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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 324

Many of the netizens woke up and more and more people noticed this trending search.

They then joined the debates and quarrels while expressing their opinions.

At this point, this matter had purely become a debate on a social topic.

Many people's comments were just talking about their inner thoughts and personal opinions, which no longer had anything to do with Chu Xiang.

Unconsciously, Chu Xiang's sense of existence had been weakened.

Matchless Sovereign stayed up all night, but all she ended up with was a result that almost made her smash her laptop! She asked her friends to question the navy to ask what was going on.

It was clear that the situation was made to be an ideal scenario to seize the opportunity, so why did they lose every single advantage they once had after one night

As soon as the foreign friend contacted the navy, Hua Zi immediately tracked it down.

Then, he inquired about the movement of the suspect, Matchless Sovereign, and quickly found the connection between the two supposedly different but expectedly coincidental actions.

Hua Zi immediately informed Liang Jun of the result.

He had already guessed that it was something of the sort, but this confirmation gave him a boost of confidence.

This matter must have time to be prolonged.

Liang Jun carefully checked the trends of public opinion on this matter in the major forums and he was relieved to confirm that there was no problem before he stretched out to change his clothes and went out.

When Chu Xiang woke up, Liang Jun had already bought her breakfast.

"Good morning, did you sleep well last night Are you unhappy" Liang Jun walked in with a smile, gaze trailing Chu Xiang's frame the entire time as his tone conveyed his worry.

Chu Xiang helped him set up the breakfast before she shook her head and said, "No, I slept well," She raised her head and glanced at Liang Jun, "You haven't slept all night Then go and make up for sleep after eating.


"I'm fine, I'll do something about it when I'm sleepy," Liang Jun told Chu Xiang what he had done all night and also the current situation.

After all, it was Chu Xiang's issue; he was just assisting her from the side, but he couldn't make decisions for her.

At most, he was just helping out.

Chu Xiang casually flipped through Weibo and praised him, "Nice job! I knew it would be fine to leave it to you."

When Liang Jun heard this, he laughed and couldn't help but be happy, "Do you trust me so much"

"Of course," Chu Xiang gave him a bowl of porridge as she smiled at him, "Let's eat, great hero, you helped me out once again."

"The porridge given by the Goddess is extraordinarily fragrant," Liang Jun downed the porridge happily, only to feel refreshed and sated.

NAturally, getting a compliment from your crush would make an entire night's hard work worth everything.

Zhuo Yu also didn't sleep all night either, but he didn't come to join in the fun today.

He personally witnessed how Liang Jun guided Chu Xiang through this crisis step by step and it was the first time he knew how wide his circle of friends was.

Although he also had many friends, most of them overlapped with his life circle.

This meant that neither of them had the skills to control or find a solution to this matter, which made him feel powerless as he felt like he had lost before the competition even started.

He knew that Liang Jun went to find Chu Xiang.

Imagining the scene of the two of them talking, laughing and their deepened, tacit understanding, he laid on the bed unmoving, not wanting to do anything.

At this time, he knew that whatever he did next was going to be considered redundant.

On this day, Chu Xiang and Liang Jun updated their works as usual as he even added 10,000 words to the new chapter.

This was to let the fans who were accustomed to their updating schedule realize that Chu Xiang's mood was not at all affected.

After all, Chu Xiang's win had caused Liang Jun to update an extra part as usual.

Readers who were worried that Chu Xiang would cut herself off or go on hiatus because of this incident were all relieved.

After that, they felt distressed.

If it was any of them that stood in Chu Xiang's place, would they have been able to handle the online pressure from this incident

Chu Xiang not only showed herself and responded positively, but she also updated as usual without delay at all.

Plus, her work was still guaranteed in both quality and quantity.

What kind of magic was this

Most fan readers no longer discussed the issue of filial piety, but happily praised Chu Xiang's update and discussed the plot of the latest chapter.

Fans of Liang Jun came to Chu Xiang's Weibo and begged her to get Liang Jun to update again.

Zhuo Yu's fans came over to ask Chu Xiang and Liang Jun to plot against him together as they wanted another update.

The fans of the three authors added up to a lot, so when they became more active, Chu Xiang's Weibo page looked much cleaner.

The copyright owner who paid attention to 'Demon Empress' told the person in charge to focus on the trend of this matter and analyze how wide the film and television adaptation market could cover it.


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