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As soon as Ye Chen’s mother, Sun Jie, received news that her son was going to start working in the company, her female instincts told her that he has yet to let go of Chu Xiang completely.

Analyzing this piece of news, she believed that it was certainly a good thing.

If there’s still a possibility for the Ye family to merge with the Chu family through marriage… of course they would be happy.

As for Chu Xiang’s warning and threats to Ye Chen, she simply brushed them off as a child’s tantrum.

After making a few rounds of calls, Sun Jie finally found an excuse to ask for Chu Xiang’s new phone number from the university and even took the liberty to call her personally.

Coming out from her shower, Chu Xiang was just drying her hair as she answered the call: “Hello”

Sun Jie chuckled and said: “Xiang Xiang, this is your Aunt Ye.

Why didn’t you tell your aunt that you changed your phone number I’m still planning on inviting you to the spa.”

Raising her eyebrows, Chu Xiang pondered for a moment before saying: “Aunt Ye, since I’ve been busy lately, I don’t have much time to spend on such leisures.

Why don’t you ask Bai Xuewei to accompany you”

Sun Jie immediately stated, “Bai Xuewei… Huang Xuewei… I’m not acquainted with any of them.

I’m only fond of our Xiang Xiang.

So… how have you been doing lately, Xiang Xiang When you were hospitalized last time, Aunt Ye was on vacation in a foreign country, so I couldn’t go to visit you.

After hearing about the unpleasant fight between you and Xiao Chen, I didn’t have the face to see you in person….”

“I’ve been doing quite well.

Though I haven’t been very interested in this world before, this short period of time has enlightened me and widened my eyes.

Never have I been this happy before in my entire life,” Chu Xiang said politely.

“Auntie, since I still have a lot of work to do, I’ll have to end the conversation now.”

“Hey, wait… wait a minute.” Sun Jie’s face darkened, but she still forced out a smile and said: “Xiang Xiang, Xiao Chen will now be working at our company.

Seeing how hardworking you have become has also motivated him to change his way of life.

It seems that you’re the only person capable of keeping him obedient.

Since the two of you will be working in the same industry in the future, I hope you will take care of him in Auntie’s stead.

Since the relationship between our family has been rather good over the past two decades, I have treated you as my own daughter.

Yes, Xiao Chen has indeed wronged you and your family.

However, I have already scolded him thoroughly, and he promised me that he will do his best to right his wrongs.

So, please give him another chance.

I will personally ask Xiao Chen to admit his mistakes and apologize to you.”

At this exact moment, Chu Xiang finally knew who Ye Chen inherited his shamelessness from.

This brazen woman actually had the audacity to still speak to her in such a way as if her son had not nearly killed Chu Xiang.

That woman was indeed the reincarnation of the Devil himself.

Chu Xiang let out a brief chuckle before replying: “Aunt Ye, there’s sand stuck in my eyes, and I can’t seem to rub it off.

Both Bai Xuewei and Bai Ling, on the other hand, are still able to see.

If you need help with anything in the future, you should go look for Bai Xuewei instead.

At this point, I can no longer have a normal relationship with Ye Chen.

Otherwise, the people in the industry might see me as an easy target to bully.

Anyway, I’m really busy right now, so I’ll just leave things as it is here.”

Hanging up the call and threw the phone aside, Chu Xiang looked into the Heaven and Earth Mirror and straightened her hair.

She then smiled and said: “I’ll just let them deal with the situation on their own while I do my own things.

Had this taken place in my original world, I would have already stripped them of their souls and sent them down to hell.

Since there are so many things to do in this modern world, however, a few flaws here and there should not pose any issues.”

Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth Mirror trembled in her grasp and produced a slight buzzing sound, as if responding to her words.

Lifting the Heaven and Earth Mirror, she kissed it and said with a smile: “In this modern world, I hope to experience many different fun things.

Remember to find more interesting places and things for me to do.

In fact, start looking for it now.”

After setting the mirror aside, Chu Xiang opened the folder that contained the collaboration documents with the Xiao family and began working on it.

While others may find these types of work to be rather annoying or mundane, Chu Xiang, on the other hand, found it to be particularly interesting.

Never having done these things in her previous world before, she dove head-first into her work as if she had just gone to an amusement park for the first time.


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