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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 297


Authors often stay up late, and so do Liang Jun and Zhuo Yu.

When Zhuo Yu saw that Liang Jun was not sleeping, he told Liang Jun to might as well start writing while keeping an eye out on Matchless Sovereign’s movements.

Since such a sensational matter broke out in the early hours of the morning, many authors who liked drama would probably join the fun until daybreak.

Zhuo went to the study to write while Liang Jun remained in the guest room.

The two could start writing at the drop of a hat and started to compete the moment they opened their manuscripts.

However, Liang Jun, who was nicknamed an octopus, could not get into the groove for some reason and had the urge to look at the forums every few minutes.He felt that since he participated in this affair, he had the responsibility to see it through.

If the public opinion ended up going against Chu Xiang, wouldn’t that mean that he harmed her

After dawdling for half an hour, Liang Jun only managed to write a thousand words.

When he suddenly thought about that, he decisively gave up writing and used an alternate account to sneak into Matchless Sovereign’s fans.

Zhuo Yu shouted at him.

“What are you doing, Liang Jun Why are you so slow”

“I'm not writing anymore.

I’m doing proper business now,” Liang Jun replied at the top of his voice.

He disguised himself as a Matchless Sovereign’s fan and chatted with the other fans in righteous indignation.

He was trying to find the one who was directing the other fans.

Zhuo Yu came over to look at the chat room on Liang Jun’s screen and asked in confusion, “You’re way too invested in this.

You’re even going undercover Just what are you up to”

Liang Jun answered without looking up, “I suspect that someone on this side is deliberately inciting the extreme fans into causing trouble, so I want to find that person.

Heh, if that person is actually Matchless Sovereign herself… that would be interesting.

Zhuo Yu watched Liang Jun stare at the screen with a smile on his face.

It was clear that Liang Jun was very invested, dedicated, and serious.

Zhuo Yu could not help but shake his head and say, “No one can beat you when it comes to being nosy.

Do you need help”

“Nope, you should go to sleep.” Liang Jun did not explain that he was not being nosy, but that he was afraid that his good intentions would harm Chu Xiang.

When it came to stuff like that, it was enough if he knew about it himself.

Saying it out loud would only make him seem melodramatic and pretentious.

What Liang Jun wanted to do was both very challenging and incredibly simple at the same time.

That was because now that Matchless Sovereign was facing a crisis, many fans had stopped supporting her, so her fan’s fighting capacity had dropped dramatically.

It was natural for the person who was inciting the matter to hurriedly gather the fans and persuade everybody, brainwashing them into thinking that Matchless Sovereign was innocent while implicitly inducing them to accuse and judge Chu Xiang.

Liang Jun was just in time, so he locked onto two people in less than an hour.

The two people, one the leader and the other the helper, were definitely the backbone of all Matchless Sovereign’s fans.

Although it was not very obvious, with his discerning eyes that had seen countless catfights in the industry, he was completely certain that it was these two people!

The leader was worried that not everyone would be able to see her messages because of her slow typing speed, so she simply opened up a YY voice chat room and told the fans to enter it.

Then, she commanded everyone by voice which forum to go to, which thread to enter, what comments to make, and so on.

Liang Jun simply recorded his screen and then called up a technology master.

It was 4 in the morning, and the other party was still groggy.

He wanted to go crazy when he heard Liang Jun ask him to investigate two people.

“Bro! You’re my bro, right Can you see what time it is now What’s the rush Did your house burn down I’m not doing it!”

Liang Jun quickly said, “Don’t hang up, Hua Zi.

It’s a matter of utmost importance.

You need to help me.

I’ll give you that carving you took a fancy to, so help me check something.

Hua Zi instantly woke up.

“Are you serious You’ll give that carving to me Bro, you’re really my bro.

I’ll check it for you right away.

Just wait for the good news!”

Legend had it that an author not only had to know how to write stories, he should also be able to write code, look up IP addresses, and make plagiarism tools.

This was not a joke.

Although it was not possible to be very proficient in them… most authors really would know these simple and basic skills.

What Liang Jun asked Hua Zi to do was not to dox these two people who were leading the fans, but to look up their IP addresses and determine if they really were Matchless Sovereign herself.

Matchless Sovereign’s IP address could be found from the comments she replied to under her chapters, so it was very simple.


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