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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 320

She said towards the end:[I refuse to accept moral kidnapping.

The alimony of 2,000 per month has exceeded the standard amount already.

If the price of goods soars in the future, this alimony will also increase.

I have struggled all my life on my own to get to where I am today and I will never be the object of enslavement by others, which is why I would rather tear my face off than compromise my worth.

This is my only response to this incident.

I hope everyone will take my experience as a warning— no matter if you are men, women or children, don’t ever live on your knees.]

Liang Jun immediately reposted her Weibo post: [I support the Goddess.

Thank you for escaping from the dead as you turned a submissive girl into today's epic Goddess!]

Zhuo Yu was a minute later than Liang Jun when it came to commenting.

After considering his words, he also forwarded Chu Xiang's Weibo post: [Support @Empress Chu.

She is a very good woman, so I hope everyone will take the time to seriously understand the truth.

Please do not be used by people who have the intention to hurt the innocent.]

With the host responding, coupled with two superb writers publicly expressing their support, the popularity of this matter skyrocketed immediately.

Matchless Sovereign even hired the 'navy' and personally wrote ten articles condemning Chu Xiang for being unfilial, and asked the navy to send it out to denounce Chu Xiang.

(T/N: A group of people who repeatedly comment or share the same info on the internet, making it seem like the info is credible and true even if it isn't.

Quantity over quality)

There was a saying that 'no one would exist without their parents, and the rarest thing in the world was to have siblings.' The navy decided to utilize that saying and criticize every single thing that she did.

They decided to state that she no longer wanted to recognise her family members as she felt that they were embarrassing her.

The story was also twisted to fit a sick narrative that her parents had raised her ever since she was a little girl to the point where she was right now.

And just because she had obtained some form of accomplishment, she decided that she wanted to cut ties with the people who supported her when she had nothing.

This kind of thing was really too easy to feign.

Usually, when a woman who had yet to marry nor given birth was mentioned, they were always written as those who disappointed their male counterparts or their partner's parents.

Now that she was written as a girl who didn't appreciate her parents' efforts, in the name of morality, she was deemed as an ungrateful person.

These people would never understand that no matter what others did, as long as it had not violated any criminal laws, it was entirely under their rights to act and no one else should have the authority to criticize.

They only knew how to stereotypically make judgements in the comments section like a bunch of rabid dogs just to nitpick on Chu Xiang's wrongs, not letting go of her faults.

It was as if they would only let her off the hook if she publicly apologizes and give her parents an apology while kowtowing to them.

Liang Jun scrolled through the comments, very infuriated, "What sort of sick joke is this!" He immediately exclaimed as his fingers flew intensively, replying to the long lists of comments that were made to berate Chu Xiang.

Zhuo Yu disagreed and said, "This kind of thing is stupid, you don't have to respond to their unreasonable comments.

The more you quarrel with them, the more vigorous they will be."

Liang Jun typed on his mobile phone without raising his head, "What's the matter with that They think they can sway the rhythm of this argument I can too! There's got to be someone out there who is going to clarify what happened on the other side of the coin.

The netizens are just stating a bunch of crap, so why wouldn't it be good for me to stand up against this I'm going to let everyone know the truth."

Indeed, the large-scale comments of the navy drowned out the comments of netizens who had neutral or analytic views towards the situation.

Only one out of every twenty or so comments were seen to be  supporting Chu Xiang.

If the Gentlemanly Thief, someone with a huge 'V' status commented, his reply would be at the top considering that he was also replying to top comments.

This would enable the other netizens to see his reply and explanation with ease.

Each of his replies did not carry the same form of repetition, but his attitude clearly stated— moral kidnapping was not going to be used under his watch, so they could gather their opinions and return to wherever they came from.

Zhuo Yu looked at Chu Xiang and found that her gaze was as nonchalant as it would seem when she watched a TV series, but they were almost closed.

Obviously, she was usually used to sleeping at ten o'clock.

Today, now that things have delayed her schedule by more than an hour, the drowsiness and lethargy was catching up to her.


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