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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 304


Now that the plagiarism case was settled, Chu Xiang naturally would not waste time mulling over it anymore.

She discussed it with her editor and changed her update schedule from 3,000 to 9,000 per day, and her novel would be able to go premium in just three days.

She had a lot of stored manuscripts and could write 30,000 words if she wrote for five hours.

Thus, she uploaded a mass release on the day the novel went premium!

Readers love a writer who made mass releases.

Furthermore, she was updating 9,000 word chapters a day during the free period, and the plot was also amazing.

How could there be such a great author Readers loved her and spontaneously started promoting ‘Demon Empress’.

Various major forums discussed her update speed because of the afterglow of the incident.

As the masses started to admire her, many readers who liked to binge read also started to catch up, and ‘Demon Empress’ climbed up another rank because of its update.

When the book went premium, it shot straight to the top of the thousand-word income bracket, which was a very important ranking for every novel since it gave great exposure.

It was the best way to let readers who only read the synopsis and didn’t care about gossip to know about this novel.

The number of bookmarks that ‘Demon Empress’ had already passed 80,000 and suddenly skyrocketed another 20,000 to break the 1,000,000 mark today.

With that, ‘Demon Empress’ shot up to the home page’s gold list in one fell swoop and also ranked #1 on the thousand-word income bracket.

This was a precursor to the novel going viral.

Everyone was astonished at how fast ‘Demon Empress’ was skyrocketing.

The new author they had sympathized with for many days seemed to no longer need their sympathy, and this insane mass release made them even more excited.

It proved that they did not support the wrong person.

They had jointly dug out a diamond in the rough!

That feeling of honor made it so this novel did not have any jealous gazes eyeing it.

Instead, everyone had high hopes for it.

They wished for ‘Demon Empress’ to become successful and trample the quality of Matchless Sovereign’s ‘Immortal Demon’ underfoot.

This was a genuine, complete victory.

Even feel-good novels would not be able to come up with such a satisfying plot.

Since the novel made so much noise and its prospects were so good, the original host’s family naturally noticed as well.

The original host’s younger brother, Chu Zhe, knew the original host’s pen name.

He had found Chu Xiang’s novel after she refused to give them money and blocked them.

This day, he opened it to take a casual glance at it only to find that Chu Xiang was actually on the home page’s gold list.

What did that mean It meant that Chu Xiang’s weekly income was more than the majority of readers.

Her weekly income was at the top of the chart.

That meant that the money she earned in one week might be higher than Father and Mother Chu’s combined salary!

Chu Zhe immediately pounded the door of the master bedroom and called Chu Guowei and Fang Ping.

“Mom, Dad, look! Sister is rich! It’s no wonder she’s ignoring us now.

She hit it big and wants to get rid of us.

“Huh What happened” Fang Pin hurriedly ran out and asked, “What money did your sister make I thought you said she messed with some god and was finished You said she couldn’t write novels anymore! How is she making money again”

“I didn’t expect that either.

Oh right, she also got acquainted with a god from the male side of the industry that’s more powerful than the one she messed with.

He earns more than 100 million per year in royalties.

How much do you think he earns in total That person helped speak up on Sister’s behalf.

Anyways, the conclusion of that mess is that Chu Xiang won.

Her new novel got featured on Jinjiang’s gold list and she earns a lot of money.” Chu Zhe got more and more excited as he spoke.

It was as if he saw the latest cell phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles in front of him.

Fang Ping and Chu Guowei glanced at each other, puzzled.

"How much money is ‘a lot of money’ She also pays rent and stuff.

Do you think she has money leftover”

Chu Zhe rolled his eyes.

“Of course she does.

I told you she hit it big.

How would I know exactly how much she makes I’m not an author, and Jinjiang authors’ income is notorious for being mysterious.

No one exposed their real income before, so only she knows how much she’s earning.

Why don’t you just ask her”

Chu Guowei snorted coldly.

“Ask her The last time your mother called her, she blocked the entire family.

She doesn’t think of us as family at all and defends against us like we’re thieves.

Is she worried that we’ll covet what little chump change she has She doesn’t even think about who raised her.

She’s cruel and unscrupulous!”

Chu Zhe immediately echoed, “She’s unfilial.

That’s a crime.

She’s your daughter and has to support you.

You have the right to educate her.

Mom, Dad, go and find her.

Even if she doesn’t care about the family, just tell her to guide me on how to write novels.

Look how much she’s earning! It’s immoral for her to just cut us off like this.”


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