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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 315


Bathing in success, Chu Xiang would naturally attract the attention of many jealous individuals who only want to hate on her and bring her down.

However, from the chat logs posted on the Gentlemanly Thief’s timeline, one could clearly tell that Empress Chu was a bold and confident person.

Rarely ever wasting her breath on nonsense, she would even come out victorious in their writing battle most of the time.

Furthermore, her words even indicated how she might sometimes be bossing them around.

On the contrary, the Gentlemanly Thief even, on occasions, seemed to beg for mercy from her in a joking manner.

From a single glance at those messages, anyone could tell that their friendship was genuine.

At first, Matchless Sovereign sought to provoke the fans of Liang Jun and Zhuo Yu into hating Chu Xiang.

However, her provocations only ended up as a joke amongst Liang Jun’s fans as they said how they were fine with Chu Xiang clinging onto him as long as she continued making him update more chapters.

On the other hand, Zhuo Yu’s fans expressed their aloof thoughts about their provocations.

Over the past years, they could tell that the Extraordinary Commoner only ever had a single friend he would hang out with — Gentlemanly Thief.

Now that he had finally made another friend, a younger sister no less, they asserted how they needed to protect her at all cost.

Not only did Liang Jun and Zhuo Yu’s fans treat Chu Xiang like family, but they had also unknowingly pissed Matchless Sovereign off greatly.

Especially since her close friends had distanced themselves from her after the plagiarism incident, how could she possibly not be enraged seeing just how much support Chu Xiang is getting from everyone

However, the one thing that infuriated Matchless Sovereign the most was finding out how the copyright owner who was once interested in purchasing the rights for her work was now interested in making a deal with Chu Xiang regarding her novel instead.

She was this close to signing a contract with that copyright owner, so how could she allow the deal to fall into the hands of Chu Xiang of all people instead

Just like how Chu Xiang destroyed her chance of signing the contract, she intended to make her pay the same way.

Matchless Sovereign simply could not sit quietly and swallow this defeat, especially after thinking about all the benefits she could have obtained such as profit, fame, connections, etc.

Since she lost everything because of Chu Xiang, she definitely would not let her get them.

While Matchless Sovereign continues her attempt to create a ruckus online, she certainly did not forget to hire someone to secretly investigate Chu Xiang’s identity.

Since some of her fans had once sent her fans to Chu Xiang’s previous house, she asked the investigator to take a look around that neighborhood first.

Instead of bumping into Chu Xiang herself, they had unexpectedly encountered her family.

Furthermore, they discovered that she appeared to have conflicting views with her family.

After eavesdropping on their conversation from the side, they found out that Chu Xiang had cut off all contact with her family.

Upon that discovery, Matchless Sovereign immediately wrote several posts criticizing Chu Xiang for being an unfilial daughter who disrespected her parents and ignored her family after making it big as an author.

She then asked her overseas friends to spread it around various forums.

Having been the hot topic for quite a while now, the name “Empress Chu” was now known by many across the internet.

As such, many people would naturally become interested in any topics related to her.

Before clicking on the posts, people thought that it had something to do with her novel or her interactions with other authors.

However, they did not expect to see a post dealing with her family affairs.

Since Chu Xiang had a large reader fanbase, they immediately called into question the validity of the posts and claimed that the posts were merely rumors that cannot be trusted.

On the other hand, all the others jealous of her success took the opportunity to criticize her and mock her ruthlessly as an anti.

After all, how can a good person not treat their parents with respect

Matchless Sovereign knew that she did not give any solid evidence of this fact, but her main objective was merely to draw out Chu Xiang’s younger brother, Chu Zhe.

And sure enough, Chu Zhe took the bait and began criticizing her in the comment section of her novel page, insulting her for being an ungrateful wretch.

Even so, his comments were quickly flooded and overwhelmed by waves of comments written by her fans.

At that moment, Chu Zhe noticed that some users were starting to criticize Chu Xiang for being unfilial.

Although he did not know how this matter was found out, he immediately thought of a way to force Chu Xiang into line — to post comments in various forums while posing as her younger brother.

[Empress Chu, if you don’t come home soon, I’ll expose everything you don’t want others to know on the internet.

— your younger brother]

Since no one actually knows whether he truly was her younger brother, some people replied to his post with mockery while most simply ignored the post entirely.

Very quickly, his post quickly sunk to the bottom of the fray.

In spite of that, he kept making such posts persistently and even left behind comments claiming to be her actual brother.

He even went as far as to swear that his entire family would die if he was lying.


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