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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 310


The more Liang Jun thought about it, the more confused he was.

He looked at Chu Xiang again to find that she was actually asleep.

This made him a little frustrated.

He had just pretended to be Chu Xiang’s boyfriend in front of her family and even said some nonsense about getting married, but Chu Xiang actually managed to fall asleep This meant that she really did not care about this matter.

She did not even ask or mention anything about it.

It was as if nothing had happened earlier.

Liang Jun waited for another red light, upset.

Then, he decided not to make things hard for himself and stopped dwelling on his crush.

Instead, he simply fantasized about what would happen if Chu Xiang and he got together.

His fantasy was pretty great.

Chu Xiang and him always hit it off.

These days, Zhuo Yu was often called by his elders to meet with Lu Yao, so he was often away from home.

Liang Jun would spend almost every day by Chu Xiang’s side, writing and learning how to cook together.

If they got together, they could write together, cook together, workout together, travel together, spend their free time together...

Oh no! It was simply the perfect life!

When Liang Jun came back to his senses, he saw a smile on his face in the rearview mirror.

He found that he surprisingly yearned for the life he fantasized about and was not repulsed or conflicted at all.

The corners of his lips curled up.

His heart had already begun to think about how to pursue Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang was woken up by the sunlight, and the sight that greeted her eyes when she opened them was Liang Jun’s ditsy smile.

She was speechless.

“Why are you so happy by yourself I’m really impressed.”

She sat up straight and stretched her back, looking outside.

“Where are we”

“We’re almost at my place.

We agreed to get the carving from here, right We’ll go get a card later too.

I can tell that your family is unreasonable and only really care about their son.

They think you should do their bidding and listen to everything they say.

There’s no communicating with people like that.

Your method was the best.

Acting as your boyfriend was redundant.

They actually demanded a betrothal gift as well.

Unbelievable.” Liang Jun shook his head.

He really did not think of the betrothal gift.

He thought it was reasonable to say that Chu Xiang would become a housewife and could not take care of her maiden family, but he unexpectedly ended up losing face to them instead.

Chu Xiang leaned on the car window and said, “Stop criticizing yourself.

We both failed a little today.

The point is we’ve never encountered a situation like this before, so we made a blunder.

Let’s learn from this mistake.

In the future, it’s best to stay far away from people like them.

There’s no point trying to have a civil conversation with them.”

Liang Jun wondered, “Why does it seem like it’s also your first time encountering this situation Aren’t they your family”

“Yeah, but I used to go with the grain and listened to whatever they said.

I didn’t think that resisting a little would be as annoying as flies flying around everywhere.” Chu Xiang felt irritated just thinking about it.

What a waste of time.

She should not have gone.

Liang Jun laughed at her expression and then realized that he always seemed to be amused by her.

She clearly did not say any jokes, but maybe he had liked her a little since long ago.

Liking someone was inexplicable, right

He took a deep breath, growing a little nervous, and put on his best smile.

“Stop thinking about it, they won’t find you anyway.

We’ve reached my place.

Let me show you around.

I guarantee that you’ll like it.”

Chu Xiang looked around at the surroundings at his words, not noticing his smile at all.

Liang Jun’s expression stiffened.

He quietly slapped his mouth and stopped the car before inviting Chu Xiang to get out.

“Let’s go, Xiangxiang.

Come and see my home.

I renovated it once, so it’s pretty bright.” Liang Jun pushed open the door and brought Chu Xiang in.

There was a slightly proud and pleased smile on his face.

Chu Xiang immediately understood why he was proud the moment she walked in.

It was a courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard in the capital.

Although she had seen all kinds of luxurious and ancient courtyards, she sincerely praised, “Wow, Brother Jun.

I really couldn’t tell that an author who writes about sci-fi would actually be fond of such an antique courtyard.”

Liang Jun said smugly, “I’m a diverse person.

How else can I claim that I’m an interesting soul This is the home I bought several years ago after selling several copyrights.

Look at the birds and flowers here.

We’re clearly in the hectic city, but we’re far away from the hustle and bustle.

Isn’t it such a creative concept”

He coughed lightly and said seemingly nonchalantly, “Actually, it feels especially good to write here.

Do you want to move in There are many guest rooms as well as a gym here, so you can live comfortably and write happily.

Your family won’t be able to find you either.

How about it Why don’t you think about it”


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