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Shoving away the lady cuddling him, Ye Chen pulled over a rich ‘second-generation’ young man and demanded: “Hey you… do you have Chu Xiang’s number Hurry up and look for it.”

The young man pulled out his phone and said: “Isn’t this her phone number”

Looking at the familiar number closely, Ye Chen replied: “No, that number is null.”

“Huh Could she have changed her phone number” The young man proceeded to clap his hands to grab the attention of the others in the room and asked: “Does anyone have Chu Xiang’s new phone number”

The few people who had exchanged phone numbers with Chu Xiang previously all reached for their phone, but they all realized that she had only given them her old number. Just in case, they all sent her a message in WeChat to affirm their suspicions, only to stare blankly at each other.

“What’s wrong Does Chu Xiang not plan to communicate with us again”

“What do you guys know I heard from my uncle that Chu Xiang has turned into a capable woman.

Not only does she now participate in the Dongfang project meetings, but she can even speak with utmost excellence.

She has already become the perfect heir to her Chu family.”

“That, I do know.

When I sent my Mom to go shopping the other day, I happened to see Chu Xiang and Xiao Han from the Xiao family together.

It seemed that she was discussing business matters together with her mother.

Tsk, tsk, tsk… looks like she has far matured compared to us.

But isn’t that a normal thing to do Who in the world would be willing to both work seriously and join our circle”

This group of scoundrels did not have any contact with the respective family business and would often hang out to play together instead.

At this moment, they happened to pop open another bottle of wine for yet another round of drinks.

Their loud and sharp laughter caused headaches for the other guests in the bar.

Ye Chen then stood up and walked into the bathroom.

Splashing a few handfuls of cold water on his face to wake himself up, he lifted his face and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

Ever since he was a young kid, he had always been the most popular person in school.

Even when he arrived at university, many of his classmates regarded him as some sort of god.

And every time he played basketball, many people would come and cheer for him.

Throughout his life, he had always been an excellent person; thus believing that he was ahead of his peers in many aspects.

Thinking of Chu Xiang now, however, he felt as if she had walked several steps ahead of him in life and left him behind in the dust.

Interning at her family’s company… participating in project meetings….

threatening him with his family company’s bidding… Heck! He did not even know that his family company had been bidding.

Compared to Chu Xiang, he would only accompany Bai Xuewei everywhere she went all day long.

This feeling of being left behind irritated him.

Staring deeply into the midst of his reflection, he clenched his fists tightly and finally made his resolve.

Taking out his phone, he called Ye Zhenghong and exclaimed: “Dad, I want to join the company.”

Ye Zhenghong frowned displeased as he noticed the loud music on Ye Chen’s end of the call.

He then said: “You want to join the company Are you saying that in your drunk, pathetic state”

Wiping his face, Ye Chen replied: “No, I just don’t want to be beaten by Chu Xiang.

Right now… I feel like some sort of stray dog.”

Ye Zhenghong remained silent for a while before saying in a cold voice: “I will ask the driver to pick you up and bring you home immediately.

I will bring you with me to the company tomorrow.

Ye Chen, burn those feelings and emotions deep into your mind.

Don’t let the rest of the Chu family look down on you.”

Throughout the entire conversation, Ye Zhenghong was holding his breath.

From his perspective, the situation regarding the housekeeper was merely a trivial matter.

However, it resulted in his company losing more than a billion yuan in profit; thus, resulting in his bleeding heart.

Despite that, what enraged him, even more, was how the others praised the daughter of the Chu family for being successful and knowing how to manage the family business.

In contrast, his son only possessed thoughts of that mere housekeeper.

Had it not been for fear of how his son would react, he would have long since dealt with that little housekeeper.

Knowing how Ye Chen wanted to intern at the family company, Ye Zhenghong naturally felt a great sense of relief.

After all, he had always possessed high expectations for Ye Chen.

Even if the Chu family may have an upper hand now, he believes that the Ye family will one day surpass them after Ye Chen inherits his position.

There’s no such thing as a dynasty that lasts forever.

One’s fortune will rise and fall as time passes.

Upon getting into his driver’s car, Ye Chen immediately fell asleep.

At the same time, Bai Xuewei kept on calling Ye Chen’s phone non-stop.

After the driver took a look at the caller ID, he turned his phone into silent mode.

That entire night, Bai Xuewei sat at home  — worrying about the possibility that Ye Chen might be together with Chu Xiang.

Despite calling him countless times, never once did her calls get through.


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