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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 318


Zhuo Yu hung down his head and took a sip from his glass of water, feeling somewhat puzzled.

Having constantly been urged to get married during this period of his life, he had certainly pondered deeply about this matter whenever he was alone.

Only then did he realize that the only woman who had ever caught his attention was none other than Chu Xiang.

Thinking back to everything that happened since they first met, it seemed as if fate had brought the two of them together.

Having first met each other in the hospital, they would eventually become next-door neighbors out of pure coincidence.

Furthermore, they even found out that they both worked as authors.

Each step they took toward becoming closer friends could not be more natural.

During this period of time, he saw Chu Xiang as a strong, independent woman who possessed a unique outlook on life.

The more he interacted with her, the more he became charmed by her.

Furthermore, she was also making great progress in her goal of losing weight — going from 84 kg to 72 kg in such a short amount of time.

After slimming down, she had truly become a beauty.

In fact, it was as if she had turned into a completely different person.

However, the only thing holding him from taking a step forward was his consideration for his family.

Although his grandmother seemed to be quite fond of Chu Xiang before, she once told him that she believed that writing novels does not quite count as proper work.

Knowing Chu Xiang to be someone who rarely makes compromises, he did not think that she would interact well with his family.

Thus, he refrained from taking that step forward.

The one thing he did not expect was for Liang Jun to fall in love with Chu Xiang.

In fact, quite a lot seemed to have happened between them unbeknownst to him.

As such, Liang Jun appeared to have a greater understanding of Chu Xiang now.

At that moment, he could not help but feel conflicted.

On one hand, it would only be natural for him to take a step back and cheer on his sworn brother.

On the other hand, how could he not strive for the sole woman who had caught his attention over the past two years

Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Yu lifted his head and asked Chu Xiang, “How is it going Did you finish writing yet Would you like us to look through and give you some advice”

Having finished writing, Chu Xiang handed the laptop over to him, “That would be great.

Could you make sure I didn’t write anything inappropriate regarding this situation”

Suddenly, Zhuo Yu burst out laughing, “You sure are calm and collected for someone in your situation.

Even back during the situation with Matchless Sovereign, you were also unusually unperturbed.

At that time, I even mistook you for being hospitalized because of the backlash from her fans.

If I were standing in your position, I could never have handled the situation as well as you did.”

“Surely, it all comes down to one’s personality.

If you don’t care about what others say, it surely won’t affect you,” Chu Xiang chuckled before turning on the TV.

Having dealt with the large horde of antis during her time as an idol, how could she possibly be affected by such a small matter in comparison

No matter how she deals with this matter, there would certainly be both benefits and repercussions.

Normally, one would either choose to stay low-key or make compromises so as to not create an even larger ruckus.

However, none of these mattered to Chu Xiang.

After all, she possessed the necessary abilities to earn a living.

Regardless of the outcome, it would neither affect her livelihood nor her interest in writing novels.

Naturally, she could not let herself suffocate either.

If she were to change pen names now and continue writing in the future, she would not be able to write as freely as she did now.

Since she would have to use her real ID to sign contracts, people would eventually find out that she was actually the same person as Empress Chu.

Let alone Matchless Sovereign — who was certainly still at odds with her — if she were to ever come across another competitor or someone who was jealous of her success, she would have to be worried about them exposing her past identity, which definitely would not be practical.

Other than that, she would also need to settle things with her family.

At this point, she no longer wanted to stay in contact with those three morons.

After all, she would never be able to come to an agreement with those greedy and insatiable bastards.

In fact, she would rather go toe-to-toe with them online than meet them in person again.

Regarding the matter of bringing things online, it was eventually bound to happen, knowing just what kind of person Chu Zhe was.

The good thing was that everyone stood on her side.

Rather, the only thing that could possibly bound her now was that of morality.

An average joe may make a big deal out of this situation.

However, Chu Xiang did not care one bit about the outcome of this situation at all.

As such, she might as well take her family head-on.

Zhuo Yu finished looking through her post and said with hesitation, “Aren’t you being too tough with your tone Do you not intend to stay in contact with your family anymore I apologize if I said anything offensive as I don’t quite understand your family affairs.

However, I’m not siding with them either.

Rather, I’m concerned that you’re unknowingly going in the direction of no return.

I’m afraid that you’ll definitely be criticized by the netizens too if you post this now.”

Chu Xiang laughed, “I have no intentions of meeting them again, so it’d be better to make things clear right now.

Sometimes ambiguity is more likely to attract trouble.

By being clear-cut and to the point, there are bound to be people with the same mindset supporting you.

Let’s just go with this.”


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