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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 342

By the time Chu Xiang departed from her most recent world, she had already accumulated countless trophies and awards — enough to fill up all three shelves in her study room.

Furthermore, she had even been conferred various kinds of titles, all of which were listed down on her encyclopedia page.

At that point, she was not simply a godly author in the online writing industry but rather a legendary screenwriter and author whose work and name were known throughout various industries.

Each one of her works had been widely circulated, leaving behind traces in the literature world that can never be erased.

Thus, she had undoubtedly lived a meaningful life devoid of any regrets.

As for the people who initially found it a shame that she did not choose to switch professions to become an actress, they ended up fully convinced that Chu Xiang would have reached the pinnacle of life and succeeded regardless of what she ultimately decided to do.

She was simply an outstanding individual who did not fail to live up to the path she chose to walk down on.

Moreover, having accomplished so many great feats in her particular field, Chu Xiang naturally felt a great sense of satisfaction.

After all, everything she experienced in each lifetime was something she never could have imagined doing in her original life as a cultivator, which ultimately molded her way of thinking.

If she were to wholeheartedly delve into different fields during her different lives, she would never feel bored with her everyday life.

Thus, the Mirror of Yin and Yang would have to pay even more attention when choosing her next destination of transmigration by picking a domain not completely foreign to her yet would allow her to gain more new, fresh experiences as often as possible.

It would then gradually transition her into the other domains, allowing her to live the most comfortable lives.

When Chu Xiang finally gained consciousness and noticed the countless prints of celebrities stuck on the walls of her house, she immediately figured that she would have something to do with the entertainment industry again in this life.

Lying down alone in the midst of the decently-sized room, Chu Xiang saw that the furniture and decorations were rather normal — nothing too expensive.

In fact, the most expensive objects in her room were her wide lens camera and laptop.

Sweeping her eyes around the room, Chu Xiang instantly got up from her bed, staggered her way to the window, and tore apart the tape covering them up.

Since the original host committed suicide via inhalation of carbon monoxide, Chu Xiang’s mind felt rather sluggish as it was lacking oxygen, so much so that her vision was currently a complete blur.

Had she not constantly cultivated her body with spiritual energy in her past lives, her soul would be devoid of the little amount of spiritual energy it currently possessed, which would have resulted in her being unable to make even the slightest movement.

After ripping apart the adhesive tape, Chu Xiang used her full strength to open up the window before popping her head out to breathe in the fresh air.

Immediately after, she extinguished the burning charcoal before going limp on the floor.

Having opened up all the windows in her room, she laid down on the floor with her eyes shut while focusing on absorbing the spiritual energy in the air.

This time, she found the process rather easy and finished absorbing the necessary amount of spiritual energy to nourish her body within twenty minutes.

Seeing the decent result from her cultivation of spiritual energy, Chu Xiang chose not to call an ambulance to avoid startling anyone in the area.

On the other hand, she would continue to nourish her body with spiritual energy while recalling the memories of the original host.

Having learned how to draw from a young age, the original host — now 20 years old — was currently a second-year university student attending a film university to learn more about editing.

Furthermore, she would usually spend time working on her serialized manhua, which allowed her to make enough money to live her daily life.

However, when her parents passed away back in her sophomore year of high school, she fell into a series of depression, feeling as if her entire world had crumbled away.

Amidst her world of darkness, she only managed to hold on after being pulled to see the concert of a particular idol called Tong Nian by chance.

Ever since then, she has treated Tong Nian like some sort of deity.

And little by little, she began stepping back out of that darkness into the light again.

Using that as her source of motivation, she put her blood, sweat, and tears into improving her rock-bottom grades and successfully managed to pass the entrance exam of her desired film university with the slightest hope of getting ever so close to Tong Nian.

After making profit as a manhua artist that year, she would spend her free time taking pictures of Tong Nian during his events as the leader of an idol fanatic group.

She would then create a fan account to upload the pictures and videos she edited and touched up using knowledge from her field and share it with the other fans of Tong Nian.


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