matchless Sovereign, doesn’t that mean Matchless Sovereign plagiarized those five novels Hahahahaha]

[Matchless Sovereign’s face is as thick as a wall, and her fans aren’t any better either.

They actually told Empress Chu to respect her senior hahaha I’m gonna die of laughter]

[This plagiarism checker is invincible.

The parts that were highlighted were all common tropes in cultivation novels.

It’s clear that Matchless Sovereign was falsely accusing Empress Chu by using the plagiarism tool on this.

Oh, how the turntables!”

Liang Jun’s post was forwarded by several authors who were close to him, all with captions such as ‘hahaha this is great’.

They were mostly shared by people who did not care but found it interesting regardless, so they came and joined in the fun.

Of course, they shared it because they could also tell that the two novels were not plagiarized.

Those who were close to Liang Jun naturally had to be small gods or famous authors.

The post went viral quickly, and new posts about Liang Jun and the other blogs, as well as the plagiarism tools soon popped up in various forums.

Even if there were bystanders before who did not know how to read the plagiarism tool and thought that there was some resemblance between ‘Rising Immortal’ and ‘Immortal Demon’, no one thought so now.

That was because among the seven texts, the colored parts that were marked were all ‘slightly similar’.

However, they couldn’t have been copied from each other, right Five of the novels were classics! Their weight was not as light as Chu Xiang, and even the worst of them was also the level of a small god.

Who would think that they were copying each other

Besides, this was a Weibo post from Gentlemanly Thief himself! He was a great god in the male side of the industry who had sold the rights for many films and games.

Countless people read his works before and knew his fun-loving personality.

He had not been involved in a single scandal in the ten years he had been writing.

How would he lie and falsely accuse Matchless Sovereign now

Matchless Sovereign’s fans were so detestful that when compared to Gentlemanly Thief, everyone subconsciously sided with him instead.

There were also several famous male authors who forwarded the Weibo post.

No matter what angle one looked from, it seemed like the truth was on their side.

The plagiarism claim instantly collapsed, and everyone felt even more convinced when they looked at Jinjang’s judgment.

When they looked at the three long posts on Matchless Sovereign’s Weibo, from her boldly accusing Empress Chu of plagiarizing, to insisting for justice and defending her rights, and then apologizing in grievance, they found it increasingly distasteful.

Some people took her Weibo posts and analyzed it word by word, picking apart all the hidden insinuations regarding Jinjang and her plan to act pitiful and pretend to be innocent.

In fact, the people who were most involved in this were other authors.

They knew how to play with words better than anyone else.

Although something like this could deceive bystanders and readers, nothing could be hidden from the eyes of fellow writers.

Her Weibo was picked apart so cleanly that even bystanders who did not know the whole story wanted to spit on her.

The Matchless Sovereign’s fans targeted Empress Chu like they were brain-dead to vent their anger on behalf of Matchless Sovereign, and Matchless Sovereign actually induced her fans to cyberbully Empress Chu, resulting in several die-hard fans being reported by Empress Chu.

However, Matchless Sovereign was still acting miserable and trying to get someone else to do her dirty work.

She was just too shameless!

Now that things have developed to this point, everyone except for a few fans who still insisted that Matchless Sovereign was innocent already knew who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

Although most people did not understand why a great god like Matchless Sovereign wanted to bully the newcomer Empress Chu, the bottom line was that she bullied Empress Chu and even called her friends and fans to bully the newcomer together.

It was disgusting.

The fans insisted that these were all malicious interpretations by people and that Matchless Sovereign was innocent.

However, the more they did this, the more it caused people to think that they were stupid, and the worse Matchless Sovereign’s reputation became.

There were already fans who seemed to have stopped supporting Matchless Sovereign.

After all, the truth had come to light.

Any rational fan would find it chilling.

Zhuo Yu did not know about this until he saw others talking about it in a group for authors.

He knocked on Liang Jun’s door and opened it, asking, “I didn’t call you when I came back because I thought you were asleep.

What are you doing Why did you suddenly upload that Weibo post Did Chu Xiang ask you to do it”

Liang Jun shook his head, his fingers flying rapidly over the keyboard as he said without looking up, “How could she have asked me I just happened to learn that she was trying to use a plagiarism tool.

I had nothing better to do earlier and opened up an alternate account to snub Matchless Sovereign’s fans, but I didn’t expect to actually cause a scene.

Matchless Sovereign even ended up making a post on her Weibo.

You know that Chu Xiang is sleeping and turned off her phone, so I’m just trying to redeem myself.

Besides, she really didn’t plagiarize anything.

There’s nothing wrong with me taking a stand.

Zhuo Yu swiped his phone a few times and forwarded Liang Jun’s post to express his support.

Then, he said, “I think she has her own plans, so it’s inappropriate to get involved rashly.

The outside world will speculate on our relationship.

It won’t bode well for a new author like her.”

Liang Jun said carelessly, “What’s wrong with that Who said that new authors can’t be friends with great gods Who said that authors from the female side and the male side can’t be friends Besides, I already read ‘Demon Empress’.

It really is very well written.

I’m now a fan of Xiao Xiangxiang.

Isn’t it natural for a fan to help his idol dispel rumors”

“Xiao Xiangxiang” Zhuo Yu looked at Liang Jun inquisitively, leaning against the door with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“I wasn’t at home for a day and your relationship has already progressed to this point Are you close enough now that you’re actually calling her by that mushy nickname”

“Well, there’s never a dull moment with me around.

I taught Xiao Xiangxiang about writing battles today and we even exchanged manuscripts with each other.

She really doesn’t know a lot of things.

It’s silly yet endearing at the same time.

Don’t you think that Xiao Xiangxiang is a really cute name Haha…”


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