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She quickly went through the documents that Chu Xiang had sorted and nodded with satisfaction, “You did a great job.

There are no major problems.

However, for this part, you need to adjust the travel budget for traveling to the other parts of the country and for other unexpected travel expenses.

Otherwise, everything else looks good.”

Fang Qing asked Chu Xiang to come over so she could impart some of her wisdom.

After that, she went through all the questions that Chu Xiang had on the sticky notes one by one.

Chu Xiang is a faster learner.

Fang Qing was overjoyed that she got the chance to teach her daughter, but at the same time, she also felt very proud of her daughter. 

She felt content and blissful ever since her daughter started working with her.

She suddenly understood what her daughter was trying to say earlier.

There are many things in life that can make someone happy.

But the love between a man and woman is the most unreliable form of happiness.

She will just let her daughter do what she wants.

After leaving work early, Chu Xiang and Fang Qing had dinner together.

When they returned home, Chu Xiang studied an English dictionary for an hour, studying and jotting down numerous words before she went to sleep.

When Chu Xiang went to school the next day, she realized that most of her classmates looked at her with admiration while a small number of her classmates seemed to fear her.

When they saw her approach, they would quickly walk far away from her.

She walked into the classroom and sat in the front row like usual.

She opened her textbook and started reading in preparation for the class.

The female student sitting two seats away from her suddenly scooted towards her and whispered, “Chu Xiang, you are amazing! How did you do it The disciplinary department posted an announcement, giving Bai Xuewei a warning about her behavior.

She was utterly humiliated!”

Chu Xiang suddenly remembered that she had filed a complaint against Bai Xuewei to the professor.

She asked in a curious tone, “What kind of warning was issued”

“You didn’t know Someone took a picture of the disciplinary warning and posted it on the school forum.

I’ll find it for you.” 

The girl quickly fished out her phone and opened the campus forum.

She scrolled through the forum and clicked on the post to show Chu Xiang the picture. 

“Look! It said that if she commits another offense, she will receive a demerit.

And if she affects her classmates’ studying and learning again, she will have to withdraw from school, so that she can serve as a warning to everyone else.”

Chu Xiang read the content on the picture.

Although it may sound serious, it was in fact, just a mere disciplinary warning.

After all, the offense will not be recorded on her school record.

But students from this generation love having a good reputation, so by publicly posting the disciplinary warning notice, Bai Xuewei’s reputation would tank. 

The female student asked, “Chu Xiang, why did you ask the professor to punish them”

Chu Xiang was puzzled as she said, “Wasn’t I supposed to find the professor when I encountered a problem at school I remember that’s what the professor said during the opening ceremony.”

“That’s correct, but if it’s anyone else, then they would have secretly beat them up.

This way, they will feel more relieved.”

Chu Xiang shook her head, “That’s a waste of time.

Besides, beating people up is illegal.”

The female student blinked her eyes in surprise before she burst out laughing, “Chu Xiang, I didn’t realize this before, but you’re quite interesting!”

Chu Xiang smiled in response and continued reading the textbook.

There are rules in every world.

The demonic cultivators in her world always like to play around with the rules and exploit its loopholes.

It hasn’t been long since she came to this world.

Even though she retained the original owner’s memory, she still did not fully understand the laws and rules of this world.

What she did know is that there are cameras set up everywhere in this world.

She even heard that there are eyes watching everyone from the sky.

She didn’t want to test the bottom line of this world’s rules and laws for such a trivial matter.

T/N: I think she’s referring to God (the belief that God can see all your actions).

At the same time, random people finally stopped harassing it.

It just goes to show that the disciplinary warning is more effective than beating them up.


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