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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 301


Zhuo Yu was exasperated.

“It’s not a blind date, I’m just meeting her.” He took a step back and raised his chin at them.

“You guys continue eating.

I’ll eat breakfast downstairs and leave afterward.”

Liang Jun went back to the table and continued to eat, sighing, “Thank goodness no one is urging me to marry.

It’s too terrifying.

Zhuo Yu got set up on a date just like that.

How awkward is it for two strangers who don’t even know each other to sit together for a meal and try to develop feelings for each other”

Chu Xiang nestled into the sofa, hugging a pillow while reading a novel, and casually asked, “Who’s older between you two You don’t have a girlfriend either”

Liang Jun looked back at her.

“Nope, would I still be crashing at Zhuo Yu’s place if I had a girlfriend I’m two years younger than him.

You’re 25, right I’m 28, so you really should call me your older brother.

By the way, why don’t you make a statement A lot of people stayed up all night because of your incident.”

Chu Xiang was used to having her manager and assistant in the entertainment industry remind her of such things, so she forgot what it was that she needed to do.

She just thought that it was over now that things were resolved.

After being reminded by Liang Jun, she immediately went to get her mobile phone and turned it on.

As soon as she went online, she saw that her editor sent her many messages congratulating her for getting justice, and even more messages congratulating her for beautifully turning the situation around.

Of course, her editor also gave her many words of encouragement for the good results on her new novel.

In Chu Xiang’s guess, the editor might have thought that was hospitalized because she was affected by the incident, so the editor tried her best to encourage Chu Xiang and hoped that she would pull herself together.

What a warm-hearted editor.

She replied to the editor’s message and then went on Weibo to write a long thank-you note, sincerely thanking all the friends who believed in her, helped her, and supported her these days.

She also said that for this case, she would pursue to the end the person who should bear the legal responsibility, and everything else would end here.

Henceforth, she would dedicate herself to writing her new novel ‘Demon Empress’, find time to conclude her old novel ‘Rising Immortal’, and bring everyone even better works in the future.

As soon as her post was sent out, it was immediately shared to all major forums.

The plot of ‘Demon Empress’ was very good, and everyone’s impression of her had become completely positive.

When her Weibo name-dropped her novel, the popularity of ‘Demon Empress’ soared and the number of bookmarks rose rapidly.

Many people who misunderstood Chu Xiang and thought that she had plagiarized before even bookmarked the novel to show their support, saying that they owed her an apology.

Chu Xiang’s humble voice won everyone’s favor.

From her initial non-response, waiting for the results, threatening legal action after being doxxed, and finally to the conclusive evidence, she was never overbearing and tried to blame anyone.

Instead, she used legal means to solve the problem and dropped anything else that the law could not resolve.

The difference in the way Matchless Sovereign and her dealt with matters was incredibly stark, making more people feel that the treatment of such a talented new author was too much before.

Sometimes, a person’s inner sympathy and guilt could be touched in just an instant.

Many people who read Chu Xiang’s post left comments to comfort her or give her apologies.

Since this matter had spread outside the industry long ago, there were a particularly large number of people paying attention to it.

Furthermore, there were multiple sensational parts which made it seem like drama but in real-life, attracting the attention of most netizens.

Thus, an hour after Chu Xiang’s post, the topic #WhoOwesEmpressChuAnApology started to trend.

It was very hard for authors to make it up to the trending search query because many matters simply stayed in the industry itself and there was nothing to pay attention to.

Now that Chu Xiang made it up to the trending search, her popularity as a new author was pushed to the highest point.

People who did not know about this matter before learned about it, and people who did not know who Empress Chu was also found out that she was an author.

With all the apologies and evidence flying around, the netizens learned about the entire development of this matter as well as the two stories, ‘Demon Empress’ and ‘Rising Immortal’.

Some readers who liked ‘Demon Empress’ spontaneously recommended and shared the first three chapters of ‘Demon Empress’ on Weibo.

This let people who were too lazy to click on the text to directly read the content of ‘Demon Empress’ The three golden chapters of ‘Demon Empress’ were refined and excellent, so it directly attracted a large wave of readers.

Chu Xiang’s pen name was also very extraordinary.

Empress Chu sounded very domineering and was especially easy to remember.

Many netizens joked that ‘Qingxiang Chuyun’ was originally a very poetic name, but it resulted in her being bullied and almost forced her into quitting.

However, this author stayed strong, forcefully peeled off Matchless Sovereign’s mask, and even changed her pen name to ‘Empress Chu’.

Legitimacy belongs to the victor!

A small portion of people grew to like her just because of that, and were willing to support her new novel.

Sometimes, it really was a matter of circumstance whether or not a person could be popular.

Chu Xiang just so happened to take advantage of this wave of hype to make her pen name and new novel famous.

Although she would be forgotten swiftly if she was unable to follow-up, there was no way she would be lacking in strength.

Then, these extremely unstable supporters would surely become her avid readers in the future.


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