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“Chu Xiang, could we talk for a bit The incident that took place in class yesterday has troubled many different people.

Not only did the news spread to my Mom, but it also tarnished her image of Wei Wei in school.

For old times’ sake, could you stop targeting her in school” 

Leaning against the door to her car, Chu Xiang replied: “Ye Chen, has anyone ever told you just how arrogant of a man you are Do you think that the entire world revolves around you… that everything has some sort of connection to you Let me give you a piece of advice.

If you just take a step out of your bubble into reality, you’ll realize just how insignificant you are in my eyes.

So, stop bothering me, and I’ll be willing to forget everything about the two of you.

If you keep insisting on troubling me, however, I won’t mind playing your game.

Suppose that the Chu family decides to snatch away the bid, what do you think would happen next Thus, just take some time for my words to seep into your mind and stay far away from me starting now.

This will be my last warning to you.”

Putting on her sunglasses, Chu Xiang quickly started the engine and drove away in that instant.

Although Ye Chen had more things to say, he simply swallowed back his words and kicked the nearby tire of a car irritatingly.

When did their relationship become like this… to not be able to say even a single word to her Furthermore, she even warned him by threatening him with company affairs What’s the difference between her actions and asking for the support of adults Isn’t she acting too immature for her age

With that, Ye Chen called Ye Zhenghong and asked: “Has the Ye family been bidding on something recently If the Chu family happens to snatch the bid away, what would happen to our company”

His blood boiling on the other end of the call, Ye Zhenhong asked furiously: “What do you mean Is the Chu family also interested in the bid”

“Dad, stop asking your questions and just tell me what would happen if that was the case”

“At this moment, the Chu family has already surpassed us in strength and influence.

If they have any intentions of bidding against us, there’s simply nothing we can do in response.

So, what happened Where did you hear such news”

Ye Chen brushed his hair up in an irritated fashion and said, “Nothing.

Chu Xiang just told me to stay far away from her.

Otherwise, she said she would snatch the bid from us.”

Ye Zhenhong remained silent for a moment before cursing in a deep voice: “Is something wrong with your mind Not only did you cheat on her, but even the arrangements for your marriage were terminated! Why are you still trying to provoke her even now Don’t tell me you have suddenly fallen in love with her again If so, why the hell did you do what you did You better stay as far away from her as possible.

Tell that housekeeper of yours to stay away from her too.

If the Chu family really does interfere with our company’s matters, I will personally skin you alive! Ye Chen, you better listen to me.

Don’t force me to take action against that housekeeper.”

Ye Zhenhong immediately hung up the call — clearly furious at his son.

Ye Chen, too in a sullen mood, regret revoking the marriage contract with Chu Xiang since she now sees him as some sort of pest, constantly looking to annoy her.

Why did it seem like his world had turned on him overnight His perfect, ideal world had now crumbled into a pile of dust.

Furthermore, he has yet to settle the account as to why Chu Xiang called him ‘dirty trash’ earlier.

Before he even had the chance to do so, she had even threatened him with his family business.

It was as Bai Xuewei said, Chu Xiang really becomes a stubborn woman when it comes to such things.

Ignoring everything from the past, she will set her mind to it when she decides on that certain decision.

Upon confirming Chu Xiang’s current nature, Ye Chen let out a cold sneer.

It is not like he’s some sort of a miserable wretch or leech.

In the first place, he would never have come looking for Chu Xiang if it wasn’t for Bai Xuewei’s sake. Doesn’t this make Chu Xiang the one looking down on them instead What a hypocrite! Since she was the one who warned him, Ye Chen would never go looking for her ever again.

Ye Chen — now in a terrible mood — called up a few of his friends for a drink at the bar.

For the past several calls from Bai Xuewei, he simply hung up.

Not currently in the mood to have a romantic time with Bai Xuewei, he resorted to drinking his mind away at a bar.

A seemingly joyous atmosphere filled the entire bar as groups of scoundrels sang and danced to the song.

In addition to alcohol, they had even called over some beautiful ladies to join in on the fun.

As Ye Chen succumbed to his cloud nine after several shots, he reached for his phone and proceeded to dial in Chu Xiang’s number.


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