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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 312


Seeing him take large strides out of the house, Chu Xiang touched her chin and pondered for a moment.

Unable to help herself, she then pulled out the Mirror of Yin and Yang and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

168cm tall, 79kg, a round face wearing a plain pair of glasses.

That’s right.

She was still an average-looking woman who has yet to ascend to the stage of true beauty.

Even so, why does Liang Jun seem to be particularly attentive to her

As someone who attaches great importance to one’s appearance, Chu Xiang quickly stored her mirror back, not wanting to look at herself much longer.

Naturally, she could not understand why Liang Jun was being so “considerate” towards her either.

Just as she was about to go find Liang Jun, he came back and even toured her around his place.

From all the rooms she had seen so far, the gaming room appeared to be the most modern.

Filled with various kinds of gaming consoles, the room also had other equipment such as a steering wheel for racing games.

Heck, there was even a smart android inside.

As for the media room, it was installed with the most advanced sound system.

Thus, one would be able to experience the feeling of watching a movie in the cinema just from being in that room.

Meanwhile, the home gym had all kinds of weights and many types of equipment that were placed in a tidy manner and would be more than enough for one’s use.

With all these things, he would not be bored even if he stayed at his house without going out for a while.

At that moment, Chu Xiang finally realized just how much a godly writer can achieve in their life — to actually have the ability to turn their house into such a wonderful place.

Not only could they do and build whatever they wanted in their house, but they also could even satisfy their own entertainment without taking a single step outside.

At that point, she was even beginning to envision what her future villa would look like.

In addition to a mansion with a large courtyard, she was even thinking of adding a pool on top of everything.

Feeling content after giving Chu Xiang a tour of his entire house, Liang Jun finally left with her.

Next, they went to apply for a new SIM card for Chu Xiang and changed all her phone details in the car.

Naturally, Liang Jun was the first person to get his hands on her contact details.

His heart overflowing with joy, he felt as if he had received some kind of blessing.

Arriving at the gym, they just so happened to come across Zhuo Yu, who was standing next to a beautiful and fashionable young lady then.

Liang Jun took the initiative to walk over and ask, “Zhuo Yu, I didn’t expect to see you here so early.

Is she a friend of yours”

When he previously arrived back home, Zhuo Yu had already noticed that the two of them weren’t home.

Seeing them arriving back together and even coming to the gym together, he could not help but feel slight discomfort within.

He quickly flicked his gaze around and replied, “Let me introduce you guys.

This is a friend of mine, Lu Yao.

After finding out that I opened a gym, she wanted to come and have a look.

Lu Yao, these two are my friends: Liang Jun and Chu Xiang.”

After greeting one another, Liang Jun chuckled, “We won’t bother the two of you any longer.

We’ll be working out on that side.” Out of Lu Yao’s sight, he secretly winked at Zhuo Yu and hinted at Chu Xiang to take their leave together.

Just as they left, Lu Yao laughed and asked, “Are they a couple”

Hearing her words, Zhuo Yu replied, “Huh Them No, they’ve only met each other recently.”

Gazing at their departing figures, she then chuckled, “Eh… But seeing how much they understand each other, they seemed like a couple that has been together for a long time.

Anyways, I can see just how much they’re cheering you on by coming to your gym.”

“They live in the same apartment complex as me.

In fact, they’re my neighbors, so it’s really convenient for them to come work out here.” Zhuo Yu said mindlessly, still somewhat flustered from her previous assumptions about Liang Jun and Chu Xiang being a couple.

Lu Yao proceeded to say, “It only goes to show just how great of a gym you’ve created.

Let me sign up for a membership here.

I’ll drop by from time to time after work to hang out with you guys.” Afraid that Zhuo Yu would reject her, she hurriedly added, “After coming back from abroad, I’ve distanced myself from my previous friends.

Besides, I’m not sure what to spend my pastime doing anyways.”

Of course, Zhuo Yu did not have any intentions of rejecting her.

He then personally brought her over to sign up for a membership and even explained how some pieces of equipment worked to her.

When it was time for a meal, Lu Yao spontaneously proposed for the four of them to have a meal together.

But knowing how they were on a blind date, how could Chu Xiang and Liang Jun possibly accept being the third wheels Even if Zhuo Yu has no interest in Lu Yao, it still would not be right for them to impede them on their date.

As such, after making up some excuses, the two of them decline Lu Yao’s offer.

With that, they went grocery shopping and filled up Chu Xiang’s fridge with all kinds of ingredients.


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