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It’s just that he finally decided to speak of his heart’s deepest yearnings once he tasted a sense of displeasure and jealousy.

But Chu Xiang saw the emotion more clearly than he did and directly pointed out that it was impossible to form a relationship between them.

Whether it was because of their contrasting outlooks or the elders’ disagreements, there were many things getting in the way..

This was the real reason why he was always one step slower than Liang Jun since he had long realised that they were not suited to be together.

30-year-olds would know the logic behind it, but it still felt uncomfortable.

It was rare for him to fall in love with a person since it was already too difficult to be swayed at the age of 30; he hadn’t felt this way in many years.

It was a pity that he couldn’t keep at it since this heart-wrenching emotion was devouring him from inside out.

Liang Jun stood at the corner with three cups of drinks.

He had heard it all and let out a small sigh of relief before walking towards Zhou Yu.

“Should we go for a drink”

Seeing his expression, Zhuo Yu lowered his eyes and turned away.

Liang Jun said behind him, “Let me give this to Xiangxiang, we’ll meet at our usual spot.”

The tacit understanding between them was solidified through the many years of familiarity with each other, so they didn’t need to say anything more.

Even if their backs were turned towards each other, they would meet up again very soon.

Liang Jun went to the gym to find Chu Xiang.

He gave her the  drink, looked at her and said, “Zhuo Yu and I are going to have a drink so we’ll go back later.”

Chu Xiang raised her eyebrows, “Drinking Are you going to be carried back today once more”

Liang Jun touched his nose embarrassedly, “I’m going to drink water; he’ll be the one drinking some alcohol.”

He paid attention to Chu Xiang’s expression as his voice became slightly soft and gentle, “Then I’ll get going.”

“Okay, then these three drinks are mine,” Chu Xiang smiled at him as she held the drinks.

The moment the two looked at each other, Liang Jun laughed, unable to restrain his happiness.

He already understood what Chu Xiang meant— Chu Xiang knew what he was going for.

She had rejected Zhuo Yu, but obviously, she wasn’t rejecting him.

He laughed until his dimples came out as he waved at her and ran out of the gym.

Since his fellow brother was sad, it was a bit inauthentic to be happy at this point.

But he really was grateful that Zhuo Yu had come clean to her, which finally made him confirm Chu Xiang’s intentions.

When he arrived at the restaurant, Liang Jun controlled his happy expression with the greatest willpower and went to their table to find Zhuo Yu.

Zhuo Yu had already downed two glasses of wine, and when he saw him come in, he poured himself another glass, “Don’t drink it, I don’t want to carry you even when I’m drunk.”

“I definitely won’t be drinking, so you can drink it yourself,” Liang Jun unscrewed the bottle of mineral water and poured it into the glass.

He toasted, “I’ll use water instead of wine, but vent out all your unhappy emotions.

As men, we will forget about everything that happened from this moment after we awaken the next day.”

Zhuo Yu drank the entire glass and said with a wry smile, “It’s easy for you to say; how about we switch our positions”

Liang Jun was silent for a while and said seriously, “Isn’t this a destined ending from the beginning What could you have done about it”

Zhuo Yu understood what he meant since the love of the older males was a sweet burden.

This was something that they once joked about, but the burden hidden under the sweetness did exist.

Usually, it would not be obvious, but in the case of Chu Xiang, it had become a mountain that could not be climbed.

He couldn’t do anything about it as it was a dead end, but to be fair, there was never a start to begin with.

Zhuo Yu drank another glass of wine and asked, “When did you find out”

“A long time ago,” Liang Jun played with the water glass in his hand.

He removed the smile on his face and lowered his eyes before saying, “It doesn’t matter when, but I always knew that nothing would change.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to get Xiangxiang, but I knew from the beginning that you are Xiangxiang’s friend and my brother, which is a fact that will not change.”

“It turns out that both of you can see things better than me,” Zhuo Yu laughed at himself, “I thought I had been covering it up well.”

Liang Jun shook his head and said, “How do you cover it up when you like someone You’re not a movie star.

Bystanders are the ones that can tell the clearest.

Even if you know the outcome of some things, you can’t control yourself.

Isn’t it a momentary thing to be tempted The good fate between you two makes me jealous.

, but sometimes, a good fate cannot turn into a happy ending.

Besides, if there are too many obstacles, then fate can only be regarded as a coincidence.”

Zhuo Yu leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes as he said frankly, “I thought about saying nothing— to just watch you two and give my blessings.”

“Understood.” Liang Jun took his words, “But even if it was me, I would have let her know about my feelings as well.

Even if it was a fruitless result, these emotions remain real.”

Both of them fell silent as Zhuo Yu drank silently and Liang Jun accompanied him.

With ten years of brotherhood behind them, many words need not be said at all since they understand each other.

Their conversation just now was merely small talks since it would have been the same had they not initiated it.


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