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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 344

When Chu Xiang met the original host before, she could tell that the young lady was filled with all kinds of regrets, but she also seemed as if she had been somewhat freed from all her worries.

After all, she had experienced far too many painful moments early in her life.

Thus, she intended to drink the Five-Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness* to forget all about her painful experiences in this life.

She certainly was a lucky soul as Chu Xiang would guarantee her next life to be that of a human once again.

As such, she was also willing to let Chu Xiang have her body.

T/N: *The Five-Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness is a mythical drink concocted by Meng Po and given to each passing soul to drink before they leave the underworld.

But just before her final departure, she let out a sigh and said, “How nice would it have been if I had chosen an actual, genuine idol to fangirl over… Perhaps I would never have walked down such a dark path had that been the case.”

Her regretful words moved Chu Xiang ever so slightly as she had once lived her life as an idol who stood at the peak of the industry and was loved by many — so much so that she even held a farewell event directed toward all her fans at the age of 80.

Even until this moment, she could still remember and felt moved by the cheerful faces and genuine love of her fans.

The original host of her new body had truly loved her idol and was even able to move forward from her dark past because of him.

However, her perfect world shattered into pieces upon realizing that she had chosen the wrong person to fangirl over.

Having processed everything in her mind, Chu Xiang believed that the original host’s suicide had nothing to do with idolizing a celebrity, but rather that the original host possessed a far too feeble mindset.

Without anyone to support her or talk to regarding her unfortunate situation, she would, in a moment of haste, succumb to her negative emotions and committed suicide.

When Chu Xiang felt her body getting better, she once again opened her eyes.

Looking at the myriad of posters stuck onto the walls of her room, she heaved a heavy sigh.

When fangirling over someone or trying to make friends, you’ll only be judging them based on their first impressions.

Only after slowly getting to know them can you truly see their true nature.

Unfortunately for the original host, everyone around her just so happened to be a bad person.

Now that she had forgotten everything about her past life, one can only hope that she would have better luck in her next life.

Heading into the bathroom for a bath, Chu Xiang took out the Mirror of Yin and Yang with a quick wave of a hand to look at herself.

The body of the person she had transmigrated into seemed to be quite compatible with that of her soul.

Furthermore, the appearance of this body was rather similar to that of her original appearance — both elegant and beautiful.

However, since the original host was preoccupied with her studies, work, and personal hobby, she never really had the chance to rest properly.

Thus, her hair became all dried up, dark bags began forming under her eyes, and even her skin started turning yellow — all symptoms of jaundice.

Keeping up such an unhealthy routine, her good looks naturally deteriorated over time.

As someone who attaches great importance to her looks, Chu Xiang was determined to turn things around as she made preparations to improve her appearance with the fastest method possible.

Since she did not need to worry about losing weight or improving her sight this time, she was able to focus solely on using spiritual energy to nourish her body and improve her looks every day.

After Chu Xiang finished taking her relaxing bath, the takeout meal she ordered just so happened to arrive at her doorstep.

Having eaten a proper meal, she then got on the phone with the original host’s boyfriend.

“Hey, Chu Xiang Why have you not been answering my calls or replying to my messages Why are you ignoring me and acting like a child Can’t we have a proper conversation in person”

Chu Xiang replied in a cold tone, “Hearing the sound of your tone, are you trying to shift the blame on me Yuan Lang, where has your dignity gone”

Yuan Lang turned silent for a moment before saying, “I’m the one at fault.

But why don’t we just let bygones be bygones We won’t get anywhere by constantly arguing with each other.

Besides, we are both responsible for the failure of this relationship, no I also feel lonely without you by my side.

You accused me of cheating, but haven’t you also done the same Who can possibly bear their girlfriend constantly chasing after another guy Heck, you must be mentally derailed.”

“Let’s break up then.

As you said, we won’t get anywhere from arguing with one another.

Let’s act like strangers the next time we see each other.” Chu Xiang was not interested in continuing their dispute.

After all, she was not the one in a relationship with him either.

But in the case where he was her boyfriend, she would have undoubtedly dumped him without hesitation on the spot.

Without paying much mind, Yuan Lang immediately agreed with her response.

However, he said with slight hesitation, “Let’s part ways without any hard feelings.

Since we’ll both be involved in the entertainment industry, there’s no reason to make things complicated, right Let’s just say that I owe you a favor.

In return, I hope you won’t say anything unnecessary to the public.

When I get the chance in the future, I will definitely help you.”


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