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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 319

Chu Xiang's lengthy Weibo post briefly described the unfair treatment that the original owner suffered from the span of her childhood to adulthood.

Then, she pointed out the Chu family couple's extremely patriarchal character and the younger brother's attitude towards the original owner as if she was a maid.

Then, Chu Xiang attached every single electronic receipt of the times where the original owner sent the Chu family money, as well as the numerous valuables that the original owner bought for her younger brother over the years.

She also publicized the amount of activities that her brother participated in, along with the records of the different registration fees and other funds that were used.

In these records, it could be clearly seen that the original owner had been giving money to the family, fulfilling her filial piety to her parents whilst providing funds for her brother's education.

Besides, the money that was used was obtained through the original owner's salary and her scholarship.

After the original owner graduated and started to work, the money that she provided her family was quite plenty.

Comparing the original owner's payslip with the money that she gave to the family, the expenses exceeded more than half of her income.

This would inevitably result in her having to survive with what little money that remained, which also meant that she definitely couldn't live a lavish lifestyle in the capital.

Who on earth had the right to say that she was unfilial Did the accusers provide their own families that much money

Then, the original owner was wronged by Matchless Sovereign and was criticized by her countless fans.

Chu Xiang posted a screenshot of the chat that Chu Zhe sent to the original owner.

His words were full of ridicule, saying that she actually plagiarized the novel that she wrote, bringing shame to her family.

Below this chat screenshot was a critical illness notice.

The original owner had suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital and it took a long time to save her life.

Chu Xiang narrated that she decided to live for herself from then on, not to be a servant who was enslaved by the term 'filial piety', nor to be a helper for her younger brother.

Instead, she strived and sought to live her life as a human with morals.

So, despite her parents' objection, she went ahead and hired a caretaker.

After being photographed and abused by the fans of Matchless Sovereign, she also called the police and dealt with it independently.

Then, she moved to a more expensive but safer place, and because of that, she was told off by her family.

After that, the family didn't care about her identity being exposed and instead asked her to pay for the best summer camp for her younger brother.

After she refused, she was scolded again before she blocked them for good.

With her plagiarism issue clarified, her new work 'Demon Empress' was on the Gold List.

Her family found her again and asked her how much money she earned now that her story was on the Gold List.

They asked her to move back home and let her parents handle the management of her salary.

They were also going to start the matchmaking process for their daughter in order to find a suitable man for her to marry.

Of course, this man needed to have a house and a car in the capital.

He also had to have the ability to give at least a million betrothal gifts.

In other words, her parents intended to merely sell the grown-up Chu Xiang for a good price.

This was the final destination for the daughter in a typical family that favored sons over daughters.

If one was unlucky, the daughter would have to continue subsidizing her natal family despite being married.

Chu Xiang stated that she had resolutely opposed at that time as she indicated that she would no longer subsidize her younger brother's expenses for his activities.

In the future, she would give his parents 2,000 yuan a month but also declared that there was no reason for them to meet henceforth.

Due to their unyielding nature and inability to reach a consensus,  they would never be able to reach an agreement and live in peace.

The monthly transfer of money was the last straw for her.

The law had no way to sever a parent-child relationship, but the law also had no way in requiring her to meet her parents and younger brother.

The money she provided was  above the baseline of living in the capital.

If they become disabled or become sick in the future , she would also hire a nurse to take care of them, which meant that no law could state that she was in the wrong.

Chu Xiang also attached the electronic receipts of the money that she had sent home for the past two months.

Fang Ping did not give her the card number that day, so she transferred it to one of her cards in the end.

That was why she had a very clear attitude and made a strong statement about not owing any debts.


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