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Another day, another class.

As her English teacher commenced the class, Chu Xiang listened carefully and immersed herself in her lesson.

When the teacher announced a study hall for the rest of class, Chu Xiang suddenly felt two daggers staring straight in her direction.

Looking back, she noticed Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei sitting in the last row, chatting quietly as they continued to watch her.

While Bai Xuewei looked downcast, Ye Chen wore a waning frown on his face.

Glancing around the classroom randomly, Chu Xiang caught a glimpse of Ye Chen’s pursuer sitting in the corner.

Just as their gazes connected, she quickly lowered her head — not wanting to provoke her in any way. 

Chu Xiang, ignoring the things happening behind her, proceeded to ask the teacher to help her with some questions that she did not understand.

Looking at Chu Xiang from behind, Ye Chen could barely recognize her anymore.

When did she become such a hard-working, studious person After university, they would both be working in their parents’ company and would one day inherit their family businesses — their paths as adults already set in stone.

Furthermore, they could learn more by working in their family business for half a year than studying in a university for four years.

Thus, did they not say that they would enjoy their university life as their last period of leisure before working

Recalling his previous quarrel with Chu Xiang, Ye Chen believed that Bai Xuewei was better than her in every way.

Not only would she place first in her majors, but she was even more knowledgeable in many different subjects.

Could this be the reason why Chu Xiang is suddenly studying so hard Thinking about it now, it was certainly reasonable for her to be studying hard now.

After all, she will one day be inheriting her Chu family business.

Bai Xuewei — noticing Ye Chen’s constant gazes toward Chu Xiang — triggered an alarm in her heart.

In an effort to bring his attention back toward her, she reached under the table to grab his hand and said with a forced smile: “Let’s stop talking about such gloomy topics.

It was just a warning from the teacher, and I’m fine.

Since there are no classes tomorrow, shall we go somewhere and enjoy ourselves With so many things happening at once lately, how about we go out to relieve our stress”

Nodding his head, Ye Chen replied: “Since my parents have been quite strict with me lately, why don’t we save that topic for another day By the way, Does your mother feel comfortable living in the apartment”

“Yes, she has been doing well.

You should come to visit and have a meal with us sometime.

Since she still remembers your favorites dishes, she has prepared them over the past few days.

It’s a shame that you never showed up.”

“Maybe next time then.” Ye Chen hesitated when he thought about returning to their initial fantasy.

Now that their ‘world’ has been invaded by another person, much less an elderly, he felt somewhat restrained.

Ye Chen had never thought of Bai Ling as a servant since he always saw her as someone part of the Chu family.

However, he now felt rather uncomfortable, knowing that she would become his mother-in-law in the future.

No matter how much he reflects on it, it did not seem right to him; thus, he did not want to meet her for now.

Bai Xuewei, on the other hand, sensed a hint of bitterness in Ye Chen when she mentioned her mother.

Pursing her lips and lowering her head, she already harbored ideas of renting another place for Bai Ling to move into.

After all, the most important thing right now is to keep a tight grasp on Ye Chen’s heart. Having walked the path of no return, she must not waver in her actions now, or she will simply lose everything she has built up till now.

In her moment of deep thought, she heard Ye Chen mutter: “Don’t you know Chu Xiang best In that case, could she possibly be planning something By complaining to the instructor and causing you to receive a warning, wasn’t she specifically trying to target you”

Bai Xuewei bit her lip and replied with a smile: “What do you think Don’t you know her personality after spending so many years with her She acts like an angel in front of her good friends while treating her enemies like some sort of devil.

At this point, she probably wishes to never see or interact with us again, so why do you think she’s specifically targeting me If it wasn’t for Chu Xiang exposing that person who tried to sabotage me yesterday, I would still be in the dark.”

“That girl over there No need to pay attention to clowns like her.

You should only give your time to the friends close to you,” Ye Chen said as he slumped on the desk — clearly wanting to avoid the topic.

He did not want to hear those words coming from Bai Xuewei since he thought they were wrong.

As soon as the class ended, Chu Xiang quickly packed her things and left towards the parking lot.

In an attempt to chase after her, Ye Chen ditched Bai Xuewei behind after saying, “I have some urgent matters to attend, so you should go back home by yourself first.”

Bai Xuewei stared blankly at his leaving figure and called out, “Ye Chen… Ye Chen”

Ye Chen sprinted out of the classroom and caught up to Chu Xiang in the parking lot.


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