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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 303


[Empress Chu cleared her name today, so I wrote more to celebrate.

I highly recommend her new novel, ‘Demon Empress’.

I simply can’t stop reading it.

From today onwards, I’m Empress Chu’s die-hard fan.

All hail ‘Demon Empress’!!!]

A lot of readers in the male side of the industry did not read novels from the female side.

Even though Chu Xiang’s incident blew up, the readers that were attracted were mostly female readers.

Male readers subconsciously felt that they would not like the novel and did not even have the interest to look at it.

However, when Liang Jun recommended it, many of his readers were still riding the high of the new update and went over to read ‘Demon Empress’.

Readers who did not like to read cultivation novels left, but the readers who enjoyed cultivation novels all bookmarked it and urged for more.

There were many readers who said they had to support their favorite novels and not only left reviews but also promoted it everywhere.

‘Demon Empress’ suddenly opened a gap among male readers, making many readers in the male side of the industry aware that there was a novel written quite well, so they could give it a try.

Chu Xiang saw many comments under the chapter saying that Gentlemanly Thief recommended the novel, and said to Liang Jun, “I know that you’re just rushing me.

You want me to write even more, right Geez, why are you so enthusiastic”

Liang Jun grinned.

“I’m notorious for being cold-hearted and never recommend people’s novels.

You’re the first.

Are you honored Remember to write more for me.”

Chu Xiang knew that was his plan and shrugged.

“If you can invent a tool which lets me write using my brainwaves, I’ll write so much you get crushed under the weight of my manuscripts.

Alright, it’s time for lunch.

Let’s write more later.

With the data now, I don’t even have to think about making the rankings.

I’ll just add a coin system to it.”

“Great! Remember to update more after adding the coin system and shoot up to the top of the rankings in one go.

Hey, don’t order takeout.

Didn’t you say you wanted to cook for yourself I don’t know much, but I can still cook simple dishes.

Get some groceries delivered.

We’ll make something while watching video tutorials.

It’ll be a good way of moving around too.” On a whim, Liang Jun suddenly wanted to show off his skills.

Chu Xiang looked at him suspiciously.

“Can you really cook Don’t end up failing and then having to order takeout anyway.

I’m putting this on the table right now.

I really have no idea how to cook.”

Liang Jun patted his chest and said, “Leave it to me.

You just need to give me a hand.”

“Alright then.” Chu Xiang did include learning to cook in her schedule.

Since the issue with Matchless Sovereign was settled early, it was fine to bring forward learning to cook as well.

She bought vegetables, eggs, and meat, and had them delivered over quickly.

The groceries ended up filling the entire refrigerator.

She also deliberately bought various kinds of instant food in case a certain someone was just blowing hot air and actually couldn’t cook.

However, Liang Jun was really skillful.

He sliced the vegetables smoothly and stir-fried the vegetables with familiar movements.

If only he didn’t check the video step by step to imitate it, he would have looked even more handsome.

The two made two dishes and one soup according to the video, and it tasted pretty well when Chu Xiang tried it.

She already memorized all the steps in her mind, so all she needed was practice.

The two of them chatted while eating, but it was mostly Liang Jun talking while Chu Xiang listened.

It felt like she was listening to background music, and she eventually got used to it.

They had left the plagiarism incident behind them, but the matter was still being discussed online.

Matchless Sovereign was subjected to all kinds of criticisms, and her reputation in the online novel community was ruined.

The most painful thing for her was that the film and television rights that she was negotiating had gone down the drain, and the copyright holder directly stated that they would not sign for ‘Immortal Demon’.

Now that her reputation was in the dumps, ‘Immortal Demon’ was review bombed by countless people, including by her fans.

Even if ‘Immortal Demon’ was made into a film, it did not have a fanbase any more, so why would they want to shoot it ‘Immortal Demon’ was not a top-tier cultivation novel anyway.

If it were already signed, the copyright holder would find a way to turn the situation around, but since it was not signed yet, there was no need for anyone to bother with such a novel.

Matchless Sovereign was so angry that she wept bitterly at home.

She had a smooth journey since she started writing and succeeded every time she used tricks to mess with other authors.

Why was she so unlucky now that she fell because of Empress Chu Empress Chu was just a no-name newcomer!

Although those plagiarism tools, IP checking, screen recording, and so on were not uploaded by Empress Chu, it was clear that she was the one who was behind them! This was Empress Chu’s counterattack! Her royalties were gone, her reputation was ruined, and her friends all alienated her because of this.

She really hated Empress Chu’s guts out!

She dug up Empress Chu’s real identity that her fans revealed in the beginning and glared at Chu Xiang’s photo with red eyes, saying viciously, “Even if I die, I’ll drag you down with me! Just you wait!”


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