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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder

Vi6-7 minutes 13.09.2020

There was a particular character who would show up only once throughout the entire TV series, and that was the master of the female lead — a reckless, aggressive female cultivator who had gone mad.

A character with only a few lines and a few minutes of screen time can be considered a side character with little to no significance, yet she would actually serve a big purpose in the TV series.

Had she never been introduced in the TV series, how could one possibly explain the ideology of the female lead In fact, it would become a plot hole in the story never to be fully made clear.

Originally, the director planned to invite a veteran actress to make a surprise appearance as the female cultivator.

Although the actress had more than fulfilled the requirement for the role, she lacked that sense of innocence that can naturally be found in the temperament of a young lady.

 Even so, such a person in the industry would definitely not possess the necessary skills or experience to pull off that niche role.

Since the character would only appear for a few minutes in the TV series, it would be meaningless if they could not find someone who could fulfill that role.

This matter perplexed the director for quite a while.

At this point, the production crew had already finished filming two-thirds of the entire TV series, yet they still did not find anyone suited for the role.

Moreover, since this TV series was a big project, the director was reluctant to settle on someone who was simply “good enough” for the role.

Thus, he gradually started to lose his cool and patience.

Having been pushed into the corner, the director approached Chu Xiang and asked, “Can we possibly remove the appearance of this character and find some other way to patch up the plot hole We could simply let her speak up in one of the flashbacks of the female lead when she recounts her pasts.”

Chu Xiang shook her head and replied, “No can do.

If we make such a drastic change, the character would not leave behind any sort of impact and would easily be forgotten by the viewers.”

At that moment, the director subconsciously pulled out a cigarette.

But after thinking out Chu Xiang, he placed it back in its pack and sighed, “We have no other choice.

It would be even worse if we chose someone who won’t be able to fulfill the role.

Everything about this TV series must be absolutely perfect.

We can’t ruin the entire show simply because of a single character.

Absolutely not! Thus, I hope you can think of a way to solve the problem.

Let’s see if we can make any changes to the script.”

Chu Xiang then recalled the role of the master.

This particular character served great importance in the story.

Due to that important role, she — as the “Demon Empress” — did not describe too much in detail about the master.

In fact, she could not write anything more about the character no matter how much she tried.

Furthermore, she refused to write any more unnecessary details to prevent the viewers from nitpicking minor details about the character.

In essence, the master was an indispensable character that must make an appearance in the most crucial moment for the female lead as she would ultimately shape the life of the female lead.

If this character was removed from the story and poorly acted out… Chu Xiang’s brows frowned upon having such a thought.

After further thinking, Chu Xiang said with pure determination, “I’ll just have to take the role then.”

At that moment, the director stared blankly at her in utter shock.

“What did you just say You want to take the role Umm… Xiao Chu, although you managed to create such an amazing story, it is completely different from acting out the character.

Even if you’re the one who best understands the character, there’s no way you’d be able to act them out better than a professional actress.”

Chu Xiang let out a slight smile before saying, “We’ll know if I’m capable or not after giving it a go.

Allow me to show you a good performance.”

With that, everything went according to Chu Xiang’s will.

After all, she was not only the person who best understands the role of the female lead’s master, but she had even once won the best actress award.

Walking up to the center of the room, she instantly inhabited the role as even the look in her eyes had changed.

“Oh~ Who does this pitiful child belong to Just who did she offend to end up in this state” Chu Xiang leaned her head slightly down to look at the ground before waving her arm.

At that moment, the director’s eyes suddenly lit up with great surprise as he pictured her in the crimson red cheongsam of the master.

Chu Xiang’s slightly drooping eyes and the subtle curve in the corners of her mouth displayed the woman’s heedlessness.

Furthermore, the slothful tone in her voice suited the charm of the character perfectly.

Sauntering forward, Chu Xiang seemed as if she was looking down into the eyes of the young child before showing slight interest with her facial expression.

“You have walked down the path of a demon Heh~ How interesting.

Since I’m in a good mood today, I’ll bring you back for some fun.”

At that moment, Chu Xiang stopped her act and glanced at the director.

Coming back to reality, he gave Chu Xiang a smile, wondering if she was actually that demonic cultivator in the scene or the astute screenwriter standing before him.

Slowly standing up from his seat, he gave her a round of applause and exclaimed, “Not bad! Xiao Chu, have you learned acting before That was an astounding performance!”

Chu Xiang chuckled, “I found it interesting, so I gave it a try.

It also helped that I acted out a character that I personally created.”


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