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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 345

Chu Xiang declined his offer bluntly, “I don’t need any favors from you, nor do I have any interest in speaking about this matter.

As long as you no longer involve yourself with me, I won’t go out of my way to bother you either.

 Let’s just end things like that.”

Chu Xiang immediately hung up the call and blocked all contacts related to him before deleting every single photo on her phone related to him.

Although there were still some gifts given to her by Yuan Lang in her room, she did not bother with them as her body was still not feeling quite well.

Lying down on her large, comfy bed, Chu Xiang searched through all the idols currently working in the entertainment industry.

Having been an idol, actress, director, and screenwriter in her past lives, she also had countless people who followed, respected, loved, and supported her.

Since she had been transmigrated into this world as an enthusiastic idol fan, she intended to keep living this way throughout this life as it piqued her interest.

By living this way, she would not only be able to understand more about the life of the fans who fawned after her in the past, but it would even fulfill the wishes of the original host at the same time — fangirling over a true idol until the end.

There were countless idols with various personalities working in the entertainment industry, ranging from elegant ones to strong ones or even adorable ones to handsome ones.

Essentially, every type of personality you could think of would most likely be found there.

Chu Xiang randomly flicked through each celebrity’s works one by one and went through the original host’s memories to learn more about them, excluding any of the ones with bad track records.

As one of the hardcore fangirls leading her fan group, the original host naturally got to know many other similar fangirls whom she would often talk to about news circulating through the entertainment circle.

While certain idols may have good public relations, the individuals running such fan groups may often be able to dig up true information.

It’s just that they would never spread it around.

Leisurely scrolling through the list of celebrities, Chu Xiang noticed the obvious lacking skills in the stage performance of certain idols.

However, she did not pay too much attention to that aspect as the popularity of a celebrity can be affected by many factors aside from their performance on stage.

As for the ones who never improved their skills despite being in the field for several years, she did not see a need to follow them.

For these kinds of celebrities, they could very well attempt to switch fields and try out acting for a change.

But if they choose to continue performing badly on stage, it is obvious that they would not find any success in any of the related fields.

Furthermore, as someone who greatly values good looks, she would not pay much mind to celebrities with average or below-average looks.

As for the celebrities in their thirties, Chu Xiang also saw no reason to fangirl over them as their career and popularity would have most likely plateaued by that point.

Moreover, they would also be starting to consider changing careers to ones with more power in the industry.

As such, they probably show up less often in public and work on other things in private.

Naturally, she did not see any reason to keep up with them.

Wanting to experience being an active fangirl, Chu Xiang naturally sought after a celebrity who would be active in the industry and appear often in public.

Even more, she was looking for a young, ambitious individual who was also intelligent and outstanding in various different aspects.

Only such a person would incite her to keep following them for a long time.

Chu Xiang seemed as if she was filtering through a list of resumes when choosing her main idol — bookmarking the ones with potential while passing over the ones without.

But even after doing so for a long time, she still could not find one who satisfied her requirements.

Having been overwhelmed by the various kinds of performances, she then opted to turn off her tablet and get some rest for now.

After all, one’s health was of the utmost importance.

At the same time, she began nourishing her body with spiritual energy.

Since she already had some spiritual energy lingering within her soul, this nourishment process went smoothly without a hitch.

Within the span of a single night, she was already brimming with vigor.

On the other hand, the side effects caused by carbon monoxide poisoning were too slowly diminishing as she no longer felt weak and exhausted.

After eating a hearty breakfast, Chu Xiang looked through her class timetable.

With her second year of university nearing its end, she had many subjects to revise on.

The unit related to editing at her university was not always available every year.

Furthermore, the particular editing unit she took was run by a well-known professor with great expertise in the field.

Thus, she decided to make the best of that opportunity to attend her classes properly and learn more about editing techniques.

Video editing was more than just cutting and combining parts of a raw video together as it also involves cinematography, filmmaking techniques, storytelling techniques, and various other techniques related to theater arts.

By delving deeper into this particular field, one would realize just how vast the sea of information in this field can truly be.

Even when presented with dull source materials, a first-class editor would be able to create and tell a marvelous story by utilizing various kinds of editing techniques.


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