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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 343

Not only was she already satisfied with her life, but she even agreed to date a senior student who had been pursuing her.

As such, everything was going extremely well for her.

But who knew that she would accidentally stumble upon a scene that would flip her life upside down again.

While following Tong Nian in his tracks two days ago, she just so happened to see him getting extremely intimate with two other ladies in his car.

After he got out of the car, the two ladies waited for a while before walking into the hotel that he had just walked into.

At that time, the original host only intended to take a quick look at Tong Nian with her wide lens camera.

However, she never expected to come across such a scene and was thus dumbfounded.

She certainly was not the type of fan who thought of themself as their idol’s girlfriend or rejected the idea of their idol falling in love with someone.

Even so, Tong Nian had definitely reassured his fans by stating how it would be overstepping their bounds if an idol gets into a relationship during one of his events and claimed that he never committed such an act.

In spite of his “reassuring” speech, he was actually playing around with two other ladies behind his fans’ back

At that point, it was no longer just the issue of whether or not he was dating someone.

Rather, he was simply a low-life scumbag.

In that instant, the original host’s perfect image of her idol had completely shattered, putting her into a state of shock.

All the good things she once experienced may perhaps have been a facade… an act put on by Tong Nian for all his fans to see.

She simply could not accept this reality before her eyes.

In her state of confusion, the original host hurriedly rushed over to her boyfriend’s house.

Without any family to confide in regarding such a shocking matter, she immediately thought of her boyfriend as the only other person she trusted.

But just as she unlocked the door and went into the room, she witnessed her boyfriend rolled up on the bed with a beauty from the department of drama and theater.

In a moment of panic, her boyfriend exclaimed, “Why did you suddenly come back” Hearing those words, the original host suddenly felt the urge to puke as she recalled all the other times she went out to idolize Tong Nian.

Could her boyfriend possibly have been messing around with other girls behind her back all along

At that moment, her image of her boyfriend and Tong Nian seemingly overlapped with one another as they were both making out with other women behind her back.

With her impression of them both spiraling down to rock bottom, she suddenly came to realize that she was a terrible judge of people and began doubting everyone around her.

Turning around, she ran back to the small house that she rented.

Over the next two days, her boyfriend sent her long streams of messages.

At first, he kept apologizing and asking her for forgiveness.

However, his apologetic tone gradually changed into criticism and frustration as he started to blame all his faults on her by saying how she would spend the majority of her time fangirling after her idol rather than spending time with him.

Around that time, she just so happened to be watching Tong Nian’s latest interview in which the interviewer asked him what kind of girl he liked.

Tong Nian laughed before answering in an embarrassed tone, “I’m not too sure either.

After all, I’ve never really considered that before.

But if I really had to answer, I guess someone cute and cheerful would be nice.

Perhaps someone just likes my fans as I love them the most.”

Since he always said that he would never fall in love or get into any relationships with anyone, there was hardly anyone who picked out any faults in his words.

In fact, he seemingly hinted that he would only ever pay attention to his fans, which certainly worked in his favor.

In the past, the original host would see this as a normal act of him treasuring his fans.

But now, she could not help but find his words mocking, for the two ladies she saw previously had voluptuous chests and slender figures.

In fact, she had accidentally taken a photo of that moment while trembling in shock back then.

The hollow feeling now surrounding her heart prevented her from breathing properly as the feeling of doom she experienced during her parents’ passing erupted from deep within her heart once again.

With all kinds of depressing emotions creeping through her mind, her sanity too began depleting at a dangerous rate.

With every hope in her life turning into dust, the original host succumbed to her desire to commit suicide right then and there.

Her suicide could be considered an impulsive one, for she could have perhaps been fine if she had calmed herself down for a day or two.

However, she had unfortunately drowned in her sea of negative emotions.


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