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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 314


Having just discovered his feelings for Chu Xiang, Liang Jun certainly had intentions to pursue her with great passion.

Even so, he would not simply toss his sworn brother to the side.

As such, he still bought enough breakfast for three people to share.

With their apartment essentially being two doors apart, they would of course eat with one another.

Furthermore, since all three of them worked as authors, they could also write together whenever they wanted.

And if they ever got tired from writing for the day, they would simply go work out at the gym with each other.

With so many things overlapping in their lives, they naturally ate meals together.

Moreover, with Liang Jun and Zhuo Yu both being godly writers who had ten years of experience in the field respectively, they were technically Chu Xiang’s seniors.

Thus, she could ask them for advice anytime she needed help — forming a sort of bond similar to that of a teacher and their disciple in addition to being friends with each other.

As such, the three of them would basically stick together like glue for that entire period of time.

Other than Chu Xiang having to go for driving lessons and them taking afternoon naps, they would always be in each other’s company.

During that time, Zhuo Yu was also gradually getting to know more about Chu Xiang.

However, he had yet to see the endearingly silly side of her that Liang Jun once mentioned to him.

In fact, from his perspective, he saw her as someone with strong opinions, great tenacity, natural talent for writing, and unyielding perseverance to lose weight.

Taking all these aspects into account, she can be considered a strong, capable woman.

During this period, Lu Yao, who had also dropped by the gym several times, noticed how Zhuo Yu was persistently keeping her in the friend zone without any intentions of closing the distance between their relationship.

Seeing the obvious wall he had set between them, she would no longer come over again.

Meanwhile, the greatest benefit resulting from the trio’s friendship was their competitive spirit when it comes to writing.

Not wanting to lose to each other, the number of words they wrote each day skyrocketed.

Since they could update chapters more frequently from time to time because of that, their readers would naturally also become ecstatic upon seeing extra chapters.

Once, Liang Jun took a screenshot of their group chat and posted it on his timeline.

*T/N: Zhuo Yu’s pen name is now Extraordinary Commoner


[Gentlemanly Thief: I will definitely come out victorious today! Defeat shall not be accepted!]

[Extraordinary Commoner*: The room is ready.]

[Empress Chu: Let’s start.]


[Empress Chu: I’m first.

The loser writes an extra 20,000 words.]

[Gentlemanly Thief: *Sadge* I had a stomach ache just now.

I’m serious…]

[Extraordinary Commoner: You have to write an extra 20,000 words in the next round.

@Gentlemanly Thief, You pay for what you bet.]

And as expected, Liang Jun’s readers sneered at him mercilessly and thanked Chu Xiang for destroying him as they sat in wait for the extra 20,000 words to be updated.

Judging from their interactions, the readers and the other authors could tell that the three of them were close friends.

On days when one of them updated more chapters than the usual amount, the readers could tell that that person must have lost the writing battle on that day.

In fact, the one who uploaded the least extra readers amongst them was none other than Chu Xiang.

Averaging a total of 15,000 words per day, she would rarely ever suffer defeat in their battle.

As such, people assumed that she was the fastest writer in their group of three.

Upon making such conclusions, both Liang Jun and Zhuo Yu’s readers ran over to thank Chu Xiang while her readers began encouraging them to win.

After all, they too wanted her to upload extra chapters.

As the three authors continued interacting with one another and joking around more often, they naturally became even closer friends with each day passing.

At the same time, their shenanigans online also attracted the attention of many people.

Other than the trio themselves, anyone else who found their interactions interesting would also want to join in on the fun and get to know them better.

Before they even knew it, they had already fallen into the rabbit hole.

Despite being a relatively new author, Chu Xiang had undoubtedly reaped the most benefits from their friendship.

Although it hasn’t been that long since “Demon Empress” was first serialized, it had already gone past 500,000 words.

The quick updates and high quality of the work allowed it to rise up the rankings and establish its presence in the top three spots.

With the amount of profit Chu Xiang has been racking in recently and the insane update speed of her novel, she was naturally worthy of her success.

Meanwhile, Matchless Sovereign was looking at her success with bloodshot eyes — jealous to the point of spitting out blood.

As such, she would always keep a close eye on Chu Xiang, wanting to find the opportunity to pounce on her weakness and destroy her once and for all.

At that moment, she secretly incited her overseas friends to help her make a post claiming Chu Xiang to be clinging to influential figures for her own success.

After all, just how did she become so close with two famous male authors Moreover, just how did such a small author at the time gain the support of such a big shot like the Gentlemanly Thief What did she do to deserve the attention of such godly writers


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