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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 313


Seeing Zhuo Yu’s exhausted appearance, Liang Jun asked inquisitively, “What’s wrong Do you not like the young lady Why doesn’t the mood befit that of a date”

At that moment, Liang Jun thought back to the time he spent with Chu Xiang throughout the day.

Even now, he was still brimming with excitement.

On the other hand, despite going on several dates before, Zhuo Yu had never once shown even a smidgen of what he had felt today while hanging out with Chu Xiang.

Why is that the case

Heaving a sigh, Zhuo Yu shook his head and sat down on the sofa.

“How could I have any feelings for her After all, we’ve only met a few times before.”

The corners of Liang Jun’s lips pointed up as he muttered, “Such feelings can pop up at any time.

You’ll know whether you like someone or not when you first see them.”

“You speak as if you had a lot of experience.

Someone like you who has never been in a relationship ought to avoid butting in.” Zhuo Yu said as he laid down on the sofa with his eyes closed.

“I just don’t like the idea of going on blind dates.

Sure, it’s never a bad idea to make more friends, but I believe that it’s better to become friends with someone naturally.

I don’t know about you, but it feels weird for me to purposely arrange a blind date with someone I don’t know much about.

Anyways, I told her that I would be busy from now on.

She should have gotten my hint and probably won’t come to find me anymore.”

Liang Jun tossed a bottle of water to him before sitting down himself and taking a sip from his own bottle, unable to give any advice to Zhuo Yu on this aspect.

After all, the blind date was originally arranged by Grandma Zhuo.

And when it comes to Zhuo Yu’s decision of dating the other party, he did not think it would be proper for him to butt in.

Thinking back to how Liang Jun came back together with Chu Xiang, Zhuo Yu asked mindlessly, “You’ve been getting along quite well with Chu Xiang lately, huh I noticed how you can naturally walk in and out of her house now.

I see you’ve gotten yourself another close friend”

Upon the mention of Chu Xiang’s name, Liang Jun’s expression shone like a light bulb.

“That’s right, Chu Xiang is such an interesting person.

Heck, even her novels are fun to read.

Let me tell you something.

I’m currently her number one fan who has access even to her unreleased chapters.

Moreover, I even know where she’s going with the plot of her story.

What other reader can achieve more benefits than me Isn’t it awesome”

Amazed, Zhuo Yu laughed, “That’s amazing! How did you do it Did you help edit her work”

Liang Jun waved his finger.

“Edit what work She’ll have to figure out her own writing style by constantly practicing and focusing on making good habits at this stage.

Wouldn’t I be affecting her writing style if I did edit for her I’m a person of good character who has obtained her favor.

The fact is that she’s completely dedicated to writing her novel without paying much attention to insignificant matters happening outside.

I even talked to her about many things that she’s never heard of before, which was endearingly silly and amusing at the same time.

Recently, I introduced her to quite a few authors, and we have fun battling it out every day.

If you have nothing else to do, why don’t you join us too”

“Alright! I’ll go take a quick shower first.

Since I haven’t written my quota for today yet, why don’t we PK each other today”

“Brother, I’ll accompany you for as long as you write!”

With that, Zhuo Yu went ahead and showered.

At that moment, he pondered whether or not Chu Xiang was endearingly silly just as Liang Jun had said.

He then recalled just how strong of a woman she truly was, seeing just how quick-witted and confident she acted despite being falsely accused of plagiarism by a big-shot author.

At that time, she didn’t try to give her any suggestions because he felt that Chu Xiang would have preferred dealing with the situation herself.

With that in mind, he realized just how little he understood about Chu Xiang.

Before, he thought that she would be annoyed at Liang Jun for taking matters into his own hands and dealing with Matchless Sovereign without her permission.

Taking everything into account, that would be considered casual meddling in her affairs.

However, he did not expect Chu Xiang to not pay any mind to his actions.

Perhaps that kind of thing was not worth mentioning in her eyes.

Perhaps it would be fine as long as one did not touch the bottom line of the matter.

This feeling of someone whom you have become acquainted with first forming a close friendship with a sworn brother of yours feels rather subtle — devoid of comfort nor unease.

Shaking his head, Zhuo Yu flung away all such thoughts.

But with one headache gone comes yet another as he now has to figure out how to stop his family from urging him to get married.

It is not like Grandma Zhuo would keep an eye on him every single day.

At the very least, after Zhuo Yu said that he would not go out with Lu Yao again with the excuse of being busy, Grandma Zhuo did not try to urge him any further.

With that, his daily life spent with Chu Xiang and Liang Jun as a trio continued as normal.


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