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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder

Vi6-7 minutes 13.09.2020

The director said in a tone of disapproval, “With such great talent, you should definitely start acting.

There’s no reason for you to not act with such good acting skills! Anyways, you will be playing the role of the female lead’s master.

From what I saw, we can even add a few more scenes for the character to make her stand out even more.”

Chu Xiang refused instantly, “This character has just the right amount of screen time.

She will lose her sense of mystery if we were to increase the number of scenes she appears in.

After all, the flower that blooms once per year will leave the most lasting impression.

It’ll be even better if the character makes a mysterious appearance.”

Finally calming back down from the excitement of discovering an unpolished gem, the director nodded and sighed again, “You delivered a superb performance.

Heck, I can’t help but be excited after witnessing that firsthand.

It will be such a pity if you don’t add any more scenes.

But what you said was certainly correct.

The script has already been changed and polished enough times.”

Taking another moment to think, he concluded that it would not be suitable to add any more scenes as he would also have to take into account the investors of the TV series.

He then regrettable said, “I will definitely come and look for you to act in my next work.”

Chu Xiang broke into laughter, “Director, I’m first and foremost a screenwriter, not an actress.

I only decided to act this time under a special circumstance.

I do not intend to walk down the path of an actress.”

Unable to understand her words, he asked, “But why You’re not only good at acting, but you even have a great figure.

I can guarantee that you’ll skyrocket in popularity if you do so.

It will definitely benefit you in the future, so why not”

It may certainly benefit her in the future, but Chu Xiang had already lived an entire lifetime as an actress and idol in the entertainment industry.

It was not like she had any strong attachments to shooting movies either.

Besides, her current interest was writing, so she would naturally focus her time on doing just that — the thing she loved at that moment.

Moreover, would she be able to experience anything new as an actress

Of course, she could not possibly speak such things aloud.

Thus, she could only say that she absolutely loved writing novels and had no interest in anything else.

Seeing Chu Xiang stand firmly in place in spite of his persuasion, the director had no choice but to drop the subject.

However, he could not help but feel regretful — having discovered a polished gem but not being able to do anything with it.

Thus, he was filled with such deep remorse that he subconsciously sighed whenever he saw Chu Xiang.

The others who saw this could only wonder what happened to the script.

But the crew’s curiosity would soon be dispersed, for they were all shocked to see that Chu Xiang had personally stepped in and filmed a scene! Furthermore, the role was that of the female lead’s master whom the director had failed to find anyone perfect for it.

As such, everyone knew just how difficult of a role it was for anyone, much less an amateur to perform! In fact, it can even be considered a role more difficult than that of the female lead.

To think the director would actually allow Chu Xiang to play it!

On the day of Chu Xiang’s shoot, the entire production crew could not help but feel nervous.

Some even began speculating that the director had lost his mind.

Setting him aside, just what was Chu Xiang thinking for her, a capable screenwriter, to suddenly appear in the movie as a special guest

With that, the makeup artist began carefully giving Chu Xiang makeup.

At that moment, she sat before the mirror in a crimson red cheongsam and an exquisitely simple hairpin in her hair as the scarlet flaming pattern between her brows emitted a sinister atmosphere in the air.

Originally, the makeup artist intended to lengthen the corner of her eyes but was stopped by Chu Xiang.

After all, she did not write the master to be someone who appeared aggressive by relying on her appearance alone.

Even when the master was surpassingly beautiful, she would be able to give off a devilish vibe that incited fear upon anyone who laid their eyes on her.

As such, she can really only be pulled off by someone with good acting skills.

On the other hand, her looks were mainly used to further deepen her impression in the TV series.

Just when she was about to enter the stage, Liang Jun just so happened to give her a video call.

When she answered the call, Liang Jun was utterly dumbfounded, “Xiang… Xiang Xiang”

Chu Xiang looked at her reflection in the mirror and chuckled slightly, “What’s wrong Don’t you recognize me”

“Of course, I recognize you.

B-But… you… why are you dressed up like that Isn’t that the appearance of the female lead’s master Is this some type of cosplay” Liang Jun asked, unable to take his eyes off the screen.

At that moment, he wished he could dart over to see her in person.

After all, she was extremely dazzling!

Tilting her head slightly, Chu Xiang stroked down her hair and smiled, “We weren’t able to find anyone suitable to play the role of the master, so the director allowed me to play it.

And now, I will be shooting the scene.”

“You’re gonna shoot a scene in the movie” Liang Jun exclaimed in great excitement.

“Xiang Xiang, you’re so amazing! Not only are you good at writing, but now you’re even playing a role in a TV series Your popularity will definitely skyrocket!”


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