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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 317


Liang Jun shook his head in opposition, “Those freaks in her family think differently from us normal humans.

If they don’t get what they want, I reckon that brat might even expose everything they know about Chu Xiang, such as her photos, personal information, and whatnot.

For all we know, they might even fabricate stories to taint her image even further.

If that does end up happening, just think about how deep into turmoil her image would have sunk.

Besides, you, of all people, should know just how important an author’s image is.

If such private matters were to escalate to the point of no return online, the author would lose their sense of mystery.

In the worst-case scenario, Chu Xiang’s antis would definitely increase in great numbers.

Furthermore, they would even have more things to bash her with.”

Upon saying that, Liang Jun stood up and paced around the sofa.

With crossed arms and knitted brows, he pondered deeply, “What should we do about this Xiang Xiang, how about secretly changing your pen name and making a new account In that case, neither your family nor the netizens would be able to find you.

No matter what they do, they would not have any way to attack you.

With your new pen name, you would be able to write freely without any problems.

How about it Wouldn’t that save you a lot of trouble As for your novel, you can announce it as your final series as Empress Chu before switching pen names.”

After browsing through the forums and considering all the matters being called into question, Chu Xiang immediately began drafting up a response regarding the matter on her tablet and said, “Those methods are indeed sound, but why should I avoid the trouble For me, my reputation doesn’t matter.

After all, I’m only writing novels because I enjoy doing so.

As long as I still continue to enjoy it, I will keep on doing it.

If the day comes when I get tired of writing, then I will just stop writing.

Nothing else matters to me.”

Upon hearing her determined response, the two finally understood her ideals.

Ever since the beginning, she did not care one bit about her antis, the result of her novels, or her fame as an author.

No matter what her family tries to expose about her, it would not affect her one bit as it would only really affect her income and the public’s opinion of her.

Such things she simply did not care about.

So why be afraid of the Chu Family’s threats

Instantly bursting out with laughter, Liang Jun sat down beside her and looked at her with excitement, “It’s no wonder you’re my goddess.

Your way of thinking is completely different from anyone else! As such, I will be your pillar of support.

In fact, I would like to see just what that brat comes up with.

Throughout this upcoming storm, I will definitely stand with you.”

Chu Xiang chuckled slightly, “What’s up with you all of a sudden You’re acting just like the fans of an idol.”

“You are my goddess, so is it not right of me to support you with my utmost abilities” Liang Jun said as he moved closer to her, wanting to see just what she was writing.

Rubbing her arms with slight unease, she spurted out, “You’re being far too fulsome with the compliments.

For you to call someone like me a goddess, you sure have some odd taste.”

Unable to stand her self-deprecating words, Liang Jun replied, “How could you say that about yourself You’re putting yourself down for being fat again, aren’t you Haven’t you already slimmed down quite a bit I can certainly see that you’ve lost a decent amount of weight compared to the first time I met you.

If I remember correctly, you measured your weight to be 72kg yesterday, right Let alone losing quite a bit of your weight, you’ve also become a lot more beautiful.

Besides, I’m not someone who attaches great importance to one’s appearance anyway, so what’s wrong with you calling you my goddess”

Back during her time as an idol who was all-around a great singer, dancer, and performer, Chu Xiang had already gotten used to people calling her their goddess.

Compared to then, she was now simply a novelist who has yet to make any great achievements in other aspects of her life.

Moreover, although she was still a worse writer than Liang Jun, he would nevertheless call her his goddess.

What an odd person.

Chu Xiang lifted her gaze and looked straight at her reflection in his shining eyes.

At that moment, she finally saw his true feelings from his eyes alone.

Even so, she still could not quite understand as she had always been someone who only really attached great importance to one’s looks.

She did not know what Liang Jun saw in her previous appearance to end up falling in love with her.

Even though she knew everything now, she did not try to do anything.

Switching her attention back to her tablet, she continued typing as she said, “Whatever you say.

I’ll make a post first.”

“Alright then.

I’ll go see what’s there to eat.” Liang Jun darted naturally over to the fridge to prepare a midnight snack.

During that entire conversation, Zhuo Yu did not say even a single word.

As such, the feeling of being left out of the fray rose back up again.

Just now, he could also clearly tell that Liang Jun’s behavior towards Chu Xiang had changed completely.

He had always thought of him as an easygoing, carefree person.

But just when he wasn’t looking, Liang Jun had already fallen head over heels for Chu Xiang!


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