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Chu Xiang then proceeded to schedule some time to join up with the production team.

But before then, she made sure to set up a target word count to write ahead and stockpile some chapters for “Rising Immortal” before doing the same for her new historical romance novel.

With that, she would be able to focus solely on screenwriting rather than having to worry about updating more chapters for her novels.

Liang Jun too accompanied in her endeavor — stockpiling a decent amount of chapters for his own novels.

As this was his first time having chapters stocked up, he could not help but take a screenshot of what was happening behind the scenes and brag about it on his social media posts for all his fans to witness his diligence.

In contrast to his initial expectations of receiving praise, his legion of fans would not only insist that he upload the remaining stockpiled chapters, but they would even promise to prop him up to the top of the rankings if he did just that.

In response, Liang Jun replied with an emoticon showing his utmost disdain.

[Did you think that I would succumb to your bribes Now that my goddess will be busy screenwriting and has less time to update her chapters, you’d better hope that she has some chapters stockpiled.]

In spite of that, the shipping fans stood their ground and sent out another wave of sugarcoats.

Moreover, from the sound of Liang Jun’s posts, Chu Xiang’s fans speculated that she definitely had plenty of chapters piled up from her word-battling sessions.

While the number of words she managed to write was certainly frightening, they were nevertheless ecstatic by it too!

Ever since Chu Xiang joined the production team, Liang Jun felt as if his life has turned meaningless.

Although he had certainly lived the same way before meeting Chu Xiang, he could not help but feel a sense of hollowness in his heart as he drifted mindlessly through his neverending days.

Nowadays, his moments of joy would only come from his short video calls with Chu Xiang.

Moreover, since Zhuo Yu would also be away from the house these days, Liang Jun ultimately found no meaning in staying in the apartment any longer and moved back to his own house.

During that time, he collected and compiled information from several different traveling guides and created a collage filled with various images and other resources for Chu Xiang.

From their last trip to the capital, he noticed that Chu Xiang actually enjoyed traveling.

Furthermore, he would even gain more references from this research that he could certainly implement into his own writing.

Besides, since he could not meet up with Chu Xiang right now, he might as well work on compiling more information in order to plan out their next trip together.

When he finally proposed his plan to Chu Xiang in a video call, he spoke with a calm facade that barely managed to hide his nerves.

Only after Chu Xiang picked out a place for their trip in two months did he let out a smile and truly feel at ease.

His proposal actually held an even deeper meaning, hinting how “he would always be there to accompany her in the future.” Having accepted his proposal, Chu Xiang was naturally willing to be with him for the time to come.

During that time, many thoughts about their long-awaited journey wandered about through Liang Jun’s mind.

Even so, he certainly did not forget to update his diary.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang spent her time in the production crew like a duck to water.

After all, she was already familiar with such an atmosphere from her past life.

Speaking to all the members in the production and acting crew in neither a servile nor overbearing manner, she treated everyone equally and wholeheartedly focused on writing good scenarios for the TV series.

Seeing her attitude, everyone naturally came to like her.

On the other hand, they also could not help but be curious about her.

After all, she was a rather hot topic amongst the public recently, in addition to standing as a “pillar of women’s rights” in the present age.

As such, people wanted to know more about her as a person.

However, after interacting with her, they realized that she was neither a pushover nor an intemperate feminist.

Rather, she was simply a beautiful, hardworking girl who worked well with others.

But speaking of her beauty, Chu Xiang had lost quite a bit of weight and was now only 60kg.

With her facial features accentuated, she naturally gave off a charming yet mature appearance.

Whenever she spoke up during work, the people in the production crew subconsciously would pay earnest attention to her words as they gave off a sense of reliability.

Gradually, Chu Xiang had settled into the production crew as a dependable screenwriter.

Whenever the director and male or female leads had any suggestions to make, they would always speak to her first before altering anything, which further enhanced the quality of the TV series.

If the director ever suggested any ideas that were not in line with the characters’ personalities, Chu Xiang would strongly contest the ideas.

In fact, she would always come up with a way to successfully persuade everyone without fail as if the characters she wrote up possessed souls of their own, not able to be changed easily at one’s will.

As such, all the scenes she wrote heavily depended on how well the personalities of the characters can be brought to life.

Whenever Chu Xiang decided on the persona of the various characters in the scene, the discussions of what took place in those scenes would tend to go smoothly.

After all, everyone strongly believed that the scene would go without a hitch as long as it received Chu Xiang’s approval.

Otherwise, they would change the scene entirely.

Having become the final line of approval regarding the scenes, Chu Xiang reassured the production crew and even saved a lot of trouble for the director.


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