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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 321

Just as he was about to speak, Liang Jun looked up and saw Chu Xiang's appearance.

He immediately set aside his phone and turned off the TV.

He pulled Chu Xiang up and said, "Go and rest, I came to you to ask how you wanted to solve this.

Now that the Weibo post is made, leave everything else to me.

I promise you that nothing will happen."

Chu Xiang rubbed her eyes, "Mm, then please help me clean up."

Liang Jun came to her house almost every day.

He cooked with her, cleaned up the house together and sort of knew where everything and anything was placed— perhaps even better than the house owner herself.

She handed over the task of taking care of the house to him without thinking as she stumbled back to the bedroom to sleep.

Liang Jun relaxed his hands and feet lightly before he rolled up his sleeves and said to Zhuo Yu, "What are you doing How can you be so blind Help me quickly and put these two plates in the refrigerator.

There is plastic wrap on the right shelf of the refrigerator.

After wrapping it, put it in the third drawer of the refrigerator."

While instructing Zhuo Yu to clean up the late-night snack, Liang Jun went to clean up the kitchen.

He wiped the coffee table and the floor before quickly tidying up the pillows on the sofa.

Zhuo Yu saw all of this play before his eyes and it would be a lie to say that he wasn't jealous.

He doubted himself a little— after all, was it wrong to behave like a respectful gentleman like him It seemed that Liang Jun was more integrated into Chu Xiang's life than he was.

Although this home belonged to Chu Xiang, if one looked closely, there were traces of Liang Jun everywhere as even the tissues on the table were bought and sent over by Liang Jun.

Didn't Chu Xiang think of Liang Jun's make-himself-at-home behavior rude

Liang Jun, who was holding onto the laptop, walked up to Zhou Yu and waved  his hand.

He asked in a low voice, "What are you doing Let's go."

Zhuo Yu nodded and left Chu Xiang's house with him, turning off the lights before locking the door.

As soon as Liang Jun returned home, he was lying on the sofa and was dealing with the latest comments.

Zhuo Yu felt a little helpless for the first time because he wasn't able to do that kind of thing.

Besides posting his support on Weibo, he didn't have any other way of helping Chu Xiang.

He carefully looked at the comments and pondered, "Perhaps there are members of the navy involved in berating Chu Xiang.

Do you think it might be her family"

Liang Jun shook his head, "I don't think they have such intelligence to do that; it seems that this was more like a premeditated plan to destroy Xiangxiang's reputation.

What good does the Chu family gain in destroying her reputation If she can't earn, they wouldn't even get their monthly share of 2000 Yuan.

Of course, they might have gotten angry and acted on impulse, but it probably wasn't premeditated.

At most, they will scold Xiangxiang on the Internet.

I asked a few friends to help me find out who is targeting Xiangxiang, so there should be some results very soon."

Zhuo Yu was stunned, "When did you rope in your friends' help"

"When I was making supper just now," Liang Jun lost the smile that he wore in front of Chu Xiang.

Looking a little indifferent, there was a sense of seriousness to his present expression.

Zhuo Yu had known Liang Jun for ten years and had never seen this side of him.

Liang Jun has always been optimistic and cheerful.

He liked to gossip, complain, and joke around.

His world was very simple and he had hardly encountered anything relatively serious because nothing actually seemed to be that important in his eyes.

Zhuo Yu currently knew that Liang Jun wasn't immune to anger, it's just that he would only be enraged only when Chu Xuang was being unfairly scolded or criticized by others.

He would also go through all sorts of means to get his friends' help just to help her settle her matters within the quickest time frame possible.

Compared to his own helplessness, Zhou Yu felt inferior to Liang Jun for the first time.

He got up and patted Liang Jun on the shoulder, "I'm going to lie down; call me if something happens."

Liang Jun nodded and Zhuo Yu went back to the bedroom.

He was afraid of accidentally revealing his thoughts in front of Liang Jun.

His mind was too messed up and he didn't know what he was thinking about as he unconsciously turned on his tablet and paid attention to the progress of the comments on the internet.

Liang Jun had countless fans and some of them shared the same personalities with him as well.

Upon seeing him revved up to take a stand, they too, involved themselves to help him.

They used localized slang and sarcastic slurs to call out the navy and some even found out traces of their involvement as they raised their suspicions.

They summarized that someone had intentionally wanted to smear Empress Chu's reputation and take advantage of that momentum.


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