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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 339

Liang Jun scratched his nose and laughed, “I originally intended to write it for you anyways, so be it.

I’ll let you read everything when we got back later.

What do you think… about dating me Take a look at the current atmosphere.

Isn’t it the perfect time to start dating I will never hold you back.

Wherever you want to go, I will go with you.

Whatever you want to do, I will do it together with you.

Heck, you might as well become the head of the family.

What do you think, Xiang Xiang”

“Sounds good~” Chu Xiang pecked him on his stumped face before dragging him and running over to the crowd of couples.

As if a field of fireworks had just bloomed before his very eyes, Liang Jun began smiling like an utter fool who had fallen head over heels.

Holding tightly onto Chu Xiang’s hands, they danced freely to the music playing in the background.

The high-spirited foreigners who caught notice of them slowly began crowding around and dancing along with them on the lively street.

In the middle of the boisterous square, a flock of white doves suddenly took off into the sky just as the music came to a stop followed by a loud cheer.

As the cheers echoed away, all the couples on the street embraced one another with passionate kisses.

It was at that exact moment when Chu Xiang and Liang Jun accepted each other as they received the blessings of the crowd together with the other couples.

From that day onwards, the newly-formed couple became extremely intimate.

Naturally, the remaining days of their trip were filled with countless sweet memories and joyful moments.

Meanwhile, Liang Jun’s circle of friends had already been given the title of the oppressive tyrants of the scene.

As such, many users intended to bombard them with hate to bring them down.

However, he no longer cared about such trivial matters as he had just devoted his entire life to his goddess.

On the other hand, Zhuo Yu — known as the most oppressive tyrant of them all — had already become apathetic to the couple and was gradually moving forward from his feelings for Chu Xiang.

During this period of time, he had even gotten to know a few female friends.

Of course, this was not through blind dates but rather through gatherings with his friends.

From pure coincidence, he even came across Lu Yao and had even gone on a few dates with her ever since then.

After setting aside their past, they realized that they actually got along quite well with each other.

On the day they officially became a couple, Zhuo Yu made sure to let Liang Jun know about it.

Liang Jun responded in a surprised tone over the phone, “I thought you weren’t interested in her before You better not marry someone just for the sake of marriage, alright You’d be better off looking for someone you actually like.”

Zhuo Yu chuckled, “Do you think I’m still some sort of child who doesn't know anything Lu Yao is actually a pretty good person, now that I’ve come to know her better.

I’ll introduce you to her once you get back.

In fact, she’s actually pretty cute too.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear.

Anyways, congratulations! We brothers have finally escaped from our single lives! We’d better celebrate together when we get back.

But since Xiang Xiang rarely ever finds time to take a leave, I think we’ll spend a bit more time here before going back.

I’ll make sure to get you a souvenir too.” Liang Jun then teased, “You’d better not get married too quickly.

At the very least, wait for me to go back to attend as the best man.”

Zhuo Yu replied, “Don’t worry.

I will definitely wait for you to come back.”

After thinking for a moment, he then reminded, “You have a habit of helping Chu Xiang do this and that.

However, I can tell that she’s a woman with strong views and beliefs, so she might not necessarily want help from others constantly.

I’m only giving you a piece of advice, so the rest depends on you.

We’ve known each other for so many years, yet this was the first time I’ve seen you being head over heels for a girl.

Brother, I hope to see you walking down the aisle with the woman of your dreams soon.”

Liang Jun let out a short laugh, “I’ve already received her acceptance.

Besides, marriage cannot necessarily be considered a success as one can always get a divorce in the future.

Thus, that isn’t and shouldn’t be one’s end goal.

In fact, I’m more than satisfied with just being with Xiang Xiang and will treasure every single second I spend with her.”

“You also mentioned how she’s a strong and independent woman.

Well, that’s right.

That’s the reason why I always ask permission from her before giving her a helping hand.

I do think that I’ve already done many things to assist her.

However, the most important thing is that she’s ultimately the one who makes the final call.”

“Speaking of which, who told you that strong, independent women dislike accepting the love and care from others At the end of the day, she’s looking for a boyfriend, not a younger brother.

Just like how you discovered the cute side of Lu Yao, I too got to know a cute side of Chu Xiang after falling in love with her.

Furthermore, it’s essential for a boyfriend to show just how dependable they truly are.

Brother, you can rest assured that I know my boundaries.

Even if I may not have enough experience regarding such things, I can guarantee that I won’t do anything stupid and overstep those boundaries.

Right now, I’m truly happy to just spend time with Xiang Xiang every day.”


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