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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 322

As Chu Xiang's fans were all relatively new, they were not the kind of fans who were very loyal and would be willing to fight for her.

Now that they saw Liang Jun's reasonable replies, they seem to have found their voices.

They began to speak for Chu Xiang as they followed in Liang Jun's footsteps.

Countless fans began to appeal to Chu Xiang's article.

Her recent update was very popular among readers and a large number of readers have joined the 'battle' to defend Chu Xiang.

They didn't need to think about their own grand speeches as some just copied and pasted Liang Jun's comments.

Chu Zhe's reaction was much slower than Matchless Sovereign's.

He only felt angry when he saw Chu Xiang's Weibo post.

He knew that he intended to spark a public conflict online, but he didn't know how to proceed from there once his goal was achieved.

However, before he could even think about the next step, he saw that there were a lot of people scolding Chu Xiang, and that made him very ecstatic.

"Mom, dad, come and see! This white-eyed wolf(2) Chu Xiang has been scolded by netizens.

Look, there's so many people on our side," Chu Zhe said excitedly, "I can't believe Chu Xiang had the guts to say that you favored sons over daughters.

She only showed the money that she gave us previously, but look at how everyone's telling her off.

These people have very sharp eyes indeed, so let's see if she dares to go against us in the future."

(T/N: Someone ungrateful to those who once helped them)

Chu Guowei and Fang Ping looked at the comments and laughed, "This should be sufficient to teach this bratty girl a lesson.

Who are these people They're quite correct— shouldn't that idiotic girl that we raised provide us money to compensate for our sacrifices She can spread her narratives to the world however she likes and let them give her a piece of their mind.


Chu Zhe smiled and said, "Mom, call her again and tell her that if she comes home obediently, we will forgive her.

If we forgive her, no one will scold her again."

Fang Ping's facial expressions darkened as soon as she heard this, "Don't mention that anymore— that number is no longer in service! The damn girl just wants to stay away, so she cut off all contact with us.

She actually banked 2000 Yuan for us on the first day of every month.

Hmph, this is the capital, how is 2000 Yuan going to be enough for anything It's not even enough for food!”

Chu Guowei carefully read the long Weibo post written by Chu Xiang and frowned, "What do you mean by this Her paying us 2000 Yuan a month is considered more than average How is it possible"

Chu Zhe pouted and said, "I checked just now and the alimony is not a figure that we can determine as we like.

In some places, children would be sued if they were to merely provide 300 to 500 Yuan, which is considered really low.

Looking at the average rates, Chu Xiang giving us 2000 Yuan a month is indeed a little more than the average price."

Fang Ping said in surprise, "So...

even if I file this against the court, I won't be able to do anything to her"


Now that she is paying her monthly fee, no one would accept it if you want to sue her since she has fulfilled her supportive obligations," Chu Zhe said impatiently.

Seeing the ugly faces of the two of them, he asked, "Why are you guys thinking about this She was scolded by the public so badly, so she's going to feel suffocated sooner or later.

That's right, wasn't she also prone to heart attacks and shouldn't be receiving any sort of strong stimuli Perhaps tomorrow, the hospital might give us a call in order to ask us to take her home.

Even if she isn't admitted into medical care, she wouldn't be able to take the pressure either.

Relax, she's going to come back and apologize to us."

The Chu family then set their worries and complaints aside before sleeping peacefully all night.

They could not see that there was the navy going against Chu Xiang nor did they figure out that someone was intentionally putting her under a bad light.

In their opinion, this matter has been stabilized.

Sooner or later, Chu Xiang would be unable to bear the pressure of the public opinion and come back to apologize.

Hence, all they had to do was wait.

The only problem was that Chu Xiang slept just as soundly as they did that night.

She actually fell asleep after letting Liang Jun handle the matters in the living room.

Perhaps it was due to Liang Jun's expertise when it came to online aspects, every time she encountered a problem, he was able to handle it perfectly and was exceptionally reliable.

Once Liang Jun told her to rest, she never pondered twice about the incident any further and blissfully drifted off into the realm of dreams.

However, Liang Jun was much busier.

Ever since he was little, he was sent to the orphanage and from then on, he had to rely on himself and toughen himself to achieve the heights and standards that he was able to reach today— something that many struggle to do.

This process relied not on his positive outlook and outgoing personality; instead, he dealt with his fair share of darkness and struggles, going through all sorts of heinous experiences.

After getting the help of some of his friends, it wasn't long before he was able to confirm that someone truly intended to ruin Chu Xiang's image.


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