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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 305


Fang Ping was disgusted.

“Write novels That’s not a proper job.

You have to study well to get into university now and find a good job after you graduate from a famous university.

Look at your sister She doesn’t even get a proper job and only stays at home writing stories.

Didn’t you see how unpleasant the people online scolded her Are you that shameless Besides, if we hadn’t gone to see her, she would’ve died in the house and we would be none the wiser.

Don’t follow your sister’s bad example.”

Chu Zhe was annoyed and turned around to sit on the sofa, crossing his legs and saying coldly, “What’s wrong with you guys.

Chu Xiang is flourishing now, but you’re not letting me bask in her light All you do is tell me to study, study, study, but I need to use a computer and tablet for that.

The ones at home are almost broken.

Can you guys get better ones for me”

Fang Ping glanced at Chu Guowei and said, “What are you getting mad about We’re just worried that Chu Xiang would be a bad influence on you.

I was just planning to talk to her.

She’s being too unreasonable now.

This can’t go on.

Don’t worry, I’ll borrow a phone to contact her.

That damned girl blocked us so we can’t even contact her.

I’ll borrow the neighbor’s phone.”

Fang Ping was furious with Chu Xiang these days and did not contact her at all.

Now, after borrowing a phone, the line finally connected.

She was afraid that Chu Xiang would block her again, so when she heard Chu Xiang’s voice, she immediately said loudly, “Chu Xiang! I’m your mother! How can there be such an unfilial person in this world I’ll kill myself if you dare to hang up on me again and let everyone see how cruel and ungrateful you are!”

Chu Xiang frowned and said coldly, “What do you want”

“Where do you live Give me the address.

I’ll go over to you and talk to you face to face.” Fang Ping’s tone was very bossy.

In her heart, she gave birth to Chu Xiang, so Chu Xiang had to listen to her for the rest of her life.

Chu Xiang had been disobedient lately, so she had been trying her best to hold back from teaching Chu Xiang a lesson.

Chu Xiang naturally would not let Fang Ping come to her home, but she did not want to quarrel with Fang Ping either, so she simply mentioned a very famous shopping mall and told her to meet at a cafe on the fifth floor.

Fang Ping was displeased.

“What’s that supposed to mean I can’t go to your house”

“Either we meet at the fifth floor cafe, or don’t.

See you at 2.” Chu Xiang hung up the call and slowly twirled her phone, wondering about how to stay away from this family.

Liang Jun, who happened to be writing with her, overheard her conversation with her family on the phone.

However, he did not feel embarrassed this time and went up to ask, “What’s wrong Is your family causing trouble for you Do you need help”

Chu Xiang thought about how it would be easy for them to pester her if she took a cab or the subway to the mall.

She asked, “Are you free Can you be my driver for a while”

“Of course.

Are we going now It’ll be around 2 by the time we reach.

When we come back, we can drop by my place to grab the carving for my bro as well.

He’s been urging me for several days now.” Liang Jun said and turned to get his computer.

“I’ll go grab the car keys and wait for you by the elevator entrance.”

“Okay.” Chu Xiang changed into comfortable sportswear and went out carrying a small sports bag.

Liang Jun, who was leaning at the door twirling his keys, froze when he saw her.

“That was quick.”

Chu Xiang was confused.


“Don’t you need to put on makeup Don’t girls have to spend half a day putting on makeup when they go out You’re going out bare-faced” Liang Jun was surprised as if he had discovered a new continent.

Chu Xiang locked the door and walked up to the elevator.

“I’m fat and too lazy to dress up.”

Liang Jun looked at her and said, “Actually, your face isn’t bad.

You have good skin and complexion, so you’ll look as good as others with slight makeup.

It seems your daily workouts are quite useful.

You look nice bare-faced as well.”

Chu Xiang folded her arms across her chest and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Will you be in pain if you don’t talk Do you have to pay attention whether or not I wear makeup You’re not my best friend.

What’s the point of discussing skin tone with me You don’t know anything about it.”

Liang Jun turned away and grumbled, “Her temper is becoming even more fiery.

I’m paying attention ‘cuz we’re close.

I won’t pay attention to other people even if they wanted me to.

You’re not that cute Xiao Xiang Xiang anymore.

You’re gonna end up being Xiang-jie.”

Liang Jun was still muttering even after reaching the parking garage.

Chu Xiang was exasperated.

“Okay, okay, fine.

I was wrong, okay Brother Jun, stop talking and focus on driving.

Let me think of how to get rid of those people later.”

Liang Jun could not help but glance at her.

“Really Are you really going to think about that”

Chu Xiang closed her eyes in the passenger seat.



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