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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 338

Since “Demonic Empress” was still in the editing stages, the production crew was not in any sort of hurry to respond to any of the questions — opting to lay out the stage with a single trailer.

Despite the puzzling matter, the momentous hot topic quickly died down as the fans proceeded to wait patiently for the official broadcast of “Demonic Empress”.

Having just finished the entire novel, the fans of the novels especially held high expectations for the broadcast of the TV series.

While waiting patiently for the official broadcast, everyone went over to check out Chu Xiang’s new novel.

Riding the popularity of her past work, “Demonic Empress,” her new work started extremely well with high viewership.

While most stories of the same genre would involve the abandoned concubine striving for favor within the Chamber of Concubines, the main character in the story, on the other hand, decided to leave the palace and stay away from the emperor.

This unconventional, unique trope naturally attracted the attention of many readers.

As one could tell by now, this story was inspired by Chu Xiang’s past life.

Having lived the life of an abandoned concubine who gained the title of Concubine Qin before becoming the Emperor’s Merchant and the life, in addition to successfully retiring after becoming an advisor from living life as a fake couple with the King of Qin, she naturally had many interesting stories to write about from her own experience.

Furthermore, with the main character being a strong, capable woman, she ultimately chose to stay true to her original story.

Rather than choosing to stay in the imperial household as the empress, the female lead would wander the world free and unfettered along with her male lover.

In many other films and dramas with similar tropes, the female lead would often struggle and plot against the other concubines to gain favor from the emperor.

Sure, this may sound exciting at first.

However, having watched so many different series with this exact trope, people began questioning the female leads in such stories.

For what reason should the women in such stories keep fighting each other endlessly without rest to please a man who could very well destroy everything they worked so hard for with a single snap of his finger

On the contrary, Chu Xiang’s novel created something unique and refreshing for the viewers who have gotten used to the conventional tropes by giving it a new twist.

The popularity and success of “Demonic Empress” were clearly evident as it was not only sold to a copyright holder at a high price, but it could even be seen from the trailer of its TV series that a great amount of effort and money was invested into the project.

Naturally, many copyright holders have become interested in purchasing the rights for her new work as well.

However, Chu Xiang had no intentions of selling off the rights to her new novel just yet, at least.

After all, the worth of the rights of a written work is heavily dependent on the quality of the work and the author’s reputation.

Furthermore, the results of the author’s past works held great importance.

“Demonic Empress” served as just that for Chu Xiang.

But since its series adaptation had yet to be broadcasted at that time, she decided to put off selling the rights of her new series until after to maximize its worth and true selling price.

As for the movie adaptation of “Demonic Empress,” it was only natural for the production crew to see the results of the TV series adaptation before taking any further steps.

After all, the results of the TV series adaptation would be directly correlated to the amount of money invested into the movie adaptation.

The same case could be made for the casts involved.

Thus, Chu Xiang was not in a rush to take any further actions.

Without anything else to worry about and having stockpiled a decent number of chapters for her new series, Chu Xiang can now get some much-deserved rest.

After all, it is never a good thing for a creator of any kind to work endlessly without rest.

Only by taking occasional breaks and resting one’s mind would one be able to remain refreshing yet creative.

With that, she decided to make use of Liang Jun’s traveling guide and go on a trip together with him.

During that time, they lived their life to their utmost content — relishing in various cuisines, taking countless pictures and videos, and leaving behind their traces in places that caught their attention.

On a certain day, the two of them just so happened to come across an event in a small town where couples would sing and dance along a street, happily spending their time there together.

Seeing such a rare opportunity, Liang Jun reached out and grabbed onto Chu Xiang’s hand before saying with bright, shining eyes, “Why don’t we join too”

Chu Xiang took a quick glance at his hand and smiled, “Under which circumstance should we join Will you be recording your feelings in your diary again”

Recalling the corny passages written in his diary, Liang Jun’s face flushed red to the brim as he forced himself to ask in a calm manner, “Y-You… saw it”

With smiles in her eyes, Chu Xiang teased, “I didn’t mean to see it.

You were in such a hurry to answer the delivery express yesterday that you left your phone turned on the sofa.

I just happened to catch a few glimpses of it when I moved over.”


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