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He kept those portraits one by one in a separate album.

Then, he opened a new email account and started using the email to fill out his diary.

He recalled that when he first met Chu Xiang, he recorded his feelings at that time bit by bit, and later, he wrote a lot of emotions that he did not express verbally.

Everything else gradually disappeared in his mind as only the bits and pieces of him and Chu Xiang remained.

Everything was fresh in his memory to the point where he felt as if he was watching a movie, recording every plot.

He changed the name of the mailbox and called it ‘LOVE-X’.

He wrote it until drowsiness struck before closing the laptop and falling asleep with peace of mind.

The next day, neither Chu Xiang nor Liang Jun was different,but Zhou Yu didn’t act strangely either.

The three of them got along as usual as if that confession never existed.

However, Zhuo Yu still reduced the time he spent with them because he had to dine at his parents’ house from time to time.

Since he wanted to go on the ‘right’ way, he naturally couldn’t resist the attempts any more.

In order to be as happy as Liang Jun said he would be in the future, he must take the initiative and no longer wait for his family to connect him with others, so now went out more with his other friends.

Liang Jun especially enjoyed the two-person world with Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang just got her driver’s licence and bought a new car to try things out.

He looked for a travel guide and asked her to drive him around the capital to check out various attractions and delicacies.

He also had a good reason to do so.

In his words, “You can’t write a good article behind closed doors.

You can only get more inspiration when you travel often and see all kinds of life situations.”

Chu Xiang believed it and verified that it was true.

Staying at home every day just typing and spelling would gradually become boring and their aura of writing would reflect it, gradually being dull.

But often going to different places to meet different people and being exposed to all kinds of new things could make the person come alive and discover many interesting things in life.

The readers of the two of them found that they had not been making extra updates for a long time.

Chu Xiang kept the daily update at 15,000 without adding anymore to that and Liang Jun resumed the daily update at 6,000.

Many readers wailed and wanted to go back to the past as various messages asked them if they had stopped writing.

There were also CP fans who asked in panic: [Is it because of the CP thing that has caused the two of you a lot of trouble Did they do that to avoid suspicion God, please don’t! I don’t have to be a fan of the CP; I just want you guys to update more!!!]

Some people in the circle carefully guessed: [Are they just casual friends Sometimes, people would have a casual friend to talk to, but some things would often get in the way, especially stuff like this CP thing.

It wouldn’t be that odd to think if it had happened either— no matter what, there is still a wall between male and female friends.

But did their relationship become weak due to this]

[I don’t think it’s faded.

Gentlemanly Thief and Extraordinary Commoner have been very good friends and their history could be traced back ten years ago, but they don’t interact online very often.

The most frequent interaction in the past two years was still them defending the rights of Empress Chu.

Isn’t their relationship very good Maybe they have more contacts in private, so there is no need to show it to us.


[I really like the interaction of everyone, please continue to show support…]

Just when everyone was worried about the relationship between Liang Jun and Chu Xiang, he tweeted again to push Chu Xiang higher in the popular ranks in his latest chapter.

[Your Goddess is going to have a new work— it’s a completely different style, but it still packs the same punch! Everyone go and support Empress Chu and pre-save the new novel!]

Mm, since it was still written in the same tone by the same idiot, the fans finally felt relieved and focused on Chu Xiang’s new work.

Chu Xiang’s new novel was intended to write about her last life.

Recently, the ancient themes have become very popular.

She happened to write a new story about a heroine, which was in line with the market demand.

The full work of her ‘Demon Empress’ had been completed, saved in her drafts.

The rest was just the regular daily updates, which will be over in about half a month.

She and Liang Jun were both writing new stories now and she planned to write an ancient-styled novel as soon as ‘Demon Empress’ ended.

At the same time, she also revised the existing parts of ‘Rising Immortal’ and kept writing 3,000 words every day.

It was a semi-finished piece left by the original owner and there were still many readers who were waiting to read it, so she planned to finish that piece slowly.

When these three works were carried out at the same time, Jinjiang negotiated the various copyrights of the ‘Demon Empress’ as Chu Xiang received a considerable amount of copyright fees.

The most powerful thing was that Jinjiang won her the role of screenwriter for the ‘Demon Empress’.

Since her work already had a good flow to it, the confirmed producers, directors and other team members and copyright owners were very satisfied with the outcome.

She was set and would soon re-enter the entertainment industry in another identity.

Chu Xiang still didn’t know that she was privately called Koi by the production team of the ‘Demon Empress’.

She had repeatedly turned danger into luck and had inadvertently obtained huge benefits for herself through them.

Even the CP had become a topic of interest, driving the flow between her new and older works.

Many fans of the ‘Demon Empress’ in the team guessed that if she became a screenwriter, wouldn’t this show be a hit



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